A pokemon journey

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  2. *narrator* welcome to te world of pokemon! Here humans and pokemon work together in a symbiotic relationship.
  3. image.jpg image.jpg Daniel was already out the door when his mother shouted that it was time to go. "Don't worry mom we live right next to professor elm okay. I'll make sure to say goodbye before I leave." Daniel said. Daniel then walked out the door and over to professor elm's. "Ahh! Welcome Daniel I see tht you're here to start you're journey. Look you came at the wrong time I sadly don't have any starter pokemon to give you; the only one is this rattata."
  4. "No problem elm I love it. I think i'll name him Runner. You like that little buddy" Daniel said while he was holding the little rattata. Runner loved his name and proceeded to run around on he floor holding up to his name. "Keep in mind that rattata is still young and will have a lot of energy, think you can handle it Daniel." Professor elm asked. "Of course I can! I am your assistant after all" Daniel replied. Daniel and runner walked out the door thanking professor elm. Alright off to route 101!
  5. "Wait I gotta tel mom goodbye!" Daniel ran back with runner right next to him. Daniel walked through the door runner following close behind. "Mom? I'm coming to say goodbye." Daniel said."Well alright my little boy is becoming a man. Well goodbye." Daniel's mom said. "Bye" Daniel replied running out the door. Now it's time to go to route 101!
  6. pokemon trainer.jpg
    I wake up to my 6 pet eevees licking my face and rub my eyes tiredly "ugh, what time is it" I groan and move causing the 6 eevees leave the room and go downstairs and look to see that the clock says it's an hour past the time I was supposed to wake up at "oh shit" I cursed. I jump out of bed and quickly threw my clothes on and ran down stairs to the kitchen. My mom looks at me with an annoyed face "there you are Flare I thought you would never wake up and you did this on the first day of your Pokemon journey." I ignore her and mumble while eating "sorry ma, but I really don't have time to chat, I gotta get down to Professor Elm's lab to get my pokemon and I am already running really late.
  7. I leave the door and wave goodbye to my mom as I sprint to Elm's lab and burst in the door. "Am.. I... to late" I said while catching my breath, Professor Elm looks over at me and says "i'm afraid so, all of our starters have been taken and my back up pokemon were." I face-palm and thought sarcastically "Oh, isn't it great to hear that all the pokemon have been taken and i'll have to wait a few more months before I get to go on my pokemon journey." I sadly walk back to the daycare and I only get sadder because my really good friend was starting his pokemon journey and he probably got a pokemon and he was going to start without me. I walk through the door and all of my pet eevees start running towards me and started making happy noises at my arrival. I crouch down and pet them all and said in a sad tone "good news guys, I guess i'll be staying her for a while longer." The eevees notice that i'm sad and start getting sad too but then they try cheering me up by tackling me to the ground. My mom walks in and notices me and realizes, "oh, I guess they ran out of starters to give." I slowly give her a nod yes and she sighs " I wish I didn't have to go to my backup plan but I guess now is a better time than ever." I look up at my mom confused by what she said and said "wait, what do you mean." My mom looks at me with a happy expression on her face and says "Flare, I will allow you to take you 6 pet eevees you have raised well since they were babies. I eyes widen as if my dreams came true and ran towards my mom hugging her tightly, "thank you so much mom you don't know how much this means to me." My mom sighs happily "you're welcome now go start your pokemon adventure as she hands me the eevee's poke-balls. I run over to my eevees and said to them, "guess what guys you're going to start a pokemon journey with me." Their tiny smiles widen and they all tackle me again and start licking me again."ok ok, that's enough you guys and I start to put them in poke-balls but they all resist the poke-balls. My mom walks over to me happily and says, "apparently they don't like their pokeballs which means you'll have to keep them by your side all the time." I didn't really mind that I was just happy that I get to start my pokemon journey with my beloved eevees. As I walk out of the house with the eevees I get a few strange looks but nothing crazy since I do live at a daycare and I notice my good friend with a rattata heading towards route 1 and yell while trying to catch up to him with all 6 of my eevees chasing behind me "hey dude, wait up don't leave without me."
  8. Daniel turned around looking towards his friend flare. "Come on man catch up. Runner turns Around and shows his fangs in defense. "Don't worry runner he is a friend." I replied looking at the rattata." Runner quickly relaxed and Daniel grabbed him. Runner was surprised for this was only the devon time he was picked up. "Sqeeeak" runner squealed in surprise. Daniel waved at his frien rattata in hand.
  9. I finally caught up with my eevees right behind me and started huffing and puffing considering I ran all the way from the daycare to route 101. "Sorry.. man I accidentally forgot to set my alarm and got to Elm's lab too late because there was no more pokemon." I straighten up and say "thankfully my mom practically made my dreams come true as they let my pet eevees Aura, Esther, Shadow, Kaori, Maple, Crystal join me on my pokemon journey." I all of a sudden move out of the way to show Daniel my tired but joyful eevees.
  10. Runner quickly dashed up to them and started squeaking loudly,"probably introducing himself" Daniel replied motioning towards runner. "You forgot to set your alarm again?! You better straighten up or you'll get left in the dust!" Daniel chuckled. He noticed that runner was trying to get one of the six evees to play, though Daniel didn't know all of there names.
  11. Flare smirks, " Ha, me get left in the dust just because I woke up late doesn't mean i'll get left in the dust." I notice the rattata going and playing around with Maple and the eevees started looking slightly frightened. I bend sown and pet them all and assure them that the rattata is just a friend and when they realize that they start playing around with the rattata. "Well ,we should get going or i'm going leave you in my dust." I smirked again. I all of a sudden took off like a rocket towards route 101 with my eevees now trailing behind me instead of playing with the rattata and I yell, "race you there, slowpoke."
  12. "Runner use extreme speed and growl to slow him down while I catch up!" Like that runner complied and darted into a row of bushes Daniel and runner were already best friends though only knowing each other for about 30 minutes. There personalities matched perfectly. Suddenly runner growled loudly from a bush.
  13. I get slowed down because a blur of speed races by me and growls and say " I knew this would happened, so don't even try." I tell Aura, Esther, Shadow, Kaori, Maple, and Crystal to go and use quick attack to speed up to them and they get caught up to the other 2 and I tell Aura, Esther, Shadow, Kaori, and Crystal to use tail whip on Cinder and also to softly tackle Daniel to the ground and then I tell Maple for her to use my favorite move, "Maple, use attract on rattata."
  14. I then race ahead while rattata is in love with Maple and while the others are tackling and licking Daniel on the ground
  15. Rattata wasn't dumb and quickly used iron tail hitting three evees including maple, kaori, and shadow the three crack to the ground and Daniel throws a pokeball at cryse.
  16. Runner quickly uses double team and confuses the evees on Daniel striking at one with tackle and then repeating until all three are on the ground
  17. Daniel quickly gets up and races with runner catching up to flare quite fast.
  18. Crystal dodges the pokeball and runs over to help her sisters while I move ahead and although Maple, Kaori, and Shadow get hit they get up and I say "so that's how you wanna play, plain dirty, fine then." I tell all my eevees to use double team which causes a huge field of eevees and I tell them all to all use attract since they are all females and I say "let's see rattata resist this."
  19. Runner uses EXTREMESPEED knocking flare over and then quickly jumps into Daniel's arms before being hit with tackle on the way he hits one evee with EXTREMESPEED (the EXTREMESPEED that hits flare)
  20. Daniel races off into the grass dodging all wild pokemon