A Pause for Wings, Claws, and Paws.

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    Species: Demonic Werewolf

    Personality: Razgul is a very strong leader, but he's new at it. He recently took over his pack from his father and a new learner to all the ways of leadership.
    He's been learning fast over the past month he's bee in control, and like his father before him he was a human killer. His father had been hunted throughout his life...but never caught...until a month ago. The male had mysteriously come back to his pack, a poison arrow stuck between his wings where the main bloodline of his body traveled.
    The blood by the top of his and his son's back's are extremely narrow because they go to the wings and cannot carry a heavy amount of fluid.
    The poison had spread through the pinioned appendages, destroying the tissues and infecting the one thing he can't manage himself.
    If the wings of the demon wolves ever got injured, they couldn't shift back. That was their one weakness. Yes, flying was an advantage, but it was also the greatest disadvantage.

    The pack was extremely well known around the area, even though most members had no wings and stayed far away from town.
    Razgul and his father were gifted with the appendages, but they couldn't use them to fly. It was to obvious, to well known to look above as you walked the streets at night. Surprise was something the wolves no longer had while flying.
    Now all Raz could use his wings for was to bound swiftly through the forest and leap extremely high.
    Flying was suicide since guards were stationed everywhere to watch for him.

    Tonight was a very calm one, only crickets were heard along the edge of the forest as the giant wolf stalked out in to the night air.
    His pitch black wings reflected off moon's rays, shining with a warm gray, almost like a flashed-signal.
    He kept them tightly folded against his back so they didn't signal any of the guards in the watch towers around town.

    Tonight Razgul needed to hunt...to bring back at least one human for his hungry pack.
    He was new, not but a month old in his position of leader. The second Raztul had died everyone turned their eyes to the last winged wolf, waiting for him to take over and not screw up...right off the bat.

    Raz felt the pressure, badly, but he kept it inside and remained quiet and calm. Stressing out wouldn't help the male catch anything...he needed to focus.
    The past month he'd caught about five humans and two deer. It wasn't a bad kill record for a new leader but he needed to make a kill tonight. During all those kills the boy had gotten lucky though...he hadn't found a single hunter during any of the chases. Lucky.
    He just hoped his luck was just as good tonight.

    With a quiet grunt Razgul ducked down in to the tall wheat field that connected the giant Baziell Forest to the great town of Sherwell. He ducked and dodged swiftly through the cornstalks, dodging around foot traps that he'd memorized and jumping over small pitfalls. He kept his wings against him and moved quickly, hoping to get to town without being spotted. If he was seen the alarm would be raised and all his work for a sneak attack would be ruined for the day.
  2. Mind if I join you?
  3. Can you write a general bio of your character here?
    I prefer playing with male/male but if you can run a female very well I'll consider it.
  4. Sure thing. Male/Male is fine with me:


    Name: Kurien

    Age: 22

    Species: Human (as far as he is concerned)

    Personality: He's very mellowed out for his age. He seems rather bipolar but only because emotions seem to slip out from under his tough exterior every once in a while. Kurien isn't the type to be easily surprised or impressed.

    Bio: Kurien's mother had died after he was born, leaving him to be raised by his father who had most of his life researched the existence of a creature that has been rarely if not never seen before. He was so convinced that it had existed and went out a lot of days to search for it, furthering his work. But one day, he never made it back and Kurien had to suddenly and unexpectedly take care of himself.

    However, when he was younger he never dared to look at what his father had done until he had hit the age of where his curiosity got the better of him. All the research he had seen had convinced him too that this creature, a wolf-like mammal with wings, existed and decided to further his father's work. But make no mistake, everytime he went out there he was very prepared. Least to say. some strong workouts and firearms training had really paid off though he had never spotted anything he was looking for. The only thing he was really able to do was hunt birds and other fowls to compare their feathers to the one his father had once brought home. It was beautiful, long, a shimmering black, and far too big for any small game bird. Every time, the results would come out negative and he'd be forced to go out again the next day.

    That is if he wasn't busy with his seasonal and cyclical jobs. He needed some way to pay his living expenses and a steady half time job just wasn't cutting it. Even though he still had to work, it wouldn't stop him from going out at night and looking. Sometimes sleep deprivation and exhaustion didn't register as a problem; he'd just keep on moving.

    Would you like to start or shall I? Or would you rather I continue where you left off?
  5. You can continue where I left off if you'd like.
  6. Kurien sighed at another failed night. He came to the edge of the forest just before the city and stopped to look back. His glock sat loosely in it's holder on safety at his side and gripped the birds that he hunted firmly in his left hand. Kurien just stood there, looking out into the wilderness again, nearly ready to go back. It was almost as if the creature was going to come to him but he convinced himself that that wasn't possible.

    He loitered along the edge for a couple of minutes, seriously considering going to explore again but he couldn't. He had to be at one of the jobs he held in less than five hours. If he was going to go searching again, he would need the sleep. Especially since he hadn't slept in the past three days. There was just that gut feeling that told him he should stay for just a little longer. It was strange because he never had that feeling before. Usually, he would look and then go home, but he figured a little change wouldn't do any damage.
  7. The young pup was just waiting.
    For what?
    The guard to change.
    His tail swished slowly behind him as his eyes narrowed at the sound of a small bell chime.
    It was the signal to swap posts.
    And also Razgul's signal to go catch some dinner for his pack.
    Within him his pack would probably starve since the prey sources in the area had all been hunted out by the humans.
    So now the humans were the food and since the city was generally self sustaining it was hard to catch a person outside.
    Hence why his wings were so valuable.
    If he couldn't fly, they would die.

    As it were, the signal to strike had been given and that's when Raz bolted from the tall cornfield.
    You would have to focus extremely well to be able to see the pitch-black wolf making his way towards the tall walls.
    His wings made a quiet whooping sound as they swirled behind him, adding some extra push to his speed.
    He'd be at the wall and going up in less then two minutes...
  8. With a sigh he gave up and headed to the gate. Kurien showed them his I.D., hunting license, and so on before reentering the city. He glanced over the birds he caught and figured he already had enough of the species to study so he walked over in search of a street merchant which weren't very frequent but not rare either. Kurien sold the dead animals for a good amount of money, making sure not to spend to much face time with the merchant himself. He always had creepy feelings from people like that.

    The walk home was going to be a little long since he had to walk a father distance from the house to sell the birds he hunted. But it wouldn't be too bad or quiet. There were plenty of people and they were pretty active for the time along the way home as well. However, they were a bit of a nuisance as they stopped him and asked how the night went and he didn't particularly care to chat, Kurien just wanted to be home.

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  9. (np)
    The pup reached the wall and went up in a blur.
    By the time the warning bell was ringing he already had a human guard in his jaws.
    The human was a bit heavy but he managed to glide down to land safely on the ground.
    Now was the real problem.
    Poisonous arrows were flying straight at him and he had to drag the body back to the safety of the field.
    The gates were also opening as several riders came out on horseback with bow and arrows drawn.
    Well shit.

    He yanked the body as fast as he could but it was obvious he wasn't going to make it with the heavy burden.
    So, regrettably he abandoned the mostly-dead human and bolted into the high cornfield.
    The humans figured he'd given up but as they collected the dying man Razgul just waited angrily behind the stalks.
  10. As soon as that warning bell went off, Kurien stopped what he was doing and headed back to the gate entrance. I should've stayed just a little longer. Damn it, I might have gotten it. Unfortunately, the other guard wouldn't let him through. He fought with them, explaining over and over what he was trying to do but they still wouldn't let him go. I've had enough of this. He thought as he force himself through to the other side.

    They tried to chase after him but Kurien was too fast. He made it to the body of the guard and inspected it a little before the other's caught up. Those wounds were definitely from a large canine but how could it have... unless- He started to think before spotting a black object sticking out from underneath the body. Kurien took it and looked over it before a smile came across his face. It was feather exactly like the one his father brought home years ago. The voice of the guards suddenly became louder and he dashed off into the cornfield to hide.
  11. Bad idea.
    Coming outside the gates was stupid enough but to actually go into the wolf's territory at night?
    Not smart.
    The fields might belong to the humans during daylight hours but once the sun goes down its a whole other world.
    One of myths and most recently...monsters.

    Dark red eyes glowed through the rows, keeping a steady eye on the human that had just trespassed.
    Large feathered wings stretched into an arch above the creatures head as it careful crouched down to stalk.
    The wolf was nearly silent, just a snap of a stalk every few steps might have given away the direction of which it was coming.
    Better listen closely.
  12. A chill crawled up Kurien's spine as he waited for the guards to hurry up and leave. There was suddenly that uneasy feeling of being watched. He shifted his focused to the stalks listening for movement and every once in a while there would be the faintest snap or crunch. He slowly moved a bit away from the direction the slight sound came from, realizing that the creature had to be large. He would have just looked over the stalk field and searched for a spot where they parted but the vegetation was too tall to do so, so all he could do was try not to get caught by it.
  13. The human had made the fatal mistake and right now Razgul was just enjoying himself with stalking.
    He didn't often get to do such a thing since he normally just did the run and snatch thing.
    It was pretty nice to have a chance to practice stalking.
    However, food was food and since the other body had been taken he needed to land this kill.
    Out of the large stalks of corn emerged the giant wolf, its wings were tucked against its back but that didn't hinder its size in the least.
    The creature stood eye to eye with the human, white fangs bared and hackles raised.
  14. Kurien's eyes watched the beast with amazement as it appeared. After all those years of continuing his father's search, he's finally found it. The dark winged creature was fairly large, bigger than he's ever seen a natural wolf. It's red eyes were luminous in the lightless field and it's fangs were astoundingly large and sharp. The wolf's slick, black features shimmered from any light that made it's way through the stalks. He couldn't get enough of it.

    "Magnificent." He blurted out in a whisper, his eyes now full of excitement. All thought of being attacked and killed completely left his mind. "There's no way this could be real. But your wings prove it. I've been waiting for this moment for most of my life. You haven't the slightest clue how hard I've been working to find you." Kurien went on, not even sure if the creature was able to understand him.
  15. Magnificent?
    Had the human really just called him something of that sort? Raz hd only ever been called monster or demon, never anything that could be portrayed as a positive thing.
    The pup was small for his species but still managed to stand at shoulder to shoulder height with this human.
    He wasn't afraid of the weapons the two-legged creatures could produce but where was this ones?
    No one came out into the fields at night without a dozen poison arrows and blades.

    The large furry head tilted slowly to the side, eyes narrowing and a quiet growl rumbling from its chest.
    A paw stepped forward, well-muscled and clawed to kill.
    What was this human doing out here if not to hunt him or harvest the stalks they stand in?
  16. "Hm? What's the matter? Never been told how beautiful of a creature you are?" Kurien smirked unfazed by it's aggressive advance. Then a thought occurred to him. What do I do now? "I can't take you home. That would raise all kinds of hell, but if I just leave there's no telling if I would ever have the chance to see you again." Kurien contemplated on what to do next as he continued to stare at the creature in wonder. He couldn't kill and skin it; there was no telling how many of this creature there was and besides, it was too beauteous for him to even think about killing.

    "This is quite the predicament." He spouted, still trying to think of what he could do, but it was a little hard when the wolf was right there. There was no telling when it could run off. This may just be the first and last time he'd ever see this creature, but it would never stop him from going out and looking for it again.
  17. This human...was very stupid.
    Take him home?
    And what? Feed him leftover slop like they do with their mangy mutts?
    Yeah, right!
    Either way. He needed food and there was a human right here. His main source of previously mentioned food items.
    Thoughts of him being 'beautiful' or not, he was dinner and dinner was needed.
    So, he lunged and snapped his jaws over the man's right arm, yanking it down he threw the male off balance and onto his back.
    Then he was bolting back into the woods towards his pack.

    The trip was only five minutes at a run and pretty soon the wolf was stopping in what seemed like a deserted area.
    Only it wasn't.
    Much smaller wolves started to peer out of several dark dens, their gold eyes hungrily looking at the human that was being slid off Liege's back and into the leaf litter.
    Dinner has been served...
  18. Kurien cringed at the pain in his arm and sat up. He looked around as the wolves started to approach. He suddenly broke out into laughter and looked over to the winged creature. "So this is your nature, huh?" He sighed, getting out a last chuckle. Standing up he took another quick glance around. Is this really it? I've fought off bigger things than these mutts.

    "Well, if you really think you can, then go ahead and try." Kurien smirked. "You just watch. I'm not as easy as you may think." He taunted at the larger wolf before one of the other smaller ones had tried to pounce him. He grabbed the thick fur at it's chest with one hand and wrapped his other hand around it's muzzle as he pushed it to the ground, not letting it up.
  19. The larger black wolf fanned out it's wings, beating them against the ground as he pawed at it angrily.
    Then came a very loud roaring snarl towards the human.
    He was in no mood to risk his pack and if the man didn't release his pack's pup there would be literal hell to pay.
    Razgul started to charge as it were, not wanting to see if the man had any weapons he hadn't seen previously.
    His maw was open and ready to snap down on the male's arm within seconds.
    Best make your move quickly before your arm vanishes, human!
  20. Just was I was hoping for! He's so easy to provoke. Kurien chuckled to himself, watching as the beast charged after him. He swiftly jerked his arm back and went for the scruff of it's neck. He gripped it tight and gave a harsh tug, attempting to pull the wolf down with him to the ground. "You really shouldn't underestimate me like that. I could be your worst mistake."

    He gave another powerful tug, toppling the both of them. Kurien let out a grunt of pain as the heavy body fell on top of him, but he still refused to let go. "I'm not about to let you have your way." He panted from the exertion. Just because I finally found you doesn't mean that I'm going to die now. "Am I starting to be more trouble than it's worth yet?"