A Plague on Both Your Houses

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  1. A Plague on Both Your Houses

    "Two households, both alike in dignity,"- William Shakespeare
    The year is 1591. It is a fragile time in the small city of Velicia, Italy. For generations, the two most influential families in the land have been in perpetual conflict from sheer animosity. The whole city is on the brink of total war, as both sides seek to destroy the other. A blind eye has been turned by the nation's high king. Few are willing to bring either family to terms of peace.

    Only one day has passed since a skirmish started between a group of servants, each loyal to their familial masters, tore down a large section of Velicia's market district. The Royal Guard has been deployed to keep both sides in check, but is slowly losing control of the situation. Everyone involved expects utmost tragedy.

    It seems as though everyone outside the ruling households has taken a side in the feud. Mercenaries on both ends feed off of the struggle like parasites. There is the Savino clan, ran by wealthy merchants and relatives of Velicia's crown prince. Then there is the Civita family, managed by warriors and artisans of great renown. With tension rising to unthinkable levels, it is only a matter of time until chaos runs loose.

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  2. It was a nice sunny day and the sun shone upon the fruit that lay on display in the marketbooth. Beautifull juicy red apples shined, the berries in the small baskets looked plump. And just looking at all the other fruit would made one hungry and thirsty for a satisfying bite from it. It looked so good that the woman managing the booth had to have eagle eyes, less she wanted to lose her whole profit on petty thieves. With a quick motion the woman swatted one of those loose hands. "Do not dare to touch my wares. No money, no food." Upon those words the owner of that hand showed herself properly. It was a little child who had tears in her eyes and was rubbing her hurt hand. With a sniff she started talking. "I'm so sorry. I, just thought that a lady who managed to keep herself so beautifull could afford.... sniff... Handing out one little apple to a critter like me." The tears were rolling over her cheeks now and she started hiccuping. The woman began to feel pity for the little child. It wasn't the first time she had seen a child thief but she couldn't help but consent. She handed the child one apple and shooed her away. "Do not let me see thou face before me again." With a smile and an apple in her small hands she ran off.

    A few booth's further the child casually wiped away her tears and took a big bite of the apple. So easy, next time I should try without the tears. That would be a challenge. With a grin Tiva kept walking around the market streets. She took a last bite from the apple and threw the core away. Apparently it hit someone because she could hear someone cursing behind her. whoopsie. With a quick motion she shrunk and flew away in her fairy form. What to do now... I heard there was some commotion in the center. Hope I'm not to late for the entertainment. With a sharp turn the small fairy flew towards the center of the marketplace. Oh maybe I should take Cecilio with me, maybe he would enjoy it too. Shouldn't be so hard to find, with his height and all. As soon as she had that thought Tiva slowed down in search of Cecilio.
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  3. The luminescent rays of the early dawn peeked into the immaculate room of white and gold. The hand made sheer silken balcony curtains danced gracefully to the soft tune of the warm and bright Italia. The pale yellow satin covers of the bed were neatly folded upon her soft queen sized mattress. She was gone like the transparent breeze of day. The sound of the hooves rapidly hitting the surface of the soft earth thundered through the serene forest. The friesians silver locks glistening in the filtered light coming from above. It's groomed snow colored coat tickling the nurtured soil below with every step it takes. Her long golden waves blew through the silent air as they sped through the now awakening forest. Holding on tightly to her horses silver mane she applied some pressure on the horses sides to ease it into a small jump over the log ahead. The horse cleared the small obstacle with ease, "Wonderful Storm." She whispered softly into the friesians' ear. "Easy now...Good boy now stop." She commanded quietly as she reached her destination. She looked around and listened to be sure she was alone before easing her body off the majestic horses bare back. Her pale hand patted the horse softly on its neck, as a unspoken command of come. The young woman lead the horse towards the large tree she'd come to everyday since she was 3 or 4. Her mother, the queen of Velicia, had introduced her to the very place where the princess would often come to when she felt the urge to get away. She drew in a deep breath of the clean soothing scent of the fresh and tranquil scenery that enveloped her from every direction. She carefully removed her turquoise shoes with sharp and high standing heels from her feet and reconcealed her knife within the safety of her corset, as she continued to walk forward. Her feet felt the small pricks of pebbles knead their way into her naked feet, as the dark brown soil holding nutrients and minerals felt rather spongey earth. A smile slowly made its grand appearance upon her lips, she tossed her shoes to the side and took off running out into the larg endless field of flowers and Italia's famously fresh herbs. Storm trotted off after her the two racing through the pleasant meadow, their own paradise.

    They ran about like wild geese for quite a few minutes before she collapsed and laid out in the grassy meadow of the Velician forest to catch her breath. She felt free and relaxed as she stared up at the open azure sky above with its pure white clouds dancing across the silent stage above where the angels sang their soothing tune to God and Christ accompanied by the melodic tune of wooden flutes, and golden harps joined together creating a orchestra of sound. Storm laid on his stomach beside the girl nudging her gently with his nose silently telling her to sit up and lay her head on him. She placed her head of golden locks upon his effulgent white coat as she simply sat there breathing and taking in the reserved silence of nature. She sat there for but a moment more before standing and waiting for Storm as he did the same. She took her knife from her corset and began to cut the stalks of delicately painted pink peonies and large white yet solemn crisantemos. She wondered why the crisantemos were blooming midst the summer season, when November was months away, but simply ignored the weary and anxious feeling brewing deep within the pit of her stomach only to return to picking flowers and handing them to storm who gently held the fragile plants within his mouth. She collected herbs such as lavender, Calendulas, Fennel, and Basil which she placed and held the medical herbs within the skirt of her dress. She wandered back over to the tree where her shoes were tossed to and took a seat, she dug her hands into the soil as Storm laid next to her beneath the tree, she continued to dig below the dusted surface until she uncovered her journal box that held a few jars, ribbons, a folded brown hand-made satchel, and already created medicine stored there in case of an emergency. The girl removed the key to the box from around her neck and unlocked the chains that fell to the ground with a echoing yet muffled thud. She opened the small trunk and removed what she felt was neccsisary for transporting everything back to the castle. Neatly packing the herbs into empty jars, tying a black ribbon around the bundle of flowers, and placing all the items in their rightful places, the young woman wrapped and secured the trunk once more and placed her key back around her neck. She took the satchel now filled with flowers and small jars of herbs and clambered onto Storm prior to racing back to town, hoping to make it back a hour before noon.
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  4. The sun shined upon Cecilio's face as he wanders through the small city of Velicia. He never could get used to city life and felt a stranger among the people of such small height. Whilst wandering, Cecilio headed into a market as he heard a loud commotion brewing. Two guards holding the Royal Sigil push some servants around yet Cecilio holds no grudge against them, uninterested in getting involved in whatever political movement such people associate with. As Cecilio walks past the guards one of them calls "Hey Merc, fancy earning some gold to have a little fun with our friend here?" Cecilio stopped dead in his tracks and turned to him. "I hold no quarrel nor interest for such petty crimes." A brief pause followed as Cecilio continued with his path until one of the guards draws his sword. "I don't think thou realize the situation, we're the Royal Guard and we keep this city in check! It would be a real shame if something were to happen to a lonely Mercenary..." Cecilio slowly turned with a smug grin "Come and try." Swiftly, the guard lunged forward without hesitation yet Cecilio remains unphased manoeuvring himself behind the guard. CRACK! The guard drops to the floor face twisted and mangled. The other guard made a hasty retreat "You're crazy, this will not be the last time you hear of the Royal Guard!" as he vanished further into the Market.

    Cecilio knows that holding such differences from average people lead to being targeted as evident with the different races and how they are all stereotyped. Even as a human Cecilio holds his own characteristics which make him the target of many people for no good reason and so he fights whenever the chance arises.
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  5. A deadly silence hung in the air, with all the prince's advisers holding their breath. Mercutio sat on the throne, holding his hands in a gridlock, as Velicia's finest leaders stood around a gargantuan table. They all knew what was going on outside the castle. They knew of the bodies and wreckage lining the market districts. It was only made worse from the princess' disappearance, the very symbol of Velician elegance. It was during times like this when Mercutio held a resentment for the king, and far worse feelings for the queen, ever since she vanished. Aria was truly the last person he could consider family. "Friends, countrymen, listen to thy exalt's plight," the prince raised his arm with a fist. "May it be so that a thousand misfortunes befall my reign before Velicia can be subject to harm. My people are at risk from this accursed hatred running throughout! I seek to look upon the carnage myself."

    Those in the throne room had little choice but to comply. The last thing they had wanted was for Mercutio to see what had happened. The prince wrote a short letter for the princess, to be left in her bedroom, whenever she returned. Had it been any other day, he would have sent the royal guard after her. Sadly, those soldiers were handling something more grave.

    "Dear Aria,
    Although I remain unknowing of your whereabouts,
    Please heed my words, if only briefly.
    I am traversing to the market district
    To behold its tragedy."

    The prince stepped out to the royal stables, loathing the sense of fear in himself. He owned only a single horse. It was of the Neapolitan breed (with nearly full white hair, aside from a large streak of bronze on the neck), a gift from the king from Mercutio's 18th birthday. The steed was given the name of 'Fortis'. Mercutio reached to the saddle and threw it over Fortis' back, and when he finally sat on the ornate beast, he crossed himself. "Deus in adjutorium meum." the prince whispered, before making his way into the heart of Velicia.
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  6. "Did thou hear about what occured in the market just the other day?"

    "Hmm? What dost thou mean?"

    "A skirmish had broken out between the Savinos and the Civitas servants. They destroyed quite an amount of the market!"

    "Really? Those two houses are going to be the fall of this city, I just know it!"

    Valentine, who was resting on a bench, listened closely to the people that passed by. A hat was placed upon his face, blocking out the glaring sun as he laid there. It would seem that his family and the Savinos had finally began to tussle. It was only a matter of time before such a thing occured. The hatred that was hanging in the air between the two houses was filled with so much intensity that Valentine was surprised that a skirmish hadn't taken place earlier. He was impressed, to say the least, that both families held out for so long. But now, with this skirmish, the Prince of Velicia would end up stepping in, no doubt.

    Sighing, the redhead rose up into a sitting position before swinging his feet so it rested upon the ground. He placed his hat on his head, making sure it was secure, before standing on his two feet. It was a bold move on his part, coming out in public. He usually kept away from others since his kind was so hated and disgusted the citizens of Velicia. But, every once in a while, he'd step out and roam the streets, maybe buy a few things for his own pleasure, before returning back to the Civita castle. Today happened to be one of those days. With nothing better to occupy him, the vampire made his way to the heart of Velicia, in hope that something there will capture his interest.
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  7. "Prithee tell me where thou can find the Prince, I verily need to see him," the most egger and anxious countess Luna Avanichi said with widened eyes. She had only recently come to the hold in this part of Velicia. Her reasons were many, but of the most important to her was to see the Prince. She had fallen for him before she had died at the young age of 16. But she had risen back from the dead as a vampire. Most of the people who tended her manor, refused to revere the countess. She had come here to find the Prince and convince him to merry her.

    "I'm sorry my countess," apologized the butler who tended the opening hall with a bland monotone voice, "But, one of thou class of nobility can not see the Prince," the butler fixed his collar and looked back at the young lass for a response.

    "Wherefore, Fie on you foolish peasant. I'm a dam Countess. WHY CAN'T THOU TELL ME. TELL ME KNOW OR I get the guard to impal thou on a stake!" she yelled furiously in a wild outburst. She grinned as the two guards that came with her walked into the hall.

    "Fine I will tell thou thy position of the Prince, he went on horse to sort out the attack near the market," the butler said backing away. He looked extremely scared.

    "Verily thank you good sir. A good e'en to you," she grinned as she walked way out of the hall. She came outside and walk in between the two guard she went down the hill where the hold was at and came to the market. It sure was a miss. Half the place was burnt and trampled. Then she saw the Prince on his horse. She was vary glad to see him at last.
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  8. The daylight began to fade as a group of clouds began to overtake the sky above, trees and shrubs flew past the young blonde and her majestic steed. The horses hooves pounded once more thunderously against the warm earth racing towards the exit of the now seeming eerie woods. The conversations between the couples of tiny meadow pipits as they cried out their endless love for each other. The creatures of the woods seemed to awaken all at once as they made a ruckus with their constant bickering as she rode on. In a matter of moments she had disappeared from the now loud and awake forest only to appear in the large grassy field that lead back to the city. She clutched onto Storm as he picked up speed heading towards the Castle. Taking the back route she arrived home in little to no time. The blue eyed princess rode her horse directly to the stables. She put the stallion in his stall and treated him to some apples and water prior to racing off to the inner halls of the castle. Her teal heels clacked along the white tiled flooring of her home, she dashed down the empty corridor and up the stairs to make her way up to her bedroom to change and get dressed for lunch with her elder brother. Once she arrived upstairs she simply smiled and waved to one of the hand-maids of the household who merely curtsied prior to scurrying off to finish her duties of the day as her cousin the countess dashed past her without greeting. Aria was use to the woman's personality and merely went and turned the golden knobs to the white French doors of her bedroom and entered it. A pleasant scent of lavender floating through the air from the burners the maids must've lit for her. The scent seemed to help her relax her muscles as she took another step deeper within her room.

    She strod over to the small circular mirror that hang on her wall above the small white table sitting against one of the walls of her massive bedroom. She took a seat at the table and reached for her comb in order to tame the wildly disarray ex wisps of hair that fell into her face, only for her milk white hand come in contact with paper. She looked away from the image of herself that sat proudly before her and picked up the note left by her brother. The young woman's turquoise eyes widened in suprise only to hop up from her seat, knocking the chair over in the process with a loud echoing
    "Clank!" The lady's thoughts of her appearance rushed out of her head as quickly as she darted out of her room and out of the palace. Her heels clacking loudly as her feet pounded with great force against the earth below. She rushed into the stables and wasted no time hastily hopping onto the bare back of her horse and sending the stallion into a rather quick moving gallop. They made it to the market place in no time only for the woman's eyes to witness the horrifying sight before her. Dead bodies and blood scattered about while over a quarter of their city's most valuable source of income was burned away. Black dust and smoke filled the air as the streets of ash held many more people standing off to the side with mournful and frightened expressions playing upon their faces. A single tear formed in her right eye and fell before she breathed in sharply looking at the massive destruction laid out before her. She sent Storm into a light trot over to her brother. In a solemnly hushed tone she looked up at her elder brother and asked,

    "Brother, What hath happened hither? How did this occur?"

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  9. Prince Mercutio gazed out to the smoldering ruins. The market district was once the finest center of trade in all of Italy, aside from Rome. It was outright painful to see such an active place turn so quiet, it was unnerving. Even as Princess Aria approached, Mercutio could only remain silent for the longest time. Rage built inside his heart, filling up to what he thought was impossible. The prince, ruler of Velicia, failed in his duty. Jumping down from his horse, Mercutio was sure to express this sheer anger. "Do you see what a scourge is lain upon thy land?! Do I not weep for these murdered in vain?!" he shouted from the top of his lungs. The only listeners being his sister Aria, Countess Luna, and the corpses lining the streets. Mercutio fell to his knees, utterly speechless.

    It had not occurred to him that the countess was even nearby. Luna was indeed a unique resident of Velicia, mysterious and often outside of the prince's concern. "I will find the villains responsible and bring them to justice!" Mercutio declared. "Bring every Civita, every Savino, and I will denounce them both, lest I send them to the gallows instead." a wave of guilt washed over the prince. He did not want the princess to see any of this. He was supposed to be calm, rational, and overall a leader, but now that was just not plausible.

    The Royal Guard watched from afar their prince's torment. Villagers closed their windows and doors in fear, understandably so. It would take weeks for the local cathedral to hold enough funerals for this incident. The other Italian city states would mock Velicia as the capital of sorrow, most likely. "Come, Aria, we must not endure long hither," only now did Mercutio actually notice Luna. "Countess, Aria, may we both traverse to the palace. Death lurks among fitful souls."

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  10. Tiva was still flying around in the better looking corners of the market, searching for Cecilio. She hadden't witnessed the cruesome scene that had occured at the center of the market place yet. She herself had been out of town when it all happened an now she only knew of the rumors around. Those rumours filled her with some kind of delight. Before she could further think or imagine anything she found Cecilio. It was just by sheer coincidence that she found him in the middle of a "fight". It was actually more one sided than that, in favor of Cecilio. While watching Tiva took the oppertunity to rest and enjoy a bit of the sun. She landed on one of the stands and took off her scarf, wich was way too hot for this weather.

    With the scarf in her lap sje waited for the fight to finish up. Tiva didn't have to wait long, wich was good because the weather began to worsen. With a quick movement she wrapped the scarf around her and flew towards the big guy before even the fleeing guard was completely out of sight. With a grin upon her face she flew in his sight. "Cnapan, habban þu hyran? Awiht great becuman gisterden. A great feothe! Unrot ic beon na thither to seon hit. Willan þu gannan gretan hit?" Without really waiting for an anwser she flew a bit ahead, beckoning him to follow her. "Ic heareth hit beon a feothe betweonan those great hus. þu cnawan, se huntian. Huru thereth willa beon more ongean wit gif we abysgian in this." This whole time she was flying backwards, continues talking without a pause for breath. She simply marvelled at the prospects of getting more jobs to dive herself into. "Beon þu hlystan?" Finnaly she gave Cecilio some time to interrupt her.

    (quick translation: Boy, have you heard? Something big happened yesterday. A big fight! Sadly I wasn't there to see it. Want to go visit it? I heard it was a fight between those big families. You know, the moneybags. Perhaps there will be more for us if we engage in this. Are you listening?)
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  11. Citadel couldn't take her eyes off the scene. She didn't even want to leave the Civita residence, but she took a chance and look where it got her. The Elven maiden had ventured to the marketplace earlier in the day to find herbs that weren't in the gardens back home. But the bustling are sent the young woman into near hysteria and she fled to the nearest woods. There, she was at last able to find sanctuary among nature and spent the majority of the day speaking with animals. It was only when she heard screaming did Citadel emerge only to find destruction the likes of which she'd never seen before. She couldn't breathe as she was rendered motionless. the site of corpses and ash.

    Silently, Citadel wept as she moved to the streets and to the body of a dead child no more than 5. In a graceful sweep, her hood was pushed from her face and she was on her knees, brushing her hand over the dead child's hair. She sent a prayer to her deities and closed her eyes, though tears continued to stream. 'Who could create such chaos and still hold a soul?' Suddenly, there was a loud shout and Citadel froze mid-prayer. Instinctively, she threw up her hood and stood up, prepped to run at any notice. But the booming voice was paying no attention to her and was too far anyways. Regardless, the man looked enraged and Citadel took that as an excuse to hastily escape. Her long legs closed the distance to the stables where she left the horse she'd been given. Though he was unscathed, the horse was well aware of the destruction that had taken place and was very anxious. Citadel sent words of reassurance to the horse before quickly saddling up.

    The man who had been shouting scared the wits out of Citadel, and it didn't help he was a man. Citadel would always be weary of the opposite sex. They were completely unknown to her and the only man she'd ever really known was her dear father. Any confrontation with a male usually left Citadel in a state of great panic after she managed to slip away. Of course, she knew to be polite and 'act' as though their friendly dialogue wasn't making her hair stand on end, but she could find any excuse to cease conversation and go have her little episode in the corner. Though she spoke more easily with women, Citadel still wasn't too keen on strangers.

    Citadel arrived at the Civita residence and passed her horse off to the stable hand quickly. She didn't want to get noticed by the Valentine. Citadel often wondered if her father would've sent her here had he known his best friend had a son in his prime.

    "My lady-"
    Citadel jumped in surprise, before gracefully turning towards the maid in the foyer of the Civita home. "Y-yes. What is it?" Her voice was unintentionally sharp. The poor maid dropped her gaze before holding out her arms, "May I take your cloak, my lady?" She whispered

    Citadel frowned at her rude display, delicately removing her cloak to reveal a gorgeous, blue, silken gown beneath. "Yes, yes. Of course. Thank you." Citadel proffered the cloak and shook out her hair. As Elven custom, her people never cut their hair and to do so was a great shame to her people. Her hair fell thick and golden like silk but far thicker.

    Despite Citadel's friendlier, the maid still continued to avert her gaze and refuse eye contact. Only then did Citadel realize it was because she hadn't glamoured her eyes after she left the forest. The large, feline slanted eyes held a bright, pastel yellow color that made most humans very uncomfortable. Especially because she had no distinguishable pupil. It put them on end and Citadel usually wore a glamour of normal dark brown human eyes to make herself less intimidating. With a sigh, she quickly set the glamour and gracefully made her way to her chambers.
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  12. Cecilio sighed as he is greeted by Tiva, a 'charismatic imp' as Cecilio describes her mockingly, choosing to follow Tiva as she is one of the few mercenaries who would actually talk to him given the intimidation he exudes. "Ay, I'm listening and thou should know better than to associate with such houses, lest you wish death upon thy tiny self." Cecilio does not see a need for money and is a minimalist but realises that he still needs to live and a lack of income doesn't bide well with ones hunger. Wealth is a common goal sought by Mercenaries and often brings power along with it as evident with the Savino family yet Cecilio's ambitions were hidden and he is yet to forge a path in this city.

    "Ah yes the 'moneybags', truth be told I do not desire such wealth or fortune but I suppose some form of income is in dire need." Cecilio still holds his own standards and simply cannot steal or indulge in the worst of activities of mercenaries. He is an honest young man who is dangerous when approached being rather confident with his ability to fight and aware of his advantages however he feels the need for caution still as he knows power does not come only through the body alone. "Very well, let us proceed and simply see what cometh of this situation but be cautious of the road ahead."
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  13. Tiva got a mischievous smile on her face when he said that. For a moment she flew close to his face, making sure he could see what she was thinking. After that she flew at away from him. "þu beon se ænlic an wha sculan beon cearu. Na ic." she said it with a clear voice that even could be heard from that distance. "Be," she dissapeared from sight. "Ic cunnan macian agen hydan." and appeared sitting on his shoulder. "Gyt, in bearn anlicnes þu sculan na cweþan beon ealden hu æt don." She flew in front of him again her size was larger, large enough to be able to pet his head. She grinned at him and flew beside him now. Tiva loved calling him a kid and teasing him with it, for her he always seemed like a harmless teddy. "Se huntian, gif þu willan Ic cunnan æfnan þu sefte hie feoh. Be Ic cnawan se hus beforan þu bean gena beran, bearn." Tiva looked around and decided to shrink a bit, people were beginning to stare at the almost child size flying fairy. There were also more people now, probably late onlookers at the carnage. "Ic fæstnian wit beon þider."

    (TN: You are the only one who needs to be cautious. Not I. Afterall,I can make myself dissapear. Besides, a kid like you shouldn't tell his elders what to do. The moneybags, if you want to I can get you easily their money. Afterall I knew the families before you were even born kid. I guess we are there.)
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  14. Roman "The Bear" Civita

    Roman stood on the main balcony fully clad in his armor his eyes slightly hiding behind his hair and intricate helmet, they glanced over the chaos and smoke that had befallen the marketplace in distaste before with two fingers he waved over his secretary.

    “I want those that were responsible for the event that occurred in today’s marketplace found. Those that support us and those that are on the other side, no matter the cost… I want them all brought before me…”

    The secretary began to write down everything Roman had said with fine writing in a small book “My lord the civi-“ the secretary was cut off

    “I am getting to that… be patient. I want you to give compensation to all those civilians that lost their loved ones, any support we can offer. Medicine men, food and water dispatched along with a whole barracks of guards to block of the area and prevent further conflict. This may be but a start off a war but war needs to be honorable… not riddled with the death of civilians, notify members of the city council and make sure the authorities are notified of our actions… we might be ones that find ourselves first in war but we are not the ones that start a war and shame ourselves in the eyes of the people.”

    He said fiercely, his words full of resolve

    “Oh and one more thing…”

    He turned to the secretary that immediately stiffened

    “…send the girl that had arrived, Citadel? To meet me in the garden.”

    He spoke politely as he then walked into their home and slowly began pacing to the garden.

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  15. Mercutio had allowed his deep anger to build up and over as his horse approached the castle, intact with its grandeur. There was only one person who he could express all this pain towards. The prince never had any intention to startle his beloved sister, nor any of his caring servants. No, Mercutio demanded audience with the idle king. King Ricardo Alleva, witness to none of Velicia's deeply implanted suffering, sat atop the most gold-encrusted throne in Italy. The same king whose ancestors did nothing as Rome was sacked, or later when Constantinople was razed. The Alleva family always had to struggle to bury its history of shame. Mercutio wanted the best for his people, not another wasteful ballroom dance paid for by the starving folk in the streets. This dispute could only make things worse. The prince knelt before his father, careful to remain calm. "My father, I hath returned from the gory view of the markets. The Civitas and Savinos had brought great destruction, for which I stand before thee now." Mercutio raised his head, now keeping eye contact with the king. "This cannot continue for much longer."

    The predicament was just about the worst thing to strike Velicia, but for other reasons beyond simple violence. Without the Civitas, the city would be left defenseless. Without the Savinos, most of the city's businesses would collapse. This incident would bring ruin either way. That is why keeping the peace was critical. Violence itself was not uncommon to Velicia. Nobles squabbled between each other all the time, but they never had much influence over the king. Then again, the king never had influence over himself. Ricardo based his decisions on who could give him the best wine and women, especially since the queen had vanished. Things in the family were never quite the same after that. But today the king was mildly faster in his reply. As long as the king could keep his wealth, he was plenty satisfied in letting his son solve everyone else's problems. Mercutio cringed at the answer. "Bah, you interrupt my precious time for mere and petty debate. Gather the knowings of the belligerent masters, and decide justice on my behalf." Ricardo spat.
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  16. The Elven maiden had only just sat upon her bed to release her long hair from it's pleats when a soft rasping from her door rung out in the silence. Naturally, Citadel tensed and checked that her eyes were properly glamours. "C-come in." She attempted to call out forcefully, but it always came out meek and nervous. A handmaiden entered the room and kept her gaze to the ground per servant protocol. "Good eve, milady. Master Civita requests your presents in the ga-gardens." She managed to almost spit out without stuttering.

    Citadel on the other hand was not as strong. "M-me? Wh-why? Did he say why?" Citadel immediately took stand, her eyes wide with horror. Roman Civita was a very large man and, despite being her father's best friend, he was everything that horrified Citadel about the male sex. He was tall, devilishly handsome and had great power. Citadel just knew that combination alone would make for a very dangerous formula. It was true that besides the day she arrived, Citadel took measures to avoid every male in the house, but she especially kept in the shadows when Roman was prowling about. The idea that he now wished to speak with her, no matter his intentions, had the elf nearly hyper ventilating.

    "No, milady. I'm afraid I am merely a messenger." The handmaiden obviously pitied the young woman as she bowed her head and quickly left to give the Elven some space,

    Falling back onto the bed, she stared at the wall in front of her. Her usually plump, bow shaped lips pursed in turmoil. It would be awful rude for Citadel to deny Roman's request. She'd practically be throwing his hospitality in his face. Of course she had to go. She'd already been here a couple months and he hadn't really requested her presence. "Perhaps it will be... a short conversation. To see how I am adapting.. He will ask and then leave, he's a busy man." Citadel tried to calm herself, reminding herself she'd be in the gardens as well. Surely the birds and flowers would sing and soothe her. Taking a deep breath, she proceeded to release half of her hair from it's pleats. The silken strands fell down her back to her knees in shimmering waves, like a sea of spun gold. Licking her lips, she finally opened the door and took the steps to her imminent doom.

    Sure enough, the head of the Civita family was outside, looking elegant and intimidating as usual. Pushing some hair behind her pointed ear, she approached him with noise, not wanting to startle him with her latent stealthy habits. "You requested my presence, Sir Civita?" Kicked into noble mode, Citadel's voice was audible and strong, but still melodic and soft, despite the feeling of her very core crumbling inside. She took added measures to breathe and appear as casual as possible, even adding a little glamour to assure none of her anxiety peeked through. Citadel met Roman's "gaze", she stared at his forehead and called out to the nature around her to soothe her fears. Before long, birds and rabbits began to hesitantly make their way towards her, nervous of Roman's towering presence.
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  17. Roman "The Bear" Civita

    Roman stood outside alone, given the little times he had like these to breath and be calm he let his usual posture and expression fade to a tired one. He removed his helmet and looked at it, his face reflected in the helmet as he gave a light sigh, upon feeling someone approach most likely Citadel he placed his helmet back on and turned to look at the garden once more returning to his more formal behavior.

    “Viscountess Allure. Thank you for joining me.”

    He spoke in a polite and pleasant tone as he turned his body towards her, his eyes looked into hers through small strands of his hair as he then placed his hands behind his back regaining his noble posture.

    “I am sorry for calling you out at this time, but I wished to speak with you. See how you were adapting to the new home and people, I do hope everything is in order and you have everything you need.”

    He paused for a moment as he noted the animals increasing presence, he turned his head only slightly to see a rabbit and then gave a light smile at him that he quickly tried to hide from Citadel as he turned back to look at her.

    “I also wished to talk to you about the event at the marketplace… I understand the picture was rather horrifying to gaze upon…”

    He gave a light sigh.

    “…a servant had told me you were there… at the marketplace. I’m terribly sorry for the image that was shown to you at that time, I understood that there were Civita servants involved in the conflict and so I have taken matters in my own hands.”

    He pondered for a moment longer as he continued looking at her trying to retain his posture which seemed like a hard thing to do around her.
  18. The maiden nodded with a soft smile that she would have genuinely felt had her stomach not been doing turns. He was, after all, a very handsome man. "Your kindness warms my heart, Lord Civita. And my mother and father would surely say the same." She tried to reassure her feelings with a wider smile, but opted to simply bow her head in thanks. As she brought her head up, Roman brought up the marketplace and not in all her 22 years of training could she stop the immediate grimace that fell upon her. Her back noticeably tensing as a look of genuine sadness took her face. "What occurred in that marketplace, I know not. I'm afraid I had stepped away to gather berries and such from the forest. But... whence I returned I was..." Citadel's lips thinned as she tried to keep the tears gathering from spilling, "The smell of death was an unknown one to me..." She whispered,

    Taking a deep breath, she released it on a shaky exhale. Taking the sad pause to elegantly sweep up a long-haired bunny that had been fiercely trying to comfort the elf. Squeezing the hare softly, she returned her gaze to Roman's forehead. "Their lives will be missed, but their souls are in a world of peace. Our Great Mother will make sure they are heralded to a place free from pain and worry." Citadel eyes sparkled with the faith she had in her deities,

    A bird landed on Citadel's pleated braids that had been left in and gathered atop her head. She paid it no mind, as though it had been there the entire time. Her hand fell to stroke the soft rabbit's back, the gesture keeping her mind off the fact that she was still incredibly nervous about her company.
  19. Roman "The Bear" Civita
    Nodded at her then sighed noting her expressions with his eyes which watched her keenly. His eyes flicked to the bunny that she now held in her arms and then took a soft graceful step towards her and placed a hand on the bunny as if seeking the same comfort as he stroked it, staying silent for a moment as if searching for the words he needed to speak to offer some sort of comfort as he always did, but he seemed unable to find them.

    “Sadly… death is not new to me. But the death of those that are not yet willing ready or supposed to die… is.”

    He said as sadness slowly started to overwhelm his expression as he seemed focused on the bunny. He sighed and then removed his hand from the bunny as he took a step back returning to look at to look at Citadel's eyes.

    “Again I am terribly sorry for the picture you had seen at the marketplace. I feel as if I was responsible for it for due to not better disciplining my servants.”

    He said softly and politely as he closed his eyes for a moment giving a deep exhale, perhaps he needed just a time to breath and rest.

    “To make it up to you please join me for dinner tonight, it would mean worlds to me if you do so.”

    He said politely, his lips curling into a small smile.

  20. For as long as Mercutio had lived about in his palace, it felt like his many advisers took the shape of jesters. It was agitating how they sat about, holding their expensive wine glasses and acting as though they were royalty. To do so in the presence of the prince himself was a grave mistake. Nonetheless, there was practically no one else to confide in. Mercutio had no desire to speak with the other aristocrats, especially the elves. The candles attached to the columns of his court were dimming in an awfully abrasive manner. By the time those candles went out, Mercutio would have to take a course of action, or be seen as a weak ruler. And given the long history of weak rulers bearing his name, that was unacceptable.

    "Milord, why not simply averse these trifles quietly? Thou knows well that the great houses battle often."

    The prince was sickened, listening to the foolishness of these men.

    "Ah," began another dignitary. "I'm positive that the Royal Guard can apprehend these villains!"

    "Hang them! Hang them all!" shouted the third fool.

    "Silence!" their attention was forcefully taken. "Doth we not judge o'er proud Velicia? Am I blind to thine irrationality? As prince, I lead through example. My hand craves the sword's hilt, and I will not satisfy this hunger. If we show contempt to both houses, they will conjoin and smite the Alleva crown. And what shall happen then? Chaos, surely. I have another proposal. Hand me thy quill pen, squire, it shall be useful."

    And so, Mercutio started to draft a new law, sealed with the Alleva mark and with his own blood. The royal family was related to the Savinos, even if by distant and low-status cousins. A mark of shame would come against him to harm his own kinsmen immediately. Mercutio's promise to punish both houses would have to wait. This new law was to make an impossible demand of the Civitas. As it read: From henceforth this moment, no Civita, nor associate of their clan, are to wear their swords within the public setting. To break this law shall bring the penalty of death either by noose, or by the headsman's ax.
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