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  1. Kings, generals, presidents and ringmasters. There are things to think about when designing a position of power, so today we're going to flesh out and brainstorm over these jobs!

    Title: (job name)
    Honourific: (does the job add anything like "president__" "Sir/madam___" to their name?)
    Duties: What work do they perform for this job
    Behaviour: Are there any extra standards of behaviour for them?
    Publicity: how much of a public face/figure does someone in this position become?
    Perks: What kind of special privileges/benefits come with this position?
    Visuals: Does this job give them any visual additions such as a badge, haircut, or bit of jewellery that identifies their position?
    Subjects/underlings: Who is under this person's authority?
    Bosses: Who do THEY answer to? Can their decisions/actions be vetoed by this perosn?
  2. Title: Slayarch
    Honourific: "_____ Irae" -- Ex; "John Smith" = "Smith Irae"
    Duties: Public executions of political enemies, war criminals (read: anyone who was an enemy VIP), the publicly immoral. Executions also act as speeches/sermons of the public good.
    Requirements: In order to become a Slayarch, one must be of pure blood (blueblood), must of pure soul (following a cleansing ritual), and must be an experienced and decorated warrior. The title is given by honor and trust. In case of emergency and conflict, must be ready to defend aristocracy at cost of life, for the sake of honor.
    Behaviour: Must speak with care and compassion. Never speaks in questions - only answers and demands. Is respectful of aristocracy, and no others. Must only dress in white clothes. Duty never ends.
    Publicity: A figure of absolute moral authority, the Slayarch is like a bloody chaplain of the capital city's enforcement. Public appearances are weekly at the least, generally on the day of the King's worship.
    Perks: Public respect rivaling the princes and local heroes. Enemies of any kind are generally short-lived. Is owed favors by most of the aristocracy. Is allowed as many brides/grooms as seen fit. Nearly infallible.
    Visuals: Must always wear white, even during executions. Must always carry weapon of choice. Personal emblem is designed and crafted into a full-cloak, to be worn into combat.
    Subjects/Underlings: The capital guardsmen are, as a whole, under the Slayarch's command. Has jurisdiction over all civilians in city's populace - including all but the highest ranking aristocracy.
    Bosses: Must answer to the highest of aristocracy. Must answer to, and can be at any time vetoed, by the King and his family.
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