A Party To Die For.

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  1. You have all been invited by Evangeline (or as you know her, Evie) to her eighteenth birthday party. The party was a lot of fun; the drinks came out as soon as the parents left and there was plenty of the huge house to explore. Soon party-goers were splitting up into groups of two, three, or four and talking among themselves. They went into different rooms of the house. At a quarter to midnight Evie called everyone into the living room so they could start to eat. As she was about to start handing out plates of food, the lights went out and there was a loud scream. After a couple of minutes, the lights flickered back on. On the floor with a knife in her chest was Evie. Scrawled on the wall behind her in what looked horribly similar to blood was four terrifying words. "You all die tonight." The doors and windows were all locked. you'd come into the huge, secluded house as guests. Now, you're trapped.

    No killing off active characters without the person's permission.
    If you become inactive for more than four days, your characters will be killed off.
    Feel free to invent (and kill off) as many NPCs as you like.
    Feel free to jump in! (As a trapped party goer, or as the killer(s) no more than three killers please)


    DJ stood silently in the living room as Evie waved an empty plate over her head in an attempt to get everyone's attention. "Come on, guys! It's time to eat!" DJ sipped at her drink, but didn't move and Evie shot her a look. "Come on, Honey." She called. DJ glared, but didn't say anything. Evie was the only one who could get away with calling DJ by her real name without trouble. DJ sighed and started towards Evie when suddenly the lights went out. DJ skidded to a stop, almost spilling her beer in the process, then sighed. "Damn pranksters." She muttered. She could hear talking and laughing around her, then suddenly the air was shattered by a scream. "Evie?" DJ called. "Are you alright? What happened?" The lights slowly flickered on, and DJ gasped. Evie was on the ground with a knife in her chest, a pool of blood slowly spreading around her. Smeared in hastily written letters behind her was a short message. "You all die tonight." The people around DJ were screaming and shoving as they tried to get to the doors. DJ's drink tumbled from her hand as she hurried to Evie's side. "Evie?" She said as she pulled her phone out of her pocket. "Don't worry Evie, I'm going to get help." She cursed at her phone when she looked at it. Evie's house was in the middle of the country side. DJ had no service. She looked up at the panicking people who were beating on the front door. It seemed they were right and truly trapped.
  2. Adam was evies older brother. He was also a soldier in the marine corps. He was enjoying the party when the lights went off. He heard his sisters scream and when the lights came back on she had a knife in her chest. Rushed over to her and dj. He quickly pulled out his phone but as you know it no signal he rushed over to the land line but saw the wire was cut he went back to his sister and put 2 fingers on her neck he shook his head at dj and noved his hand to close her eyes "semper fi or always faithful. He then looked at the knife and noticed that it was his combat knife but that was in his bag with his gear in his closet which was locked.
  3. DJ looked up when Evie's older brother ran over. She was glad that he was here, surely he could help Evie. When he closed her eyes though, she shook her head violently and shoved his hands away from Evie. "She's not dead!" She said. "She'll be fine!" She pulled Evie gently up so that her head was on DJ's lap. "You'll be okay, Evie." She said. Her eyes were blurry, and she couldn't see as the tears started to drip onto her cheeks. "You'll be okay."
  4. "dj shes dead there is no pulse" he looked at the group of people standing there
    mike: "there doors and windows wont open."
    adam walked over to the nearest window and tryed to open but it wouldnt budge he then walked over to djs chair picked it up and ran at the window and slammed the chair into it. the chair broke but the window was unscaved. "were trapped in here with the killer."
  5. "Or killers." Aaron corrected, still relaxed on the couch. He got up and walked around the vast room to the point of Evie's death. "By the looks of things, Evie had struggled but since she made no noise, I assume someone else must've had a hand around her mouth." he announced. "But" Aaron's voice turned ice cold "if every possible exit is locked then that means the killers are in here with us. It'd be too risky for them to be outside and unlock an entrance to slip inside. Which means, the murderer or murderers are hiding or party members attending." Aaron's father was a detective, before he died recently, and his father had taught him everything. "Do not trust anyone. I could've murdered Evie, Adam could've murdered Evie, you could of murdered Evie." he suggested, looking at DJ.
  6. DJ ignored the others around her as they panicked and talked about the murderer or murderers. She ran her fingers through Evie's hair gently. The tears continued to drip down her face. She refused to believe that her best friend was dead. It had to be one of her sick jokes. In a few minutes she'd jump up and yell surprise. Everyone would be angry, DJ most of all, but that was what Evie did. Played jokes.
  7. Jet black, doll like bangs hung precisely over the deep brown eyes of Iris Lowe. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun, a silver butterfly clasp pinching it into place. Wearing a simple black party dress, her outfit was far more rigid than the others at the party - but that was just her reputation. The student council president of their high school was always stiff, proper, with every hair in place. And oddly enough her composure was not lost in the moment of darkness - for not a sound was heard from her, and not even more than a little at the sight of a collapsed bloody body on the floor. She drew back, bringing a hand to her partly gaped lips.

    As the room broke into chaos, she made her way to the window - peering out into the dark night. "If we can't call the authorities, are we just going to sit here?" She spoke aloud, not really to anyone in particular. Turning back to the party, her heels clicked against the floor until she stood at the edge of Evie's body, still beautiful - even in death. A girl to envy, that was certain...

    Crouching down she pressed her fingers against Evie's neck, eyes falling upon DJ. "Honey, you need to accept what's happening now. Unfortunately, we've all lost the privilege of grieving." It was a cold but true statement. The words scribed on the words were true, were they all to just sit there and mourn until their lives were too cut short?
  8. adam left the room and walked up the stairs to his room. he looked at his closet door and saw the lock had been broken. he then walked over to desk and pulled out the secret compartment. he pulled the key from around his neck off and unlocked it. inside was a belt with a handgun and 4 mags for it. he clipped it around his waist and walked out. then he thought about it his sister had a similar set up in her room. he sprinted back to the living room and ran over to his sister and dj. he felt around her neck looking for the chain to her gun it was gone. "this is not good. whoever killed her has access to a handgun."
  9. DJ didn't move when she saw a slim hand reach down to touch Evie's neck, but she jerked a bit when she heard her name. No one called her Honey except DJ and Iris, who'd never used DJ's nickname. DJ detested the sweet name her mother had given her, and she and Iris had argued about it plenty of times. Normally the mere mention of the sugary name was enough to get DJ angry, but now she felt a strange detachment from it, like when she knew she was dreaming. It wasn't really happening, so why should it bother her? Her loose yellow hair stirred a bit as she turned to look at Iris. Her blue eyes were wide and tear filled still. "Don't call me that." She whispered. She felt like she should stand, take charge like she normally did, be her usual detached and lofty self, but she just couldn't.

    She looked back at Evie. there was a thought slowly coming towards her, and she waited for it's arrival with a detached and quiet feeling about her. Finally, the thought formed in her mind. Someone here was hurting people. She had to stand up now. She had to try to help the others. She didn't know most of them, and she knew that those who knew her didn't like her much, but she had to try. She shakily stood, gently moving Evie's head to the floor. The front of her dark blue dress was covered in blood, but she ignored it. She slowly looked to Iris. "What do we do?" She asked quietly. She tried to quell the trembling in her slender hands, but wen they refused to stop she twisted her skirt tightly in her hands.
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  10. adam looked at dj. "im sorry for what happened to evie but right now we either need to figure out who the killer is or we have to get out of here and get the authorities" adam wasnt the best at comforting people but he was ok at it. having been in Afghanistan for a year where he lost his best friend. he knew what it was like to lose a friend, but he had just lost his little sister. on the inside he was mourning but right now these people needed a leader.he extended his hand out to dj, "come on i could use your help." then the power went out and left it dark in the house for a few seconds and then the back up generators kicked in.
  11. Marianna never wanted to come to the party in the first place. It was originally Noah's idea to attend, and eventually it was him who forced her along with him. Marianna didn't understand why he would want to though, seeing as he hated Evie and her friends.

    She had just been standing with the rest of the crowd, munching the food and trying her best to blend in, when the lights went off for the first time. Someone screamed, and she felt Noah leave her side. When she opened her eyes again, there was a dead body at her feet. Evie.

    Marianna never like horror or slasher films, no matter how many times Noah forced her to watch them with him. She hated gore, and couldn't stand the sight of blood. Seeing a girl she knew, laying dead on the floor, knife protruding from her chest and blood pooling around her, was beyond traumatic for her. Without thinking, she turned heel and fled down a hallway, away from the chaotic crowd, away from the horrible sight.

    She eventually found herself in a bedroom, all alone. She laid down on the white comforter of the bed and tried to breathe, slowly. The door creeked open, and Marianna froze. Noah's head popped in, face worried. "Hey, babe," he said, sitting down beside her on the bed. 'You okay? You look awful."

    Marianna was about to reply, when the lights went off again. When they turned back on, her boyfriend was laying face-down on the now-red bed. She screamed.
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  12. Oh, what a poor state you're in Honey... but no worries, you'll be with your friend soon. She thought, keeping that puppy eyed sympathetic look on her face. "Well standing around like a heard of cattle isn't doing us any good here now is it? We should split up and try and search the house for anything suspicious." Her eyes turned to make contact with Aaron, raising her half empty glass in his direction. "Aaron's right. We can't trust anyone, so we aren't going to find any sense of security until we figure out what's going on here."

    Shortly, Adam took hold of DJ's hand, muttering about an idea he seemed to be brewing. But just as the two were about to take off, the lights were snuffed out once more. In that moment of darkness, a wicked smile spread across her face, only to be brushed away as the lights returned once more. Another shriek, this time from upstairs. Not really feeling like running in her heels, she let others take the lead as they followed the sound upstairs. Trailing behind she quietly finished her glass of wine - just in time to let it slip from her fingers - an obvious reaction to her shock in the death of a well known classmate Noah, the social butterfly of the senior class.

    "See... with every second we stand around and do nothing... someone pays the price..."
  13. DJ had just put her hand in Aaron's when the lights went out again. Her hand tightened on Arron's and as soon as the lights came up she hurried towards the sound of screaming. When she rushed into the room she saw a girl she recognized from school, though she didn't know her name. She also saw a boy face down on the bed. She quickly moved her eyes back to the girls face and started towards her. "Come on." She said quietly. "We need to get out of here." She held a hand out to the girl.
  14. When DJ's hand gripped around Aaron's he had blushed slightly. He'd always had a crush on her since as long as he could remember. Pushing people out of the way, he rushed to Noah and stared at him. "One person did this one. Knife..." Aaron said, examining a slit across the neck.
  15. Suddenly, a man in a polka dot suit strutted into the party, gyrating his hips "HYELLO EVERYONE, THE PYARTY MYASTER IS IN THE HYOUSE!" He shouted as he disco danced his way to the dance floor.
  16. adam had left the rest of the group to head down to the basement. he was going to fix the power before the back up generators gave out. when he walked through the door he was rammed into a wall. adam then began to fight his attacker. adam was more well trained but so was his opponent. he felt some thing slide across his chest. he ignored it and continued fighting. his opponent sweeped his feet from under him. adam pulledout the gun and his opponent started running adam shot him in the shoulder in the shoulder but he continued to run. adam went back upstairs holding his chest. what he felt slide across his chest was a knife.
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