A Passage Made Of Fandom And Eyelashes

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  1. -Fan squeal-
    I'm working on the next scene, and I'm not sure if I should post it... But Joan is encouraging me to write more. Heh, I'm sure he'd love it if his boyfriend did these things to him. x]
    In case you are wondering, yes. I was listening to Blood On The Dance Floor when writing this. xD

    It was nearly eleven at night, and Josh wasn't home yet. Joan decided it would be best to just lie in bed and sleep until he got back to the house. Sitting on his boyfriend's side of the bed, he pushed the pillow in his face and sighed, laying down on his back. He heard a crunch, and he looked under his blue hair to find a folded piece of paper. He opened it, inside was a Red Hot candy, and the note read:
    I was sure you'd raid my side of the bed and probably jack off in it, so I wrote you this note before you do. Hopefully.
    Anyway, I might take longer than usual coming back from the store, so don't worry. Enjoy this Red Hot, it'll get you good and hot for tonight when I come back with a 'big' surprise. ;)
    Yours truly,
    Joan smiled at the note. He popped the Red Hot in his mouth subconsciously while reading it over again, laughing to himself, thinking of the great time the two of them would have. Josh always found a way to make Joan feel even better than the night before, but Joan was beginning to wonder when Josh would run out of ideas.
    Realizing he had been thinking about getting spontaneously fucked tonight for about thirty minutes, he noticed Josh's bright red car backing into the driveway. Quickly, he took off his shirt and pants, throwing them somewhere in the dark room, then he hugged a pillow over his body, completely hiding his boxers.
    He could hear the front door open, then shut quietly, as if Josh was trying to sneak in. The bedroom door creaked open, exposing a small ray of light. He could see the naughty smile on Josh's face, but there was something behind him. Josh opened the door wider as he stepped in, one of his friend's following behind him. It was Crusher. Why would Josh bring Crusher home with him, on the note he said-
    That's it. The puzzle pieces lined up in Joan's head, and his smile faded away, knowing what was to come. His face immediately showed worry, and Crusher let out a laugh at the sight of it, he knew Joan figured out what they were going to do. Josh sat beside him on the bed, ran a hand through Joan's hair, and pulled him close. After a deep kiss, Josh pulled back and put his lips next to Joan's ear, whispering quietly,
    "I told him to try to be gentle with you.

    Questions, Comments, Concerns, Feedback? :D
    Would anyone be interested in reading the rest if I made this a lemon-y story, some chapters before this passage, some after. :)