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  1. Hello there! So, this idea has been sitting in my head for the longest time now. I just wanted to uh, throw this out there to see if anyone would like to do this RP plot with me. Of course, I'm willing to do this plot with more than one person. Strongly preferred to be MxM, but will work with FxF. No MxF because that's really boring. If interested, you may respond here or PM me.

    So a basic understanding of the plot; Family history and surnames are what really matter. It didn't matter how beautiful or how rich you were; only what your family comes from. In this plot, it is believed that growing up in a certain type of family was your destiny to travel. Breaking that path was not an option. (Example: If you came from a line of inventors, your destiny was to become an inventor. Even if you can't build for shit.). Families who come from a very bland history are considered 'talentless' and are usually avoided until someone in their family does something great. Because of this, people are always pushing themselves to do something with their lives so their children don't have to suffer.

    The real plot: Character A's past is anything but clean. Dated back to nearly a whole century ago, their ancestors had begun as cheats and robbers. Then after that came the discovering of the underground meat factory that they ran, which uncovered maltreatment and slavery to their workers. It had also been discovered that the workers who died of illnesses within the factory were placed into the machines and packaged like the animals. At least one person in their family had committed a crime. Be it as petty as theft or something as sinful as murder. But Character A isn't like their ancestors. They were actually pretty decent, but the town didn't believe so. Character B comes from a line of political power. Their father was the right hand man to the most powerful official and eventually became the powerful official themselves, and it was expected of his son/daughter to follow that path. Not being one to argue with destiny, Character B accepts their fate and decides to just pursue the inevitable. Even though they have absolutely no interest in sitting in a large room to argue about something.

    One day, Character A and B come across each other. Character B was well aware of Character A's family history, but much to their surprise, Character A is nothing like their family is depicted to be. Their family pasts should have prevented them from ever coming across one another in the first place, but maybe it was time for a change of pace.

    Time period can be modern or medieval with Kings and Queens and what not. I'm flexible. As stated above, I just want to know if anyone would be interested.
  2. I am interested in this plot. Would you like to converse further?
  3. Of course~ Thank you for your interest o3o

    Just send a PM and we can get started.
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