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  1. It bagan upon that very day, the same day I sat under the apple tree in the middle of a wide near endless field. The grass around my feet was green and all around me flowers were in full bloom. The sky above was clear and blue, and it was a warm and pleasant day in the middle of summer. I was but a we lad around ten summers old and on the way of my eleventh. Looking up above I could see the bright yellow near golden fruit high above in the branches of the tree, all which whom would not ripen before fall season. I was a happy young boy back then, with little concerns of this world and I usually worked in the wineyard that my family kept for generations when I was not fishing or fooling around just like any boy at my age would.

    But there upon that day, a cold and darkness would come...

    It was while I was walking home, feeling happy even thought I haden't caught a single fish with my makeshift fishing rod that I had taken with me before I left home. It had laid beside me by the tree, and I had used it to fish in the lake on the other side of the hill where the tree stood. It was then and there I saw them, knights comming from the direction of where the greedy duke we all knew lived. At first I pondered why he would send so many tax collectors this today, because I had learned quite early in my life that you have to work and make money to survive. This money were sometimes picked up by men claiming to be 'tax collectors' who took them to a castle where a Duke or perhaps even a king lived. These were greedy people according to my father, and I didn't like them... but you couldn't do much about them.

    Yet this day was different, they were many compared to the usual just 'one' that would come. I had a respect for knights as they usually were a sign of heroism and justice in the tales... but in my point of view the biggest villans were those claiming taxes for their lord. As the knights drew closer down the single road leading to and from our small village, I would notice that they indeed carried different banners and different tabards than what usually came from the same direction. I stopped to watch, a mixture of curiosity and a somewhat excitment to see so many of them stained my judgement. The knights didn't seem to notice me, or perhaps they simply didn't care about a young boy standing in the tall grass and watching them pass by, but soon their true intent would reveal itself.

    At first I thought they came for money, but soon I learned... that they came for blood. My inital amassement that had consumed my every thought were now slipping away into fear as I watched them torch and slaugher everything in their path. My eyes widened and I couldn't believe my very eyes... I wanted to scream, to cry... but all I could manage was to stand shaking and watch as my very family was put to the sword, and even at this distance... I believed I could hear their screams and cries as they were put down. When the knights left... all that remained were smoking ruins and corpes that I now waded through, without notice dusk had settled and only the moon lit the village except for a few still burning fires. There was no life around me... no one that cried out a welcome of my arrival, all that was there... Was death and ruin.

    When I found my home, looked upon the burnt corpses of what once been my family, I a wee lad on ten summers old felt a terrible anger settle in my veins. I didn't know, but I swore vengence upon each and every one of them, I whom hardly understood what had happened now stood in grief and anger cursing their dreaded name to the sky...

    They were the Knights of Raven, the first that would taste... My Vengance.

    I, am Iatos. The one, and the only...

    -Read more in SoD: The Beginning. By me Iatos, when its published.
  2. So very epic. O___O welcome to the community, Iatos.