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  1. A Plague on Both Your Houses

    "Two households, both alike in dignity,"- William Shakespeare
    The year is 1591. It is a fragile time in the small city of Velicia, Italy. For generations, the two most influential families in the land have been in perpetual conflict from sheer animosity. The whole city is on the brink of total war, as both sides seek to destroy the other. A blind eye has been turned by the nation's high king. Few are willing to bring either family to terms of peace.

    Only one day has passed since a skirmish started between a group of servants, each loyal to their familial masters, tore down a large section of Velicia's market district. The Royal Guard has been deployed to keep both sides in check, but is slowly losing control of the situation. Everyone involved expects utmost tragedy.

    It seems as though everyone outside the ruling households has taken a side in the feud. Mercenaries on both ends feed off of the struggle like parasites. There is the Savino clan, ran by wealthy merchants and relatives of Velicia's crown prince. Then there is the Civita family, managed by warriors and artisans of great renown. With tension rising to unthinkable levels, it is only a matter of time until chaos runs loose.

    The Savinos: It is believed that the Savino clan is perhaps the oldest in all of Velicia. They consist largely of merchants, businessfolk, and other such wealthy people. Through strictly arranged marriages, the Savinos managed to gain close relations with Velicia's prince. Keeping in line with their traditions, this clan is also the most secretive.

    The Civita: Had it not been for the presence of the prince and the Savinos, there is no doubt that the Civita family would have taken the city by force. This household is run by honor, pride, and discipline. A large portion of Velicia's military is run by the Civita, following their militant attitude.

    The Church: Perhaps the only group in the entire city that tries to balance the feud. Gifted with alchemy and magic, while dedicated to peace and justice, The Church is well-respected by both families. Clerics, friars, and mages tend to employ their services here. However, those loyal to The Church are also capable of using amoral tactics to achieve their ends.

    Mercenary Guild: Assassins, professional thieves, smugglers, you name it. The Mercenary Guild consists of the most despicable criminals in Velicia. Both the Savinos and the Civitas are partial to hire their services when needing a dark job done quietly. Because of this, the Mercenary Guild has brought itself against the prince's forces numerous times.
    Humans: Both the majority of Velicia's population, and also the most unpredictable. It is not uncommon to see humans look down on the other races or show aggression towards them. Altogether humans are random and driven by ideals. It is also notable that these beings are not magic users by birth, as mankind slowly refine their skills in whatever they wish to succeed in.

    Vampires: Upon drinking the blood of a demon, or in later times, another vampire, humans will succumb to a very mysterious illness. After 'dying' from this contagion, the victim will rise from the grave only to have a shocking revelation. A vampire's personality is dependent on their human past, yet they must frequently drink the blood of others to survive. They are considered feral vermin by Velician culture. This could not be further from the truth, as vampires are usually sophisticated when they come to terms with their curse.

    Elves: The second-largest minority group in the city. Elves, sometimes referred negatively as "tall fairies" are adept in the field of magic. They have been capable of using the arcane arts practically since birth. Although being a significant percentage of Velicia's population, Elves are often discriminated and segregated from humans. It is much more difficult for an elf to fall to disease than humans (unfortunately becoming the source of many conspiracy theories).

    Fairies: Linked to elves by genetic relations alone, Fairies are the prime example of obscurity combined with spontaneousness. They are incredibly small. Most specimens can alter their size from that of an insect, to that of a human child, at will. A pair of wings on their back permits limited flight. Given their similarities to elves, Fairies are extremely proficient in magic, more-so than their elven counterparts.
    Character Sheet
    Full Name:
    Occupation & Allegience:
    1. Show respect to other players in OOC. No trolling, bullying, or other misbehavior of any kind.
    2. No god-modding or Mary-Sue characters. This should be self-explanatory.
    3. Please make changes accordingly when asked by the GM (me).
    4. The story takes place in the Middle Ages, it is recommended to use the grammar of the time. For example; using 'thou' instead of 'you'.
    5. Please kill-off characters that you are not using.
    6. You may have at most three characters.
    7. Romance is perfectly acceptable. Please inform me first, however, if any kind of smut is involved whatsoever.
    8. No one-liners. Additionally, if all major roles are taken, you are still welcomed to join!
    9. Fun is required. Please talk to the nice thread security guards if you are not having fun; they will assist you promptly. Show no concern when you are taken to a mysterious prison elsewhere.
    10. Please put 'Salve Legens' at the end of your application to signify that you have read all the rules.
    Major Available Roles (9 left)
    Head of the Savino family:
    Head of the Civita Family: Roman Civita
    Chief of the Royal Guard (loyal to the prince):
    Count/Countess Vampire: Luna Morana Avanichi
    Mercenary Lord:
    King/Queen Fairy:
    Star-crossed Savino (someone who fell in love with a Civita):
    Star-crossed Civita (someone who fell in love with a Savino):
    City Judge:
    Bishop of the Church:
    Elven Viscount/Viscountess: Citadel Allure

    *I am always interested in hearing new ideas! If you wish to see new roles, factions, or races added, do not hesitate to inform me!​
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  2. I just have one question. For the star-crossed lovers, does it have to be opposite genders? Or can it be the same...?

    Oh, and are we using real life pictures or anime?
  3. It can be the same, if you wish! As for images, I do not mind either way.
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  4. [​IMG]

    » Full Name «
    Valentine Civita
    » Occupation & Allegiance «
    Son of the Head of the Civita Family & Civita Family
    » Age «
    » Gender «
    » Sexuality «
    » Race «
    » Powers/Skills «
    • Super Strength •
    • Super Speed •
    • Enhanced Senses •
    • Super Stamina •
    • Immortality •
    • Venom in his bite (can change others) •
    • Good at stealth •

    » Backstory «
    Before the feud, Valentine would go around and chat with whoever he pleased. He was a social butterfly and it showed for he was well-known amongst the citizens of Velicia. His family were always kind to others and was already ready to lend a hand. Of course, all of this changed when the feud began. While his allegiance is with his own flesh and blood, he doesn't truly stand with them. In fact, he hates this whole idea of the Savinos and the Civitas fighting against one another. He wishes that it would end soon and everyone would make up, but that wish is way out of reach. So he's stuck with defending his family in a feud that he wants no part of.
    » Other «
    Salve Legens
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  5. [​IMG]
    »Full Name: Mercutio Alleva
    »Occupation & Allegiance: Prince of Velicia; Neutral
    »Age: 30
    »Gender: Male
    »Sexuality: Straight
    »Race: Human
    »Powers/Skills: Expert swordsman, mild alchemist, strategist
    »Backstory: From a very young age, Mercutio was always the unwilling child in his family. His father, the king, was more concerned with hosting extravagant parties than running a city-state. Even worse, it had been years since the queen of Velicia had gone missing. The responsibility of being a leader has always worn down on him for many years. For the longest time, Mercutio hoped to abdicate, until he began to notice tension rise in Velicia. It would appear as though no one in the city knew exactly how the feud began; though Mercutio certainly wasn't going to exert pity on either group. He was well-aware that the city needed attention now more than ever. Working against the king's authority, Mercutio slowly began building a stronger city guard to combat Savino and Civita alike. His worst fears only came to materialize once the Velician market district fell to the slaughter, putting every soul in Velicia at risk. Now the prince is seeking to put an end to the city's feud, once and for all.

    -Is mildly paranoid/fears assassins
    -Personally despises non-humans
    -Currently considering overthrowing the king
    -Can sometimes be overprotective of his sister, Aria

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  6. Give me a bit of time and I will have a character at the end of the day.
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  7. I'm so stuck on my character's backstory...
  8. As am I.
  9. Maybe I can mention his life before the feud and then after it...?
  10. It may take a while longer than at the end of the day because I have some computer problems. Sorry for that.

    @Kitsune I think that's a good idea. My advise would be to just start writing and later figuring out what you should keep or add. ^^
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  11. Don't worry, I was planning on waiting anyway. :P
    Take as much time as you need.
  12. Ah, I've finished. Hopefully, the backstory is A-Okay~ ^^ Tell me if I need to change anything!
  13. If I could hit the like button multiple times, I would. :D
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  14. Yay! I'm glad that you like Valentine so much~ >w<
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  15. [​IMG]

    (Her wings are a dull grey colour and she often wears a shortskirted dress.)

    Full Name: Tiva Adoette (in the job know as "The Bug")

    Occupation & Allegience: She is a thief and spy for the mercenary guild.

    Age: 93, still in the prime of her live

    Gender: female

    Sexuality: straight

    Race: Fairy

    - Spying and thieving
    - Shrinking herself and objects so it fits her size
    - Simple cloaking magic
    - Improved hearing
    - Very very fast when flying
    - Running is like a normal child

    Tiva was alive before the whole feud was starting. She had know peace and was able to see the city grow under the rule of the current king. Tiva had always been the curious kind and she wanted to get closer to the people living in the city. For a few weeks she justflew around the city, searching for places with the most interesting people. In her findings she discovered that the mercenary guild had the most diversity in interesting people. Landing in an alley she changed to her child form and walked inside the guild, saying she wanted to join. She was laughed at thinking that she was a mere child. Out of anger she declared that she would be a better thief or spy than anyone. Her seriousness had silenced everyone except one man. That man would be her mentor before she officially joined the guild.

    Now, years later, she is known as one of the better ones in her job. She accepts any job as long as she doesn't need to kill someone. Twice she had assasinated a person and she knew that she couldn't handle the guilt of a third one. Her mentor had always said that she was too weak of heart, he was right.

    In the past her hair had often been in the way so she reaceived the hairpin from her mentor. She still doesn't know why he gave her an expensive golden one.
    She was often treated like a kid in the past, her scarf is a memory of those times.
    All the humans of the guild she knew are dead. Either of old age or a job.
    Even though it has become her on job name, she doesn't like her nickname.
    @Legens Legentis almost forgot salve legens​
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  16. (For best results in seeing my Char. Sheet please be sure to not have your Iwaku color Theme be set on Bright Light. Thank You.)


    Full Name:

    Aria Lucia Alleva

    Occupation & Allegience:
    Princess of Velicia, Her stance upon the situation is balanced.


    Recently reached the age of 18 years.




    Demisexual - She loves who her heart beats solely for, a single soulmate regardless of race, status, or gender.




    Intelligence in Mathmatical Calculations and Statistics, is knowledgable in using/recognizing herbs and medicines, is rather good at being observant, is quick to pick up on things and learn new things.


    Growing up in the city of Velicia the young girl was always one to think rationally and cure her curiosity through exploration, observation, and experience. From the start she had a good head on her shoulders and was the child of the household to rarely ever voice her opinions openly to her family or even the people of the city, but she would confide in the closed pages of a small hidden journal she kept hidden away within the depths of the nearby forest. Once she took note of the violent conflict between the Salvinos and Civitas she decided that she would take a stance on neither side but instead hope to seek out a tranquil way to resolve the conflict while attempting to get her Father to wake up to reality and witness the destruction of his small empire, hoping that maybe then he will finally take the reins and bring the conflict to a end. The young woman prays for little to no blood to be shed and wishes to assist her brother in case her father continues to fail in stepping up to his throne and taking on his rightful duties as King. She is one of many who doesn't wish to partake in the beholding of a rather bloody and destructive civil war of the people within the city.


    She fears the possibility that in the near yet distant future, a massive massacre may occur within the city she calls her very own home.

    She has training to defend herself with either a knife or sword and keeps a knife in her left shoe at all times.

    She tends to talk to herself under her breath while thinking or attempting to revive a memory useful for the moment.

    ・Her favorite place to think, relax, clear her mind, nap, or even write is deep within the nearby forest beside a rather tall tree; with patches of moss developed on its old twisted trunk and its long arms extending out over a small meadow of flowers, and vines entangling itself within the old wise tree; sits. This is also where her journal is hidden, its confined within a wooden box with an abundance of chains and a heavy lock weighing almost 7lbs. alone .

    ・Has a place somewhere within her where a violent piece of her brews and boils over the top to the point that a inner voice screams out at her that maybe slapping some sense into the king will be the only way her father will awaken and smell the sanguine wine, whereas her better judgement prevents her from doing so.

    ~Slave Legens
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  17. Now I need to improve my application. Everyone else's looks better. :P
  18. [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Full Name: Luna Morana Avanichi[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Occupation & Allegience: Velicia Countess; Neutral[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 24[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Female[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sexuality: Straight[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Race: Vampire[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Enhanced senses[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Can turn into black cat[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lifespan lower by the hour when in light or in a holy place. But raises when they drink blood or red things[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Can read dreams[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Can make people go to sleep every couple of days[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Luna was a prized daughter of a count in a southern province in Valicia. At the age of sixteen she died from a mysterious illness. But before this only a week before she died. Luna went to the capital to see the king. She was a quiet lass, a bit creepy two. She had a secret crush on the prince. Luna followed him, to the point of him having Luna sent away back her her castle. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]When she died she stayed dead until her father died. Everyone knew she was a vampire when she walked down into the cathedral to go to her father’s funeral. She did this even when being in the cathedral was killing her because she was undead.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]According to the house’s laws she inherited the throne of her father and became the first Vampire Countess in the provinces history. After four years she went on leave to the Capital to help with the conflict of the two families. But that’s not her only goal she wants to convince the Prince to marry her and turn him into vampire. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Other: Cousin of Mercutio Alleva.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Salve Legens[/BCOLOR]
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  19. Just curious, how shall we be starting?
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