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  1. Hello there!

    My name is Leilani -- well not really, it's a pen name -- and I'm looking to roleplay!

    I've been writing since I was old enough to pick up a pencil, and roleplaying since I was about ten years old. I can't remember exactly but nine years later and I'm still here roleplaying! I hope to make some friends and of course, long lasting roleplay partners. [​IMG]

    Before we begin I should probably state a few things about myself, as far as roleplays go. Like the fact that I prefer to play females mostly, however since -- for now -- this is a thread dedicated to Fandoms, I am more than willing to double and play a canon and OC each. I don't often do any other type of pairing when it comes to fandoms. If we can agree upon one canon x OC pairing then I'm fine with having the other pairing in the double as canon x canon, but I won't do OCxOC.

    For gender pairings, I prefer there always be one MxF pairing because that's what I like. I don't mind changing the second pairing around a bit to suit my partner's liking. We should both be enjoying this!

    I absolutely love detail and lengthy posts. I'm not asking you to write a book, just two well structured paragraphs, or more if you wish. I want to say quality over quantity, but only if that means not going below the minimum length, which for me is two paragraphs.

    I love romance, angst and drama so I require all that because I don't find a roleplay much fun without it. Smut is great too, I love all that, as long as I have a partner who can write it out well. I absolutely hate when it just finishes off with two sentences of it. Like I said, I like detail, and that is included here. I love a slow build and teasing and what not so it would be nice if that was brought to the table. That being said, I like plot as well so I would like at least a balance between the two. I generally play characters that are a mix of dom and sub, but mostly sub. That's only for my females. If we double, my males will most likely be dom, unless it's an MxM pairing. We can discuss limits and what not through PM.

    I am willing to roleplay over email.

    When sending me a message or posting below, don't just say 'I'm interested', because it really doesn't sound like you're interested, and chances are that I won't respond. Show me how much you're interested, tell me which pairings you wanted, throw some ideas you had my way, tell me a bit about yourself and your writing style. Seeming uninterested is a total turn off so fair warning, but if that's the case then i will not respond.

    Finally, please don't skip out on me! I don't expect you to reply every minute of every day, but just let me know if you're losing interest or wil be gone for more than a week. (If you are more active though, that would be amazing!)

    Now, for fandoms, these are what I'm interested in, and as I said, mostly canon x OC, so PM me or comment below which pairings in the universe you would be interested in. (Characters I want you to play for me are in brackets, if only one is stated, I'm not going to move around it or change my preference. If not stated, assume I can play pretty much anyone else for you in the fandom mentioned)

    F A N D O M S

    Harry Potter [Reeeaaalllyy craving this :: Ronald Weasley, Fred Weasley -- I'm saying it up front, I will not play Draco or Severus]

    Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus [Percy Jackson]

    • Kane Chronicles [Walt/Anubis]

    • The Hunger Games [Gale Hawthorne, Finnick Odair]

    The Maze Runner [Newt -- My character would replace Teresa]

    Marvel Cinematic Universe [I haven't seen anything but I'm huge on Captain America so I want someone to play him for my OC. In turn I could play anyone from The Avengers movies or Civil War]

    • Divergent [Four/Tobias]

    The Mortal Instruments [The book series, not the show or movie -- Jace Herondale, Simon Lewis]

    • Twilight [Edward Cullen]

    • Disney movies [I will only play human characters :: Jack Frost]

    I think that's about it but if you see that a fandom isn't up there, please do ask! Chances are that I've just forgotten to add it haha.
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  2. I've been looking for someone to play a brother/sister pairing. It hasn't been easy considering people feel awkward about it.
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  3. What kind of bro/sis pairing are you looking for? (Curiosity has the best of me, at the moment. My apologies.)
  4. I was thinking the brother/sister. I'd never participated in incestuous pairings before, and as a writer, I feel the need to challenge myself.
  5. Great! shoot me a PM and we can talk about it :)
  6. Still searching~
  7. I can do this but only if the age gap isn't huge (it'll have to be college student x teacher)
  8. Sounds good! Shoot me a PM.
  9. If you're still looking, I can do a Marvel rp with you? I haven't watched Civil War yet, but I miss writing Steve. xD
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  10. Absolutely! Shoot me a PM and we can hash out the details :)
  11. Hey could we do a Harry Potter Roleplay? I've really been craving it as well!
  12. Shoot me a PM!
  13. Still alookin^^
  14. Still looking ^^
  15. Still looking~
  16. Still searching ^^
  17. Srill looking ^^
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