A Place Called Home

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  1. Griffin stalked down the dark alley. Despite his fur he was wet and cold. He wanted somewhere warm and dry to sleep. Even if it was just for a day or so. There weren't very many places in the city were a bigger than average black house cat could find shelter. Not that he would have better luck if he could manage to shift into his human form. There were even few places for a big teenage boy to take shelter. With a resigned sign he headed town the street looking for an abandoned building.
  2. Akashi ran trying to shield himself from the downpour of rain, he tried desperately to save his papers, his new book actually but it was already soaking. Bolting across a street he made a bee line for shelter but stopped dead when sudden movement caught his eye. Any other person would have ignored any movement when it was this dark just in case it meant danger.
    Walking a bit closer he peered into the dark trying to see what it was "H-hey" he whispered softly whiping the rain from his face.
  3. A large black tom cat slowly walked towards the human. Griffin approached cautiously. He didn't trust humans. But he was wet and hurt. He wanted on to do was be warm and dry. He meowed softly. He studied the human. This one didn't seem as dangerous as some that he had seen. He was weak so he had to take a chance. He limped out of his hiding spot. He didn't want to get too close just in case. He had to hoped that this time he would receive kindness rather than angry and pain.
  4. What came out to him was not what he was expected. Quite the opposite actually: an old man with dirty face and hair like he usually saw on streets maybe but not a large black cat with stunning eyes, he could see that this cat's fur would have been silky and shiny if it wasn't drenched and matted with the dirt of the alleys. He was also larger that the average house cat.
    Slowly he stuck his hand towards the cat hoping it would be kind and not bite or scratch at him, softly he touched the animal's face, he seemed to be hurt and Akaski's soft heart got a paint that told him to help "Come here kitty" he said softly choosing soft simple language. "I won't hurt you" he took of his jacket and wrapped it around the cat softly careful of his injuries. "There" despite the cold he was glad he had done a good deed and helped an animal. He then held the cat tight to his chest and began to run home again.
  5. Griffin hated how his body shook with fear and cold as the human picked him up. He hated being held. Hated having people touch him. But he knew he had little choice right now. He was weak from pain and hunger. So far the man had been kind to him. As long as that was true he would cooperate. But if that change he would not hesitate to defend himself. He might have to bow to the rules of his kind but he would not bow to a human. Never again.
  6. After about 10 grueling minuets in the cold Akashi blew out a sigh of relief at the warm sigh of his house. He plucked out his keys and opened the front door. His house used to be his father's so it was quite large, it was filled with homey modern furniture all in shades of black, greys, white and olive green. It had been a while back since he had taken care of a cat, he didn't really have any idea what to do. In his mind he made a check list.
    1) Food. He walked into the kitchen and took out some of the previous nights chicken, heated it and gave it to the cat.
    "Ok, that's all I got really, I'll get cat food tomorrow" he said looking at him "now to get you dry.
    He went to his room and turned ont the heaters of the house, grabbed his cat's old brush and a towel and headed back to the cat.
  7. Griffin was relieved when the man set him down. He shook the water from his fur. It was an uncat like action but he didn't care he just wanted to be dry. He watched the human warily. As long as he was hungry and weak he was at the man's mercy. Something he hated more than anything. He tilted his head curiously when the man set down a bowl of something that smelled fabulous. He approached it cautiously. He sniffed it wary of a trap. It smelt normal. Too hungry too worry too much he scarfed down the chicken barely tasted it.
  8. Once back in the kitchen he saw that the cat had already finished his dinner "Wow you were hungry" he said as he picked him up again, well he didn't really didn't expect anything other than the poor thing being hungry he had no idea how long the poor thing had gone without food. And people never cared about cats like he did. "If only people could care huh?" He asked the cat and sat down on one of the couches in the living room.
    He put the cat on his lap and gently dried him with the warm towel and rubbed away all the dirt then slowly brushed his fur to get him to look like a cat again.
  9. Griffin glared at the human as the man picked him up again. He had to admit, although he did so grudgingly, that the towel felt good against his wet fur. Even when the human dried his injured paw. He didn't complain, even though he wanted to yowl in pain. When the human started brushing him Griffin relaxed. He always loved being brushed. Not that he had experienced it often in his life time.
  10. One he had finished brushing his fur he smiled, his fur was now shining just like he'd expected it too. He glanced at the animal's injured paw he had a good mind and bandage that but knew it might just make walking harder since cats hated stuff on their paws. "Now, its my turn" he said, he was still wet and had spend all the time caring for the cat. He stood up and walked to his room the cat once again in his arms. In the room he put a blanket on his reading chair and set the cat down there to rest "now you rest up while I take a shower" he smiled warmly and walked into the bathroom.
  11. Griffin was almost tempted to pur. Something that he didn't do too often. In fact he could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he had purred in his life time. He watched as the human went into the bathroom to tend to his own needs. Tomorrow he might to strong enough to change into his human form. He hoped so. While the human had been kind so far Griffin knew from experience that it won't last long.
  12. Akashi came out of the bathroom steam trailing behind him, after that nice warms shower he felt so much better. After drying his hair and putting on a loose pair if pants and a baggy shirt he walked back to the cat "I got some writing to do" he spoke to the cat and picked him up "I'm gonna get some coffee and you can have some milk" he smiled and walked to the kitchen again. He had to print out his writing again after all the last copy got soaked.
    In the kitchen he heated a bowl of milk to room temperature and gave it to his now clean guest while he sipped his coffee "Your gonna need a name, that is if you plan on staying" he kinds hoped this would be his new pet, some company around the house would be nice.
  13. Griffin gave the human the most distasteful glare he could manage in his cat firm. The man would mostly name him something stupid like Midnight. He sighed mentally as he turned his attention to the warm milk the human had given him. Normally he preferred cold milk but he was still warming up so he appreciated the warm milk. He curled up and watched the odd human.
  14. Getting the message the glare was meant to send him he lifted his hands in mock defense "Alright once you found a name you like you can tell me" he said while picking up his mug again.
    Deciding to see if the cat would listen he didn't pick him up again he only walked to the exit of the kitchen with his mug and smiled "Once your done your welcome to come to bed and rest" he then turned around and continued to his room, once there he grabbed his laptop and curled up on his bed readuy to write.
  15. Griffin stayed on the chair watching the human. He was curious about the man. He had never seen human act the way this one did. He moved off the chair cautiously. The one bad thing about being part cat was he curious nature. He wanted to know what the man was doing. he approached the bed warily. He watched the man every step of the way. He was ready to bolt if he needed to.
  16. He pushed up his glasses concentrating on the screen, he really wanted to finish this book he felt it would be a great seller. "Oh hey, you wanna lay here?" He asked when a sudden movement caught his eyes. "Come" he grabbed a pillow and set it next o him then patted it in a gesture for him to lay on it. "Maybe with you here I might get some fresh new ideas.
  17. Griffin approached cautiously. He was wary of humans. But this one was strange and made him curious. He never met a human that had gone this long without hurting him. It was strange not to have to worry about such things. He sat on the pillow in the regal way that cats had and watched the human.
  18. "There all comfy* he gave the black cat a pat and continued to type "I want this scene of the book to have some kinds twist..." He talked and talked about his book until he got tired. After a few hours he checked his watch and saw it read 12:30 "I dunno about you, but I'm gonna hit the hay" he smiled at the cat warmly, packed up his stuff and curled up in his bed hoping he wouldn't be too tired in the morning.
    ---Time skip next---

    He woke up, to tired to actually fully wake up. He went through his morning routine and stared getting ready for school.
  19. Griffin drifted off. He was surprised when the human went the whole night without hurting him. It made him think better of the human. He curled onto the pillow the human had gave him and left himself fall into a deep sleep. Tomorrow he might be strong enough to change.
    ___Time skip____
    Griffin stretched working the kinks out of his body. He was amazed at how much better he felt after a full nights rest.
  20. Akashi was running late, he came running into his room and grabbed his bag only to see that his guest was now awake "Morning kitty cat" he smiled "I left some more chicken for you in the kitchen" he knew it was crazy talking like that, it wasn't as if the cat understood "I gotta go to school, I'll bring cat food when you see me again" he gave his cat one last stroke before disappearing out the room and out of the house.