A picture is worth...

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A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.
Brigitte Bardot

Do you have a photograph that's especially important to you, some memento of a happy time or a remembrance or something dear to you?​
I honestly don't. mostly because I don't I don't take them. every one is always telling me I should take photos, like when I went to england by my self for two weeks, but the only photos I end up taking are of monuments no people. sometimes I even find it pointless to include people in photos. strange isn't it?
I myself, adore photographs and for me, they're precious. If you know the people in the photo, there's something about it for me at least, that looking at can bring back the feeling of love held within, even if the person has passed away. Myself, personally, I would most likely choose the picture of me as a child being held in my grandfather's arms. He was the "male figure" in much of my childhood and I loved him dearly. The tenderness in his expression, coupled with how happy he looks, brings me feelings of happiness.
When I was about 8, my older sister graduated from high school and was headed off to college. She was like a second mother to me growing up - she understood me in ways my parents didn't, taught me about Broadway musicals, let me sleep in her waterbed when I was scared of falling asleep on my own, basically provided a support system that I really got a lot from when I was little.

I had a tiny wallet-size high school yearbook photo of her, which I put in a Florida State University Seminoles picture frame that she gave me from her college gift shop. On the drive back from dropping her off at her new school, or any time that I was reminded of her absence, I often cried - knowing that she was so far away and that I wouldn't ever be that close with her again. Looking at that tiny little photo as a tiny little kid sometimes made me cry, sometimes made me smile, but it was unusually powerful thing either way.
A picture is worth your time.

When you have a moment in your grasp, that you might never hold in your grasp again, taking a picture will help you hold on to it. I'm not giving a damn about meaning, because the meaning of a picture is the one you give it.

Look at this:


I took this photo from a window. If anyone of you tries to settle down in my house, you will hardly ever see this bird. Even more of a rare occurrence is to see it perched on a wall in such a manner. I wasted nary a second; the bird could have flown away at any moment. The result is a picture that I'll probably cherish even more than any cosplay or landscape photo.
I never really gave this much thought, well actually I never thought of this before. I shoulde take some pictures of a few of my friends