A Polar Opposite

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    I really liked the concept behind this picture!


    Instead of drawing, I think it would be fun to pick yourself (this would please me) and/or a character of yours and think of what their polar opposite would be!
    Don't just stop there - try to come up with key points in your life or the character's life that might have gone differently and transformed them into this opposite.​

  2. Tetsuri and Iliana in Tales of Orenthia are polar opposites in a way.


    Iliana only see's the important, the now, the logic, and has an optimism that can not be scarred by the bad things. She doesnt see the obvious and will flat out say the first thing on her mind with no remorse.

    Tetsuri is a dreamer, a seer of things unseen, reader of what is between the lines. He knows when bad is bad and how to get rid of it. He will keep his emotions bottled up for some time until he bashfully stutters it out there. He spends most of his time thinking too much into things, having internal conversations with himself more than others.

    Iliana and Vay


    Iliana is nice and fire and likes people and helps them and is pure.

    Vay just wants to kill people. >:[