INTEREST CHECK A possible rp?

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  1. Hey, I need some players to get this rp started. It's an apocalypse story and I've posted the beginner in OOC and didn't lead you in any certain direction because I want you to fully choose what you want to do. I don't want to be the only one making plot, certainly you guys out there can help yourselves. I hope... I just posted something short to explain why things are the way they are in their current shape. I'll be controlling the environment and my side of the story, including Scarlett and her bots/followers. PLEASE. If you have any questions... Don't be afraid to ask. (Also don't confuse Scarlett with the president, she's a hacker in the department of defense.)
  2. please link to the Ooc so people know what kind of story it is! :)
    And you should give some information about the plot, theme, and characters.

    You'll be able to find more players then!
  3. How about a summary of the plot? From your first post I can only infer that it will be about hackers, and even then it's only an inference ^^'

    How about filling this out:

    Year the plot takes place:
    Location: (Is it a city, urban area, on an island, which country)
    What is going on: (Keep it to 2-5 sentences)
  4. All those questions are answered in there...
  5. But for people who just want to know if this roleplay is good for them, they aren't going to take the time to read that :/
    They want a simple version they can just look over to see if they like.

    make sense :3 ~~?