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  1. Hello, guys :)

    First off, allow me to start off by introducing myself. You may, first and foremost, notice that I'm new to Iwaku RP, but please don't let that phase you. I have other places where I've been active and RP'ing for several months, but in a lot of those places, things sometimes go quiet and I thought I'd decide to give this a shot.

    Now, let's move onto what I had in mind. Quite simply, I'm not going to put everything I had in mind down in here (I could go on for hours, trust me), so I want to give anyone who'd like to partner up the chance to discuss the plot with me, and then we could work on it from there. As I like a lot of detail, I'll post some of the things I'm looking for/interested in below.

    - I want someone who is a has good English and Grammar. I know it sounds picky, but I bind to the RP a lot better when it's like that.
    - I'm primarily interested in RP'ing this setting in the United States, as I've written my own novel around this topic in that country, and every other RP like this has been in the same place. It allows for more opportunities for travel, technology, and general plot-building.
    - Do not fall under the illusion that any RP we do will focus heavily on romance. Sure, romance is fine, and when it comes up, I'm happy to go into decent detail on it when it happens, but generally, it's unlikely that it will play a major part in the RP.
    - I encourage involvement. If you want to add to the plot and help drive the RP, that's fine, just make sure it all applies to the situation at hand and makes sense.
    - I prefer characters of all ages. A thing I've done in a lot of post-apocalyptic RP's is RP children ranging from 4-14 - I encourage it, as I find they can be very interesting characters to RP if you do it right.
    - Military characters are fine, but if they're your typical 'I'm a badass so you can't touch me, I block everyone out because I'm a hardened soldier and I've killed 300 people single-handed' sort of guy, I won't allow it. If I have a problem with your character(s), I'll be sure to let you know.
    - Detailed posts are a must-have unless it's character dialogue. If our characters are interacting, then posts can be shorter, but avoid one or two-liners.
    - I like realism. So take realism into consideration.
    - Most importantly: Have fun.

    That's all from me, guys. I'm not this strict as a person, I'm just laying down the rules to ensure that you all know what I expect. Once you get into it with me, I promise you, I'm nice :)

    I hope to hear from some of you soon. Have fun.
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  2. Actually, allow me to add onto that:

    - I want someone who's old enough to cope with heavy gore and violence, as well as the use of bad language and other adult content. I'm looking for exceptional detail when it comes to gore, so if you get offended by that, I recommend that you don't try and get involved.
  3. Since you are new here, I will give you a piece of advice. Some people here (Including upper staff people) utterly despise the phrase "Literate writer". Just trying to save you from some strong criticism that may fall upon you.

    Are you looking for a 1v1 rp or a group rp?
  4. Ah, right. My bad.

    Okay, I'm looking for a 1x1, preferably. I don't mind a group RP, but for now I'd like to stick to 1x1. @Digi-Guy
  5. Ah okay. I'm still building a 1v1 with some right now, so I don't think I would have time to give this RP what needs as a 1v1. But I will keep checking in to see how this progresses :)
  6. Appreciated, man. If you know anyone who's interested in something like this, do me a favor and let them know, eh? :) @Digi-Guy
  7. Anyone interested?
  8. I'm interested. I have good grammar (I think), but I am a noob at RPing. If you don't mind that, I could probably do this. Any other requirements I need to know about?
  9. If you would be willing to do a group, then I'm interested! (I saw that you wanted it to be 1v1, and another person has already said that they're interested before me, so if you want to roleplay a 1v1 with the previous person instead of a group then that's okay!)
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