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  1. Hey and thanks a bunch for taking your time to look at this thread! Lately I've been craving an action role play that could possibly have romance in it. I've made a plot, but it can be altered if you want it to be! Also a sorry in advance for any mistakes in spelling or grammar.

    The year is 2085 and Earth is no longer what it used to be. Humans have lived with no sign of near extinction, diseases have all been placed under control, space exploration has sky rocketed in research and resulted with the civilizations on other Solar system planets, and the nations of the world have been able to somewhat respect other better. However, new races have emerged. Animiods, a race created from the experiment of combining animal DNA with human DNA to create super soldiers, live along mankind as well as Mutants. Discrimination has appeared towards both races, but is more directed towards the Animiods. But that is not all. A underground group, A.U.A.H., has been secretly planning an uprising against humanity. Service men have been murdering those with power and there's word of greater plans.

    This is where our characters' story begins. Scourge, a young animiod with an extreme sarcastic personality, works as a body guard for the leader of the Mars Civilization. Despite of her race, she is a respected fighter who can get out of hand whenever she fights. XXX is a active member of the A.U.A.H. and is close to becoming one of the leaders. All XXX has to do is prove their power by killing the leader of the Mars Civilization. One night, the leader attends a party in celebration of creating a fully functional atmosphere where XXX is hidden among the other guest. Scourge is forced to attend the party to make sure the leader returns home in one piece. Near the middle of the party, XXX makes their attack on the leader. Scourge manages to defend him, but XXX doesn't retreat without giving her a slash across the chest.

    Over the next few months, Scourge and XXX meet up more and more often as XXX tries to prove their power and loyalty to the A.U.A.H. Scourge's feelings towards XXX grows more hateful with each encounter, but XXX's on the other hand grow in a different way. However, one day the A.U.A.H order XXX to murder Scourge after realizing that she holds a threat to XXX's missions. Will XXX go through with the plan or will they try something else instead?

    -Your character doesn't have to be an animinod to be in the A.U.A.H. They can be any of the races listed below except human. Gender does not matter to me.
    -The RP will begin on the night of the party when both of our characters meet up for the first time!
    -A.U.A.H stands for Animiods United Against Humanity. Although strictly limited to animoids only when it was first founded, the group has allowed mutants and cyborgs to join as members. They are labeled as a terrorist group on all planets of the Solar System except for Venus, which currently has an animiod as the civilization's leader. The group rarely attacks Venus and if conflict rises, peaceful protest are usually formed.
    -Romance can appear if you want it to. Again, I do not care what kind it is. MxF, FxF, TxF [Trans/other x Female] My character will be female, however.
    -Please have decent spelling and grammar. Post at least two paragraphs [4-10 sentences per para.] each time you respond. Know because of how I know people have lives outside the internet, you will have a limit of one week to respond. Trust me, I know that there are some days where you don’t want to post or you’re busy with other things. I’m a high school student and there will be days in which I cannot post. If you wait for me, I’ll be more than happy to wait for you! Just be sure to message me if you won’t be able to post for more than a week or if you want to drop the RP. I’ll message you as well!
    -Violence will be present. Our characters will fight, NPCs will die, people will be slashed, others will be bashed to pieces, and so on. Drugs, torture [Except rape since that’s just disgusting], and death will be in here!
    -To join just fill out the skelly and post it here or message me! This is not first come, first serve and I might take two or more people to RP with!


    Humans: Yep. Your common homo sapiens. I don't think I really have to explain this one considering you're one.
    Weaknesses: Although they're strong, a drone or Neo Gun could easily take one out. Only able to run at low speeds, someone in a car could easily catch up to them. Also they don't contain powers and are extremely greedy and racist.
    Strengths: Highly intelligent, usually good at working with others, and can operate weaponry extremely well.
    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
    Animoids: Developed in the year 2054, these are the first human mutants to successfully become a race. Containing both animal and human DNA, they are a group of subjects that were thought to only exist in our imagination. As amazing as they are, animoids are often seen as scum and a threat on the surface land of Earth while they are treated equally in some other planets such as the Venus Civilization. They're pretty much human in shape, but with only minor animal features such as horns, claws, scales, tails, and ears. There are no bird or mouse type animoids currently. In human dominate planets/area, some work as body guards or servants, but most have low paying jobs [Which still giving them a lower payment than the normal amount] and are homeless.
    Weaknesses: Discriminated in some cities, most tend to be nocturnal based on their animal type, still affected by human diseases, can still get killed by a gun shot, aggressive towards humans, and very protective over loved ones. (Protection is a double edge sword; good and bad!)
    Strengths: Mammal based animiods can see perfectly in the dark, snake based types can see in infrared, all have faster reflexes, stronger muscles, extreme senses, and can withstand a little bit more damage than normal humans, such as falling from higher heights or getting punched over and over again in the nose.
    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
    Cyborgs: You know those half human, half robot people you see in games and movies all the time? Well guess what, they're real now. Used mostly for military and protection jobs, cyborgs are created from humans who volunteer their life towards helping others and robotic limbs that enhance their performance. They're still human and have emotions and families so they're not cold as ice. Cyborgs are often seen as policemen, firefighters, or bodyguards for Civilizations Leaders and are highly respected by citizens. Beware, cyborgs are hard to defeat and require high amounts of speed and power to take one down. Animiods often fight them to prove that they are strong and worthy of rights. Cyborgs can be both male and female. However, they aren't exactly considered a real race since any race does have the potential to become part cyborg.
    Weaknesses: Although they're strong and fast, cyborgs are not flexible. They are weak against fire and neo guns [A type of laser gun that can have the options to non-fatally shoot others] and can be killed in an explosion unless they're designed to withstand them, which is pretty uncommon for cyborgs since it costs a lot of money! Also since their bodies are redesigned, cyborgs cannot reproduce or eat regular human food since they no longer have 'baby makers' or normal intestines.
    Strengths/Powers: They're pretty much a tank with legs. Powerful and extremely fast, they can pick up a car and throw it far in less than two seconds. Most have removable armor that attaches to their robotic structure and still have their human head with real flesh so they can appear as a normal human if they're on vacation, with family, or undercover. Also they have a device that makes them not feel pain.
    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
    Low Race Mutants: These are the guys who were successful in creation, but not successful in becoming an independent race. Varying in abilities, most mutants in this category have extreme senses like vision or hearing while some have more supernatural ones like Pyrokinesis or the ability to speak all languages. However, none of them have more than three powers and usually if they have multiple powers only one of them is dominate while the others are low in power. They are not gods and not all of them hate being made in a lab! Low race mutants are usually accepted in society as long as they control their abilities and do not harm others. They usually work as servants to other races or in extreme jobs like firefighting, traveling to unexplored areas, and collecting data where man cannot go without technology.
    Weaknesses: Some powers have side effects, affected by human diseases unless designed to be immune, and can still be killed normally. Young mutants who do not know how to control their powers are sent to a special school where older mutants with similar abilities teach them to control them.
    Strengths: Stronger than humans, have powers, accepted into the human society, and are usually seen as the good guys.


    Full Name: [First, middle initial, last name]
    Nickname(s): [Put N/A if none. Be sure to say whether or not the character prefers to go by any]
    Race: [Animiod or mustant. Can be half cyborg as well.]
    Age: [14+]
    Powers/Type: [Put power(s) if mutant. Put what animal type if animiod]
    Weapon of choice: [Be free with ideas. You weapon can even transform into other forms if you want it to.]
    Appearance: [Picture link. Anime or illustrate only]
    Theme Song:


    Full Name: Scourge M. Jones
    Nickname(s): Wolfy or Blondy
    Gender: Female
    Race: Animiod
    Age: Fifteen-years-old
    Powers/Type: Wolfy-type Animiod
    Weapon of choice: A black scythe that can shift into a small, katana-like blade. Best for close combat.
    Appearance: http://sta.sh/21jirsm7gomy?edit=1 [Yes I did actually draw up my own character. Some paid commissions are in the gallery and artist that I commissioned have been credited!]
    Theme Song: "Get Jinxed" League of Legends

    1) OPEN
    2) OPEN
    3) OPEN

    (c) Plot and character: -DeerAntlers- Do not use unless giving permission!
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