A Pokémon RP (mahigan + AngelLass)

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    Name: Sydney Donnelly

    Age: 20
    Gender: ♀
    Occupation: Aspiring map-maker/topographer
    Current Team:
    Smeargle ♂ (Pica)
    Mantyke ♀ (Riley)
    Togekiss ♀ (Petra)
    -Aura Sphere
    Cranidos ♂ (Roran)
    -Rock Smash

    Rock Tunnel

    "Oh, this is nothing like the Underground, is it Petra?"
    "Ye-up. I think we've passed this rock before."

    Illuminated by her glowing Togekiss, Sydney Donnelly squinted down at her hastily drawn map. It was nothing more than a scrawled mess at the moment, something she hoped her Smeargle would soon be able to fix. She bit her lip and stared morosely at the Pokéballs snapped on her belt. She wasn't much of a trainer and the Kanto region seemed to have a knack for beating the lesson into her - her fainted team sans Petra was evidence enough. Sydney let out an exasperated sigh and ran her fingers through her hair, letting the orange colour shine through the dirt. She jabbed at another blob on the map-in-progress and grumbled to her Togekiss.

    "See that? We definitely saw this rock before. Are you sure you don't remember the way?"
    Petra responded with a deep chirrup before shaking herself out, clearly indicating her obliviousness to the situation. Sydney groaned before bunching up her map in her hand. Seeing her trainer in distress, Petra did what she could to help - which wasn't much.

    "Toou! Touuuuu..."
    "Use Kanto's Town Map? The thing that you know, we were sent here to replace? No Petraaa. Nnno. For how official it is, it isn't really anything at all. Look, I'll show ya." Sydney rummaged in her bag before pulling her edition out. "Look. See how - no, Petra, look here - see how it just shows the main routes? Look, Rock Tunnel. Just a big fat rectangle." She frowned before stuffing it back into her pack. She stroked her Togekiss and let herself rest for a while, running her mouth the entire time. "Ughh. I haven't even spoken to anyone besides you Petra. And no, that crazy hiker we just ran away from doesn't count. Sinnoh was so much easier than this..."
    "Dad only helped me a little."
    "Well alright, I guess he helped me a lot then. You know Petra, this really isn't helping me feel any better chyea?"
    Growing impatient and perhaps a little bit leery of the cave, Petra pushed her trainer aside and began hovering down the path. Sydney yelped before scrambling to her feet, stumbling after her light. Though she was no stranger of the dark Sydney wasn't eager to leave it in the Rock Tunnel yet.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.