A Princely Adventure

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  1. Prince Ezekiel's stomach was already fluttering as he sat up in his fluffy bed. As the only Prince of his country, he had a duty to his kingdom to perform. Though his kingdom was peaceful and primarily trade based, they still suffered threats from their stronger neighbors. So as to avoid war, a marriage had been arranged between him and the Warrior Prince of their strongest ally in the hopes of merging their kingdoms in a peaceful Union and discourage other kingdoms from attacking.

    However, Ezekiel had never talked directly to his fiancée, though he had seen him multiple times, so he was well aware that his future betrothed was...well, quite the handsome man. Though, that was not what had him so nervous. Being the optimistic man he was, he was sure he would love his future husband. The problem was how his future husband would feel about him? There would be no way out of this relationship, and he wanted for all the world for it to go well.

    The ceremony would be held in only an hour, then afterwards the two of them would have a month or so for The Honeymoon. As the thought of loving someone for the first time flashed into his mind, his pale skin flushed darkly. Twirling the tips of his long purple locks in between his fingers slowly, a soft smile spread across his face. He hoped his husband would like him.

    His maids coming in to get him ready snapped him out of his fantasies. Oh dear, he needed to get ready. He allowed the gentle maids and servants to get him ready for his big day. Allowing himself to be swept up in preparations, his nerves nearly disappeared until he found himself standing with his fiancée in front of the majority of both of their kingdoms.

    His vows tumbled out of his mouth as he struggled to keep his composure, earning him a gentle smirk from his betrothed... Such a lovely expression. He closed his eyes and smiled shakily as his fiancee's vows entered his ears. What a lovely voice his beloved had! He opened his eyes just as their lips met in the final binding of their lives.

    The rest of the ceremony passed by in a blur, and they were finally left alone. Having let his long hair out of it's ponytail, it fell down his shoulders as he gazed up at his husband.

    "Well, beloved, I'm now yours.."

    He laughed in an attempt to hide his nervousness.
  2. At first, Jonathon Danvers was completely against being forced to marry some princess in some other kingdom, just because his father was wary of the power they were gaining. No one had really given him much information, just saying things about how now he was 'no longer a bachelor' and would 'finally have something to keep him in one place'. This was probably the reason that he didn't find out out he was marrying a PRINCE til a few days before. His helper, Owen, had only brought such up when they were talking about it. Owen had corrected him on his use of 'she' and 'her', and looked rather confused that no one had actually told Jack that he wasn't marrying a girl.

    This wasn't a bad revelation, though. He didn't really care, as it didn't matter much. At that point, he was still against it. But, then Jack saw him. It was in passing, but it was still a good look at the one he was going to marry. Afterwards, he wasn't as against it as he was beforehand. It was a little odd, to base someone off appearance, but he also figured that he was to be with this man the rest of his life, whether he liked it or not, so thank god he looked rather pretty.

    The ceremony came a day or two later. Jack, in order to maintain some semblance of a image that he had some control, wore his usual clothes, which were not actually too 'fancy'. His mother tried to convince him not to, but, of course, he didn't really listen, and walked out like that anyway. His younger sister had been very amused with such, and had even helped him with it, preparing the few braids that stuck out of his hair, and telling him not to shave off the stubble he had. There was a reason that she happened to be his favorite living family member.

    The whole thing went by quickly, and he was surprised to find himself alone with his fiance soon after it all ended. The man in front of him said something, and Jack ran a hand through his hair, a nervous tendency he had developed. Then, after a pause, he sighed a bit, figuring he should answer the other.

    "It's Jack. Well, ah, you can call me that, at the very least." He started off with, deciding to take off his coat and hang it up as he spoke, as it was a little hot in the room "And you really do make it sound like you're a object or something, which you aren't." He moved to then sit down on the bed, patting the area next to him to invite the other man to sit with a smile "So? Are you glad that parts done with, then?"
  3. He sat down next to Jack, his fingers twirling the ends of his hair, a nervous thick that he had developed when he was allowed to grow his hair as long he wanted. "Alright, Jack. I apologize, you see, I've never been in a relationship before. I'm not really sure how else to put it." He glanced away, deciding to focus on a point on the floor rather than his husband. Husband, the word was an odd thing to even think, even while the man was sitting right next to him, less than an arms's length away.

    Registering the other's man's question a little late, he quickly scrambled for a response. "Oh, yes, it was a little long, wasn't it? I don't completely mind, I helped the ladies with decorations." Minerva had begged to him to help her set up, but really, it was just so she and the other girls could get a glimpse of Jack. At the time, he had just been happy to have something to keep his mind of the ceremony in general. He wasn't sure just what to do now that it was all over, now that they were alone. "What would you like to do, Jack?"
  4. Jack shrugged a bit "I have no idea." He replied honestly, then added "There isn't much to here, that I know of. You probably know more activities than I do. I function better OUT of castles then in them, to be completely honest with you."

    And, it was true. He did. Right now, he'd like to be on a ship somewhere, or possibly going around a forest. Castles, in his opinion, were terribly boring. They were enclosed spaces with, what? Books? While he liked books, there was only so much he could read in one sitting. And, besides, that wasn't exactly a group activity. Outside of castles, you could do a lot more good than in them. Even his two siblings agreed with him on that one, even the youngest, his brother. This was to his fathers chagrin, of course.

    And he was sure that the kingdom would not be pleased with the two setting out of the castle and walking around. Though, they did have two months; that was a long time. They'd possibly allow it. Maybe. Though, he wasn't sure if the younger prince would even want to go anywhere. Jack didn't know if he LIKED to be indoors or not.
  5. He wasn't really sure what they could possible do. He'd stayed in the castle all of his life. If he wasn't helping the servants, he was reading. He barely even went to the gardens anymore. He turned to look at Jack; He was large, strong, and full of more experiences and stories than Ezekiel could ever hope to dream of. But he wanted to. He wanted to have experiences, to truly live. Ezekiel gave Jack a smile, standing up. "Maybe...Maybe you'd like to go exploring, so to speak? This is your first extended stay in Andromeda, right? We should enjoy it.
  6. "Well, yes. This IS my first extended stay." Jack admitted, rubbing the back of his head "But do you really think they'd allow us out? I know my father, for one, would have a heart attack if he saw me outside hours after the ceremony." He paused a moment, before adding "Though, I'd love to go explore the area, if you're up to it. It's much more exciting out there than it is inside of this place."

    They could possibly sneak out. That could work. It would scare the living daylights out of some people, he was sure, but they still could do it. His fathers reaction would be hilarious; that alone might just be worth it. There was also the fact that it was a chance to know his husband better. So, Jack got up anyway, flashing a smile down at the other. As long as Ezekiel was sure, Jack was on board with it.
  7. He'd sneaked out before, but never for anything like this. It was usually to spend some extra time in the library. He was starting to get excited as he bounced over to his nightstand to grab a ribbon. He pulled his hair up into a high ponytail, and turned to Jack with a grin. "I know a perfect way out! Though it might require a little help." Moving to a chain hanging from the side of the bed, he tugged on it, the bell on at the end ringing out. Almost immediately, banging could be heard outside the door and two serving girls stumbled into the room.

    "You, uh, you rang, my masters?" The first girl, Bellemere asked. Her companion stood nervously behind her, shifting from foot to foot. Ezekiel raised an eyebrow and laughed. They were obviously waiting outside the door, if their jealous and admiring glances towards Jack were any proof. He'd grown up with these girls and could obviously tell they were practically holding their breath in an attempt to not squeal.
  8. Jack raised a hand in greeting, completely oblivious to the looks he was getting at the moment. Then, figuring that Ezekiel would be the one speaking to them, he moved to get his coat, shrugging it on casually. He was curious as to a few things. The first was to why his new husband was laughing so much, as he himself saw nothing that particularly was humorous. Then, he was curious as to how the other prince was planning to sneak out. The latter was the one he was more interested in, though
  9. Reigning in his laughter, Ezekiel managed to get out a quick "We're leaving, we'll need cover, ladies." Bellemere immediately reached into a bag at her side and pulled out two cloaks. Ezekiel raised his eyebrows once more, before taking the cloak from Bellemere's hands, ignoring the girl's knowing grin. With shaking hands, Charla, the other servant shoved the larger cloak into Jack's arms along with a large satchel. "P-p-please keep our prince safe, master."

    With a bounce in her step, Bellemere opened the door, sweeping an arm out in an extravagant gesture. "We've got your backs, the coast should be all clear from here to the back gate. Bassy is waiting outside to open the gate for you!"
  10. Jack gave the cloak a look over, surprised that the girls actually had such things on hand. Then, after a moment, he put it over the satchel, which was comfortably positioned on his shoulder. He looked over at Charla, flashing a small smile and nodding, though he didn't know what he'd be keeping the other safe FROM. He highly doubted there was anything dangerous in town. Either way, though, he did have his cutlass, and that should do the trick if any trouble were to arise.

    After a pause, he moved to the open door, walking through after saying "Thank you for the help." To the maid. He was a bit surprised they were helping, if he were honest. Owen would never do such a thing for him, ever, unless bribed to.
  11. Bellemere giggled as she pushed the two men out of the door while she and Charla stayed back. Taking Jack's hand, Ezekiel slowly led them through the hallways. They ran into many servants along the way, some of them winking and silently cheering them on, while others simply looked on in shock at the sight of their prince and his new husband sneaking out, of all things. Once they'd made it to the high iron gate, Ezekiel stopped. Bassy, the leader of his guard was there, raising one of her eyebrows. The stocky woman's expression was stern, and Ezekiel almost folded, ready to turn around and go back inside. But then, she opened the gate and swept an arm out, gesturing for them to leave, "I want you back before dawn, both of ya." She said, her face impassive, even as Ezekiel squealed and hugged her tightly.
  12. Jack stayed behind Ezekiel, watching as his new husband hugged the vaguely threatening woman. He certainly wouldn't, himself; again, she did carry a threatening aura about her. He supposed the other prince had just known her for longer, and that's the reason he was able to do that without feeling odd.

    He nodded in response to her request. He figured they would be back even earlier; after all, he wouldn't want to be out TOO late. He wasn't sure how long it would take for people to notice they were out and about, and he really wouldn't want to risk it, even with the thought of how his father would react.
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