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  1. I have a fairly nice set of roleplays going right now, but there is a burning need within me for just one more. So, I am going fishing in the Iwaku waters once more, eager to see what I will catch. However, this is a picky request. Mostly, I am going to be picky about my partner, but I am also moderately picky about the story. So you are not left guessing, here is this handy little guide to Peregrine's Pickiness:

    Pickiness Point 1: Partner

    I am looking for someone dedicated, active, and, most importantly, highly detailed. But, before you go doing anything hasty, let me clarify a little bit.
    • Dedicated: This one is pretty straight forward. I need someone who is not going to abandon me. I don't want to have to worry about your life, wondering if things are suddenly going to hit a wall, and I'm not going to hear from you for a week to a month. That may seem a little blunt, but there it is. I want to know that you are going to be there for me, at the very least as a partner. This is a volunteer effort, and it is for fun. But I want someone in it for the long haul. Someone to whom I can look back five years later and say "I knew you'd still be here." If you vanish for a long period of time without telling me, especially after having responded to this interest check, I am not going to be a happy camper.
    • Active: Now, I'm a pretty patient person. If you show up, tell me something is going on, and say you need a day or two or a week to get your life in order, I'll wait. Assuming you tell me (refer back to the "dedicated" thing). All the same. I want a story that actually progresses. I want a story that gets past the opening sequence before a month has past. And I have found that, combined with asking for detailed posts, that is very hard to find. Normally, I tell people that a reply once a week will keep me happy. Well, such is not the case this time. I want a promise that, during the planning phase of our story, you will be there to respond multiple times a day. Once we start the story, I want a reply once a week. Not "Yeah-I-can-reply-once-a-week-oh-crap-life-just-got-busy-here's-a-reply-once-every-two-to-three-weeks." If anything, I'd like a reply more than once a week. In return, I promise to do everything in my power to extend you the same courtesy. If I don't, you then have permission to beat me over the head with a frying pan. Of course, if we do this right, I'll be so excited that there will be no chance of a wait.
    • Highly Detailed: This is perhaps the most tricky of my three needs to define, because while I know what I need I am uncertain of how to turn it into words to best communicate it to you. I guess the best way to think about it is I want you to imagine that you are writing a book. There is a whole world around you, and another whole world within your character's head. Put yourself in your character's shoes, and experience things from their perspective. What they notice and what they do will tell so much about them. But, at the same time, I am not looking for purple prose. Everything you write should have meaning. In the best-written posts, every word is irreplaceable, and it serves to enhance every other word around it. When you can successfully combine those two elements together, you have a perfect post. And I'm not looking for perfection. All I am looking for is someone who is ready to challenge me, to force me to reexamine every post and create something better. And then I want you to be willing to step up to the challenge that I create, so that together we can work our way up towards perfection. This is a big request. I get that. I've met very few people capable of it. But I know that they exist, and that lets me know that there are others out there who are able to do the same. If you can read all that and not get pissed off, go ahead and take a look through my work. Know that, if I want to, I can do better than that. And then decide if you are ready to challenge me. I have confidence in you.
    Pickiness Point 2: Plot

    Now, overall my plot idea is pretty abstract. I'm not looking to dictate your role to you. I'm not looking to set up a world and drop you into it like a mouse into a maze. I want to be exploring this world with you. But there are a few key points that any plot we create will need to hit.
    • A Team: This is the main element with which I want to work. I want to start with a pair of characters, and then, wherever they roam in the world, whatever they may be doing, I want them to slowly build up a team of the best of the best. I want a whole cast of characters, each of whom is a unique personality with enough depth to be the main character. And I want this team to work together, to enhance each other to a point that they could never achieve alone. Our main characters, as well.
    • Action: Whatever this team may be doing, it should be something active. I don't exactly care how this desire is fulfilled, it certainly doesn't need to be swordfights and gunshots, but the characters should be in movement. I don't want this to be a stationary story. They should be traveling all over the world, able to experience an impossibly wide variety of things.
    • Supernatural Elements: If at all possible, I'd rather this story not be realistic. Acrobats and martial artists are great, but a touch of the supernatural really adds a whole new level of depth. However, I do not want the supernatural elements to be a key factor in the story. The team should be the main focus. In fact, I would adore it if our main characters were the only ones to have magic, and it is something subtle but powerful, something to enhance the story rather than drive it. But if we want to include supernatural elements all the way around, I can work with that too.
    • Freeform Structure: A quick clarification, this does not mean that I am looking for a slice-of-life story. There needs to be some sort of key tension that drives the story. But that does not mean that I want a "goal" for our characters to achieve in the long term. Think about most TV shows, or long running book series. What holds it together, what keeps it renewing season after season, book after book, is the undercurrent of tension that runs between the characters and the world. I don't want our characters on a quest to obtain some goal, be it to save the world or destroy it. I'm perfectly happy to save or destroy the world along the way, but as soon as we pick an ultimate, long-term goal it makes it nearly impossible to follow through on a tangent. All it can ever be is a brief sub-plot, a small excursion.
    • Meaning: We've all heard this one before, but I'm going to restate it. Because it needs to be said. I want a story that is more than just a compilation of events. I want a story that truly feels like it means something. And it is impossible to look at a plot and say "This has meaning and this doesn't." But, at the same time, I want that to be in your mind when we start planning.
    I understand that I'm asking a lot. But, sometimes, a lot needs to be asked to make something beautiful. I'll wait. Find me when you are ready. I may have come across as blunt, harsh, and uncooperative in all of this, but let me offer you one parting gift.

    A Reassuring Announcement:

    Please, be calm.
    I am all bluster—
    I am not violent.
    I am not malicious.
    I am just a bird.
  2. Hey, peregrine I'm very enthusiastic about this idea. I tried to reply to this post at work on my old beaten up phone, alas, to no avail. I joined this site yesterday, I think, after a long and arduous slog through the net looking for a new place to write with other people because the last site I frequented died a slow and agonizing death (at least in my opinion)

    This isn't harsh Peregrine, its some long overdue truth. A refreshing slap in the face, a that slap I'm totally up for. I'm new to the site but I've been RPing and writing for a couple of years now. I have no major commitments at the moment or in the foreseeable future, I have an easy job with three days off a week and I'm online pretty much every day anyway. If you want some evidence of writing I'd be happy to email you some of my stuff. If you want more info or whatever, just shoot me a PM.
  3. I'm glad to meet someone who considers a slap in the face refreshing. :lol:

    Yeah. PM is heading your way.
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