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  1. I was inspired by this short piece (2:15ish-3:30ish..) of Storytellers (a wonderful short series by Joey Graceffa).

    Witches and Wizards have ruled the world for centuries now, however there is an ongoing war between the light and dark powers. Dark witches summon demons to aid them, light witches call on the angels to aid them. It is easy for powerful witches to summon and control demons, the true prize is to control a Cambion. This is the offspring of a human and Demon, the reason it is so prized to learn to control one of these creatures is because only truly powerfully witches can tap into the demonic side of them and use that to over power their human freewill. It is also because they often posses extreme powers yet have human forms so they can be used to infiltrate enemy bases. Only two witches have ever been known to control a Cambion, one was a male who passed long ago and another is a female who now leads a large section of the dark powers. Now ____ is a very powerful witch who is head of a small group that travels to different areas to clear them out of any light power enemy's, her ultimate goal is to learn to control a Cambion. So it is just her luck when one appears at their camp, the creature being drawn by the strong energy she and her group admits. This Cambion however is an offspring of Asmodues, one of the seven princes of hell also known as the seven deadly sins, (his father being the one of Lust), making him extremely powerful compared to others. _____ knew immediately that she wanted to learn to control this demon so she ensnares him with a powerful charm that makes it so he can not leave her side, but he still has his own free will. The Cambion is not happy with being ensnared by the charm so he will do anything he can to break it, though he can not kill her otherwise the charm will remain forever even though she is dead.

    Ooooorrr there is another way I want to go at it

    Where a Cambion finds a young witch who is capable of so much and takes her under his wing, showing her the way of magic. All the while he is working for/controlled by a high priestess who wants this young witch to be one of her many warriors but she must first be truly corrupted by evil and have realized her full power. Which is why she sent in _____ to show her the ways of evil magic and slowly corrupt her and when time comes the high priestess will essentially enslave the powerful witch to be in her army. However as time goes by the Cambion begins to feel loyalty and even love for the witch and the control the priestess has on him begins to waver.

    ok that is the best I could explain this but yeah...
    I wouldn't mind if this was MxM or FxM, whatever you would prefer ^^
    I would like to be the Demon, thank you
    please be able to post a good paragraph atleast
    CS are a must (don't have to be detailed but I want a Picture reference)
    I also want to use Real images not Anime.
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  2. I'd give this a shot. I've never done anything this complex before but it would be fun to try. And you mentioned it could be m x m? I'd like it to be if it isn't to much of a bother. And I'm on quite often so I'll reply quite often.
  3. ok awesome ^^
    I am perfectly fine with this being a MxM (kinda prefer it that way since I am not big on MxF rp's)
    as for posting, I have moments where I post as many times as possible in one day
    and some times I will need a break from the rp to get some ideas and to just take a breather so just a warning ^^

    Could you PM me answering these questions
    Do you mind using real images?
    any questions about the plot? ^^
  4. still open because I put the second option up ^^
  5. I wouldn't mind trying this :) I wouldn't mind doing MxM so long as I can be the submissive one in the relationship. Im already playing a few dominating males and i'd like to be something else haha. But this sound really awesome so I'd like to try it.
  6. ok awesome, would you mind if we did the second option I have up there? since I am already doing the first option with someone. ^^
  7. Thats what I was hoping for :) And you wish to be the demon correct? So that would make me the witch/ warlock seeing as i'd be a male too
  8. yes I will be playing the Half Demon ^^,

    are you ok with using Real images for our Characters?
    Pm me please, imma close this thread up now.
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