A Potato Blocks Your Path! (Pairings and Plot inside)

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Hello there, nice to meetcha!
I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, but here I go!

About me: I'm a nineteen year old female who's still currently in school and I draw, write, and care for pets in my spare time. Although I'm new to this site, I am not new to roleplaying and have 10+ years of experience. I consider myself to be a decent writer; however, I have my limits and cannot fully match my partner if they happen to type full novels with each response. I absolutely LOVE partaking in MxM, and I can somewhat do FxF. MxF is something I normally won't do, but I could be persuaded if you happen to have a nice idea! Because of my anxiety, I'm prone to worrying constantly about the roleplay and my partner, so please talk to me! I won't bite unless you have chicken tendies. When it comes to being "dominant" or "submissive" I can flip-flop them pretty easily! But remember, I'm not entirely comfortable with smut, so I'll probably try to avoid it. I'm most suited with roleplaying over Gmail since I'll get reminded, thus remembering what I'm doing, though we could do it in a PM.

What I look for in a partner: I hope to find someone who can respond at least 3 times a day or 5 times a week. Although I'm a bit impatient, I can wait for a response if need be! (If you don't respond for a week then I'll give a few pokes and prods, along with completely legal stalkings around your profile, but if two weeks pass then I'll assume the roleplay is dead and reluctantly delete the convo) I'm aware that no one can type like a God, but please have decent enough grammar and spelling to where I can understand it, that's a huge pet peeve of mine! A minimum of at least one decent sized paragraph is needed. If you're in a slump or life is kicking at your door I understand, I can deal with a single paragraph, but one-liners are a no-no. Also, please be comfortable with a tiny little bit of violence! I'm sure I'm missing a few details, sorry!

Favorite things: If you agree to do MxM, I will immediately drop to my knees and kiss your feet. I love doing fantasy or magical themed roleplays, along with a few darker ones. Medieval is something I could do, just for practice! A slowly developingrelationship between opposites would practically make me die of happiness. ☆\(^ω^\)

Pairings I like:
Rich kid/Poor Kid
Any mythical creature/Human
Serial killer/Police officer
Popular kid/Unpopular kid

If you have other pairings, let me know!

Muse A had it all. The promise of being king/queen, a kingdom that threw themselves at their feet, unlimited luxury, and more. The kingdom of Astoria is a flourishing place that has conquered their neighbouring kingdoms with an iron fist. Despite the promising state, the citizens aren't treated the best and have to work for the king; however, the nobles in the castle lived a life of serenity. Muse A always had a servant by their side to tickle their fancy, though they're so overbearing and rude that many servants quit or die. Most of them don't last a full month before another has to be chosen. Right as the first snow of winter came, another servant died from starvation after they incorrectly organized Muse A's bed. Many civilians, old to young, are lined up in the bitter cold for Muse A to chose from. The king points out potentially strong workers, but Muse A settles for someone who looked like they could just barely lift a sack of flour-Muse B. Everyone stood baffled by their choice, but Muse A knew what they were doing. They wanted to see how long it would take for Muse B to break or die. Surprisingly, Muse B took their tortuous prince's/princess' reign for over two months, which caught Muse A in a state between impatience and anger. Before they could make Muse B do more tedious tasks, a nearby kingdom attacks in an attempt to bring down Astoria by its core: taking out the king and his heir. After years of peace and prosper, no one expected the attack and was utterly unprepared. With the lower villages in shambles and the castle ablaze with fights, a few soldiers managed to get into Muse A's chambers, where they attempt to kill them. Muse B happens to run in wielding a weapon and kills the soldiers with few casualties to themselves. After watching their life being saved, Muse A doesn't know how to react.

(If you want more plots for more pairings, PM me! I have much more, I'm just too lazy to put it here (;ω;))


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