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  1. :cutie:About Me:cutie:
    Hello Hello Hello, lovelies! My name is Dolores, but you can call me Doll or Dolly. It's been a little while since I've been on an official roleplay site. The main reason I began roleplaying was because I spend most of my time drawing random characters and not really giving them personalities or backstories. Roleplaying gave me a way to flesh them out! I love drawing, so I will more than likely draw scenes from the roleplays we do or a portrait for you or an icon.

    :heartbeat:Things I love to Roleplay:heartbeat:
    I love roleplaying established relationships, ones where each partners' ridiculous actions are met with exasperated fondness and kisses. :lovefirstsight: (I am 20 years old and am perfectly willing to roleplay smut, check my roleplay resume for info on that~) Slice of life is my favorite genre, especially college life and domestic married life. A lot of my roleplays will include children, whether adopted or blood related.

    :innocent: Roleplays that I want to do :innocent:
    {Characters I want to roleplay will be underlined, the pictures below were drawn by me}

    Twin 11 year old daughters of a detective are sent to live with their grandmother after their father disappears while working a case involving a shady organization. When the grandmother meets a grisly end and they inherit a near unlimited sum of money, they use it to finance their quest for the truth. But, being that they're underage, they use some of that money to hire a "babysitter". That babysitter happens to be a very gruff and weary older man whose in real need of some money.
    ( Action Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Crime)


    A sheltered young prince who is in a loving and affectionate long distance relationship through letters with a warrior prince finally gets the chance marry his lover! Now he must get used to his now fiancee's wilder lifestyle and help him settle down.
    (MxM, 18+, Romance, Historical Fiction or Fantasy)

    An amnesiac young person contacts a detective after they notice inconsistencies in their "father" story of their accident. Being scared to go home, they began staying at the detective's home as their live-in assistant. As the two begin to fall in love, it's revealed that the person is a Android! That fact is alone is not enough to stop their relationship, but the fact that the father is searching for his creation might!
    (MxAndrogynous person, 18+, Romance, Slice of Life, Sci Fi, Mystery)

    Sisters and partners in crime kidnap a prince to ask his family for ransom, only to find that his family, upon hearing news of his kidnapping, disowns him! Angered, the prince joins the sisters in a life of crime, hoping to damage his family's name, and maybe find a little love on the way.
    (MxF, 1920's era historical fiction, Romance, Crime, Action Adventure)


    Two kuuderes having to explain their relationship to their family and friends. Since Kuuderes are known to not show their feelings in public, people are confused by how they could possible keep a steady relationship! The two of them continually confound everyone they know by being affectionate in the littlest of ways.
    ( Fxany Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, 18+)

    :cow:Can't wait to roleplay, loves~!:cow:
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  2. The First plot sounds pretty cool
  3. Thank you! Would you like to roleplay?
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  4. sure, you want me to shoot ya a pm?
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