A Post Apocalypse Mythology

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  1. The year is 2400 Anno Dominae. It's been three hundred years since the bombs and the missiles descended on the cities and the armies of Mankind. Contaminated waters, earth and soil eventually gave rise to mutated, bizarre monstrosities such as the spiders, the scorpions, the mantises and other, more hideous beasts. Old favorites of Mankind survived, such as the felines and the canines. Over recent years, the common cow and bull have made a come back, as have chickens. People have begun to find purified water sources, and the process of high tech cleaning of the irradiated earth and waters have finally begun to take place. Unfortunately, with so many new threats combining with the old ones, such as bandits, man killing man, warlords, and greed, Mankind is nowhere close to returning back to the old days of comparative safety, for most of us.

    This is where you came in. Perhaps you are a Kaiju, who has lived for years, maybe decades or even a couple of hundred years. Maybe you are a wild eyed hermit who has discovered mystical secrets that have changed the way you see the world, the universe and everything. Maybe you are an extra terrestrial who has been stranded on Earth for centuries, even long before the Great War, who has discovered the secret to competing with other new comers. Or perhaps you may even be a creature of myth, such as a Vampire, a Demon, or maybe even a son or daughter from the old ones such as Zeus, Odin, Ra, Daghda and others who were worshiped in ancient times.

    Whatever the case, whether benevolent, malevolent, wise or wicked, lawful or anarchic, you are a Lord among Vassals, or to put it more succinctly, a Strong Man among weaklings. Not to say that the mortals are weak. In fact, they have had to be strong to survive three hundred years in this Hell on Earth. Scorpius, the lord of War, is a magical being, one of you, in fact. He is so far the mightiest and most powerful among you, and he has taken you all under his wing. Reasons for joining Scorpius are many, and quite reasonable. For one thing, Scorpius is the most knowledgeable of immortality, how you all, or most of you came into being, and much can be learned from him. For another reason, he is quite powerful. He may have intimidated or even defeated you in order to absorb you into his Pantheon. The third, and most common reason for becoming his Vassal, is that those who fall under his favor prosper even more than they would under an independent existence. There is a significant growth in power under his rule, and it is quite difficult to refuse his patronage.

    You would start this role play under his command, but he wouldn't interfere in your daily lives, he would just kind of be there and occasionally give assignments, orders, etcetera. Characters need to prove themselves in their actions during role play in order to gain certain Perks that make the god more powerful. For example, if you fought an enemy Kaiju you might have certain powers to fight against Kaiju. If you conquered a wide region of the world, you might gain a Perk that makes it easier to lead armies. Or, maybe you created many different Schools of Magic, and thus could gain a Perk based on Magical abilities.

    This game would have a Homebrew system that I'm planning to be quite simple to use.
  2. Hmm, I think I'd be interested. Should I go ahead and post a character, or is there a sheet I should have or more details I'll need, or...?
  3. Not yet. I'm just waiting to see if people want to play it first! :D
  4. Ah okay. :3
  5. Hmmm no more takers.
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