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  1. Well, as much as this website is my number one for roleplay. I can't see I'm really excited about it. Here are some questions pertaining to what I woke up to.

    1. 'It's all TerminaPianist's fault'. What did I do? o.o
  2. It is ALL YOUR FAULT! Absolutely everything. :tongue:
  3. But im serious thoughhh, why is it MY fault. Not yours?
  4. Because you ruined everything! :cry:

    Alternatively, consider the possibility that everyone might, just maybe, be seeing a different message. :P
  5. How? I'm sorry for any trouble but How??
  6. It's an april fool's joke. One of the admins or jared has put a code that makes every member see their own name.

    #Redbloodruinseverything #Nofunforanyone
  7. #WhenYouThoughtTheMigrasFoundYou

    Ok. Well at least It's nothing bad.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.