A Penny for a Tale....?

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  1. Hello, there, my friends. It seems that once more I'm searching for new blood.... so to speak. I have a couple of basic plots and pairings, some are a little cliche. Some are a lot cliche. A couple might even sound almost original. I'm just looking for partners who are willing to commit to a story.

    I'm online almost all the time and always available to chat. The only thing I really don't enjoy doing at all is slice-of-life type things and modern things. Just not my specialty. I will, however, always hear a plot idea out before I turn it down.

    Here are the few that I have:

    The Dragon Rider's Games

    Every decade the Dragon Riders from the six provinces each send a contender to the Games. The purpose is to instill co-operation within the provinces and win glory and honor for your homeland. One of this year's contenders is the youngest ever to be sent, and her province gave no reason she was chosen. In truth, her leaders are planning a rebellion and the young girl is a highly trained assassin, there to take out as many of the highly skilled competitors and leaders that are there-- and make it all look like accidents in the Games.

    During the week of festivities leading up to the Games, however, she finds herself growing attached to one of the Riders from the town that is hosting the Games. Will her mission override her desires? Will he discover her plan? Will this years Games be the last before chaos ensues? I suppose that's up to you.

    The Thief King's Price

    Hungry, desperate, and tired. The three words that best describe the young orphan girl who is caught trying to steal fruit from a cart. When she's saved from losing a hand-- and maybe more-- by a man known only as the "Thief King", she can only imagine what he wants from her.

    The Demon's Prize

    Sold into slavery by her people, the disgraced assassin plots a way out. When she's purchased by a being she has no name for, her fears become more than that-- they become her reality. As she fights against her new master, using every skill she's ever known, she proves herself to be the challenge he has hoped for as he works to break her will and bend her to his own sadistic desires.
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  2. I'm interested by your Dragon Rider plot.

  3. (Sorry, couldn't resist)
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  4. I just finished watching that and couldn't think of a title. :-p