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  1. Alright, so I have an idea that I want to test out. I'd like to post it in the forums somewhere so that I can have people run through it and tell me what they think. It's basically a "Choose your own adventure" story, implementing the use of Spoilers to lead the story along. I'm going to be basing it on the world of Iwaka, a world concept I'm working on for this site. It's unrelated, but I'll introduce that, too.

    Area 1
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    There once was a legend of a land where the creators were said to live. Those that modeled the worlds, and those that helped to shape them. You find yourself at the door to the sacred land of Iwaka. In your wildest dreams, you never would have imagined that it was an actual door. To open it, however, some things will have to be done.

    Keep a record of the items you have obtained, and your health. Health starts at 20, and generally is reduced in increments of 1. Also keep track of weapon damage, as it will be important when facing 'The Creations.'

    You face a simple iron door. (Raise your weapons and prepare for combat! :Trollface:) -The door has no knob for opening or closing. There's no way to see through to the other side. You do notice a small pocket of space hidden behind some brush and inserted into the wall. What will you do?

    Inspect the hole.

    As you reach into the hole, you notice there's a tiny chest. You bring it out and look at it. It's wooden, with an iron keyhole, though the lid wriggles when you move it. It must not be locked.

    >Open the Chest

    As you open the chest, a puff of green smoke emerges. Thankfully, you released it quickly and it couldn't harm you. Within, you find an iron door knob, which you take from the chest. [Item Get! Iron Door Knob. Item ID 1]

    >Open the Chest Slowly

    You slowly open the chest, and a green smoke seeps from under the lid. As it fumes up, it traces your nostrils, dealing one point of nature based damage. Within, you find an iron door knob, which you take from the chest. [Item Get! Iron Door Knob. Item ID 1] [Remove one HP].

    Search for something else.

    You run your hands along every surface you can find, but there is nothing else hidden there. [Return to Area 1].

    Open the Door [Requires item ID 1]

    You fumble with the doorknob for a while, trying to figure out how it should be used. Finally, you push it against the door where it should be located, and it magically seals itself to the door. You turn the door knob, and the door opens. Through the doorway you can see a beautiful landscape, untouched by the hands of mere humans. [Move to Area 2, or return to Area 1]

    Area 2
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    You slowly step into the door, looking back a moment to see the door completely vanish. You find yourself in the middle of a field, stretching with beautiful landscape on all sides. As you turn once again, you see a single legged table with a round top, completely made of marble. On the table is a map, with arrows pointing in several different directions. There are numbers at each location, which according to the key, indicate difficulty. You can only assume this is some sort of challenge from the creators, and you are not about to let them down!

    Congratulations on completing the very quick, very poorly created demo version of my Self-Sustained Roleplay: Iwaka, Land of Creators.
  2. Well of it's like an old fashion choose your own adventure book it sounds like that would be Museum item since you are doing all the creating.

    If you are going to have member influence where the story goes next via comment posts or polls then I would say it is akin to roleplay and should go in the correct genre field.
  3. Not only did you just answer my question, you gave me an amazing idea! Thanks :3