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  1. Hello to all~.

    Reset, and this is my thread where I elaborate on my search for two people to engage in one of two ideas each with me.
    Below, I've provided a list of things that you can expect from me as a partner. Please do read them before moving on to the ideas, because I'm very sure that keeping them in mind will effect your willingness to roleplay with me.


    I - I am a fairly experienced writer, which means that post lengths can range from a simple paragraph or two to a large number of paragraphs.

    II - Grammatically, I casually have very decent writing, but may slip up sometimes with typos. But, we all do at times - we're only human, of course.

    III - I typically play male and female characters fluidly. There's no real preference, unless the idea or pairing in question calls for it. For these two pairings, I'll want to play the female position, so this is one of those times where there's an exception.

    IV - I normally play Male / Female pairing types. Male / Male
    and Female / Female aren't quite in my line of enjoyment just yet {that could change with time}.
    V - I love romance, in a number of forms of genres - Modern Fantasy and Animal genres are the two you'll find for these ideas.

    VI - I swear and do gore and violence, but I draw the line when it comes to smut. I most prefer the 'fade to black' method for such a case.

    VII - My activity can be inconsistent, depending on how free I am on some days and how taken up I am on others. Sometimes, it may take a little while before I can sit down and write out a good post, so patience is key.

    VIII - Things tend to slip my mind. If I don't reply to a roleplay in, lets say, a week to two weeks, I absolutely invite you to send me a poke. It'll give me a reminder, which I at times really need with everything else going on.

    IX - I usually like to keep character sheets and the like short and simple, to provide room for character development throughout a story.

    X - I most prefer written descriptions for character appearances, and prefer Anime/semi-realistic/anything in-between when using pictures. I dislike using realistic images.


    And now, if you are still around, we move on to the two ideas! I have provided as much information as I can about them.


    D e m o n ' s
    D e b t

    Pairing : Demon {M} | Human {F}

    Preference : Human {F}

    Rating : PG-13 | Violence, language, possible gore, possible trigger topics, and possible adult situations.

    Setting : Modern realistic; a town {to be decided what town or if set in no particular location}

    Story-line : A young woman lives in a small apartment by herself. She has no dire importance to anything, and has never really mattered highly; even with such a ... painful past, she is seemingly just normal. One uneventful evening, she hears something thump against her door loudly before something slid down it and laid onto the ground. Bewildered and feeling cautious, she approaches her door and tries to slowly open it - only to have an immense weight against the door make it fly open.
    She nearly screams when something lands onto her hardwood floor - a person, a man. But this man was unconscious, and worse still, he had multiple cuts, gashes, and bleeding wounds all over him. When her silent, still moment of shock passed, she began to panic. What would police say if they saw him on her doorstep, bloodied and beaten? She would be suspected of something she didn't do, she imagined in fear, even though this man was much larger and appeared to be much stronger than herself. Faced with a situation she had never had to face before, she decided finally that she'd rather have a very patched-up, confused man in her home than a dead one, and maybe, just maybe, she could find some purpose in her life by saving someone else's.
    Using all of her strength, she drags him inside and takes him to her bathroom, using her first-aid knowledge to get his wounds cleaned and bandaged. Once his injuries appear to be safe and relatively cleansed, she took him back out into her living room, washed herself and her floor up as much as possible, and waited for him to wake up, feeling incredibly nervous as to what he would say when he found himself inside of a strangers' home.
    Little did she know, this man wasn't any normal man. He was actually something far more powerful than what a human could comprehend inside of a mortals' body - a demon. Originally one of Lucifer's own trusted, he took pity on mortals, and at one point even saved a human soul from redemption. This enraged Lucifer, and because this demon nearly matched in power to him, he used his higher position to cast the demon out to the mortal world to be hunted by other demons for the rest of his eternity, until his death.
    Recently, he had roped himself into a battle between a very large pack of demons that he nearly lost. He had fled and, out of complete desperation, went to a humans' door for help, only to go unconscious before they could open the door.
    Now, the demon must find a way to repay a debt that is nearly impossible to find repayment to - to the girl who saved his life. Would he be forced to tell her what he was? Would something come of this incident between a creature of immense power and a human of very little?


    T a l e
    o f
    T w o

    W o l v e s

    Pairing : Alpha Wolf {M} | Rogue Wolf {F}

    Preference : Rogue Wolf {F}

    Rating : PG-13 | Violence, possible gore.

    Setting : Realistic; a forest {to be decided what forest or if set in no particular location}

    Story-line : An Alpha wolf walks alone. Once a powerful leader over a powerful pack, an attack of multiple other packs took them by surprise and scattered them, leaving him alone and without knowing whom of his pack was still left. No matter how much he called to them or prayed for their return, none came back to find him, or didn't survive long enough to.
    Distraught at the loss of his loved ones, his pack, he wanders alone and bitter, the Alpha's blood pressing him on to keep strong and relentless against the odds. He was feared by many other rogue, pack-less wolves like himself, and walks as a wolf to be revered in strength and aggression. He desensitized himself, or has been trying, and has taught himself to walk alone.
    When he oversteps a packs' boundaries, he is attacked and nearly killed by the packs' warriors who guard the territory borders, leaving him scarred and bleeding and, to his deepest disdain, forcing him to flee. Now needing to find a place to rest and rejuvenate, he searches around and eventually finds a well-sized cave. He seems to miss the fresher scent of another wolf, or just completely flat-out ignores it, as he limps inside and settles down onto the ground, starting to clean his wounds himself.
    But before he can get close to getting the blood flow stopped, he hears a rustling, and goes into alert mode. The scent of the other wolf finally comes to his attention, and in warning, he releases a low growl, challenging whoever was there to come forward. And, to his surprise, the origin of the scent does come forward. A female wolf slowly walks out from the brush, confronting him and telling him that this is her territory. She doesn't seem fazed at smelling the Alpha blood he attains, which surprises him further, and even intrigues him slightly.
    She notices his obvious wounds, and asks if he knows how to properly heal them, to which he snaps back an 'of course' statement - but she can tell he has no idea how to do so correctly. Because she knows there won't be much reasoning, she offers her services in healing to help clean the wounds and actually heal them, to which he is taken aback to hear. After a moment of deliberation, he decides he might as well take advantage of the offer, and accepts it, even if gruffly.
    But the story of these two strangers doesn't end there. This is a story about a rogue female wolf teaching a past-Alpha wolf to live again. Stories of past time will be unfolded, conflict will be faced. Will these two unlikely partners come to revitalize the feeling of camaraderie again, after so long? Will something more come of this?


    They're both rather messy, so if you have any questions, concerns, anything to ask, don't hesitate to ask them. I'll only be taking one partner per idea; two partners is quite enough for me currently.

    Thank you for viewing~! I hope to get some interest.
  2. I am interested in the demon's debt idea.
  3. @Chaotic Cello

    Sure~! Thank you for showing your interest, I appreciate it. I'll send you a PM so that we can discuss further on it ASAP.

    I recently just got a PM from another user for
    'A Tale of Two Wolves', so I'm going to say right now that I am closed for partners. I may be able to open up a little more space soon, but I'm marking myself as taken for both spots for now~.