A Pile of Plot Bunnies for the Taking

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  1. 1) Clumsy
    Alright, she definitely fucked up this time. She had no idea that he had been a mob boss, really she didn't! Though, she probably should have taken the hint with the four bodyguards and his pinstriped suit. She didn't mean to spill coffee on his pants, she had tripped while passing the table in the cafe. She apologized and everything! Even offered to pick up the tab on having them cleaned! Now not only was she fired, but now she was sitting in the damned mans office for one reason or another...All over a suit? Had she known the mob was so fashion conscious she would have just stayed away form new york completely...

    2) Sweet Tooth
    She was living the dream, owned her own bakery and cafe and made desserts for the whole town! She was so proud of herself and her family was as well, but they were looking for something else now. A wedding! Talk about pressure. Years of dedicated training basically removed any idea of dating from her mind and now her only hope some some match making organization...Hopefully this "Master of Love" could work things out for her.

    3) Magic Touch
    Being a witch is not easy, especially in modern times! You'd think that the magical world would just move on from old traditions and just let modern people know that they were real. But no, she had to keep her powers secret and somehow figure out a way to confess to her long time crush without letting him know what she was! On top of that, she has to keep all these damned customers hidden from him as well! And it's not exactly easy hiding a wolf man in the closet!

    I hope to play the lady in all of this and will gladly talk out any of the ideas with someone!
  2. Hi there! I'm interested in the 'Magic Touch' idea...what do you plan the witch's crush to be like? A normal mortal guy? Or a sort of descendant from other species? ^.^
  3. Bahahaha I like Clumsy
  4. @ Mexma: I was seeing him as a normal average joe but if you think that him being something else will spice things up go for it! Though, it will have to be something where she doesn't know what he is because she is trying to hide the truth.

    @Layne: You do? 8D Yay~ If you want to try it I would love to play it with you.
  5. Okay! Should I post first or would you like to, to set up the scene?
  6. I shall post first, since I suppose I should set up the scene. Anyway, I'll have it placed in the one on one's alright? 8D
  7. Y'know, I think it's better to keep him as being a normal guy, seeing as I can't afford to think of something original for him to secretely be hiding from everyone else. We can find other ways to spice things up, though! c:
  8. Of course we can Mexma! 8D
  9. So when shall we begin, my dear Lady? Ready whenever you are. :)
  10. After I get back from work today, we can start it up then.
  11. ‚ÄčIf sweet tooth is still open, i'll take part in that one. =)
  12. Yay I love you Tetsu~! I'd love to RP this idea with you~