A pear and a peacock walked into a bar...

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  1. And I'm not entirely sure what happens next. I just wanted to get your attention. Now that you're here, you might as well take some time to read my recruitment thread!

    Please read my resume before continuing!

    Rules are strict!

    Roleplaying Expectations
    Here are the expectations I have for roleplay partners. Below is the most important information you should know before contacting me. Other details can be explained if you wish to roleplay with me.

    • I do not roleplay erotic scenes. If you are looking for those roleplays, find another recruitment thread. You will not find any here.
    • Your writing should have very few grammatical and spelling errors. This means you might actually revise your writing before presenting it to me.
    • You can produce at least a paragraph's worth of writing (approximately 5-7 sentences) per reply. However, your primary focus when writing a roleplay reply for me should be on the post's quality. A six-page long reply means nothing to me if it does not add to the story.
    • Your characters are well rounded and thought out before we begin our roleplay. Gary/ Mary Sues are a huge no on my list.
    • What's yours is yours, and what's mine is mine. You'll take care of your character and I'll take care of mine.
    • Play the character. Never sacrifice personality for the sake of the plot. All things happen for a reason.
    • Be ready to collaborate with me. I can be pretty passionate when I am coming up with ideas. You should be as well.
    • Do not panic if I do not reply in the fastest manner. I have a very busy life!

    If I haven't scared you away yet, you may express any interest you have to roleplay with by posting here! Thank you and happy roleplaying!
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  2. Hi! I'm interested in role playing with you. Maybe we could brainstorm a plot?
  3. I came for a punchline.. so disappointed. :(
  4. I am still looking for partners! Please post here if you are interested! :)
  5. Hey. I may be interested!
  6. Hello there! I noticed that you had no plot or themes in your request, EXCELLENT~! I have many many ideas and characters and I hope we can role play together some time!! :3
  7. I'd be interested too! I've never roleplayed anything Victorian / steampunk before, so I'd be eager to give it a try if you're alright with a noob as a partner. :p
  8. Are you looking for roleplay partners? Me too! Post if you think you would be interested! Please read all of my guidelines before posting. Thank you!
  9. I'd like to develop a story with you. Send me a PM if you're interested or have any questions.
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