GROUP RP PLOTTING A possible roleplay Idea...

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  1. To anyone interested, I have a roleplay plot that has been successful the past few times I tried it, but it never really had that...spark. You know?
    I wish to change that.

    ~ The basic plot is that an infection, much like the rabies virus, has infected mythical creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, Elves...anything of that sort. If you are scratched or bitten, you have it.
    No far ;D Maybe some one with smarts can come up with one.
    Takes place in New York city, and Japan.~

    If anyone is interested, or has any questions, I'd love for you to speak up.
    I would love to have at least Seven characters for this. So please! :D
  2. Questions:
    - Any Mythical Creature?
    - I understands how rabies works with generally ends in suffocation or hypersalivation. Is that how you see the virus?

    Other then that, sounds good.
  3. I am sorry I didn't clarify. The way you get infected is the "rabies" way, and also the loss of memory. But instead of them eventually dying from the virus, they go crazy mad until someone kills them.
  4. I'd love to join!! So is it like zombies or no? And may I be a mix, like a hybrid, a half Vampire and half elf?
  5. Kinda but not quite xD haha. and thats fine :D I just need a few more willing to join, then we can start.
  6. Yay! I'll go round up some people if you like :)
  7. I might be interested. I'm guessing you'd need hunters to take care of the ones that have already gone completely mental, right? I would need some more information, though. Would you care to summarize the progression of the disease?
  8. Basically, when you get infected (scratched or bitten), nothing happens at first. Within a few days, you start to lose your memory and get double vision, and not long after that, you go insane, and begin to attack everything with a heartbeat. The disease completely controls you.
  9. How about the cause? Was it fabricated by someone/thing or did some other disease evolve or something?
  10. Thats the mystery of it~ No one knows how it came about, or why.
  11. Oh oh!!! Hahaha! I so have a plan that will twist the entire story mwahahahaha!!
  12. Just in case you guys have a use for another person, I'd like to say that I'm interested in participating as well. : >
  13. Hurray! If after i get my homework done tonight i'll post it so we can begin.
  14. God I am sorry. Is everyone still interested?
  15. I am. I've missed rping with you.
  16. I'd really like to join as well, if you're up for another person ^^
  17. Wouldn't mind trying my hand at it, if there's still enough room.
    Let me guess Guard, you wanna Mercer it and have a huge boss battle like in number two where another person is actually able to control the virus and defeat the one that caused it?
    Or would something more Wesker-ish be what you were thinking? XD
    Either way, I wouldn't mind trying to throw a spin or two into that as well. XD