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  1. Hey, thanks for checking out my thread.
    So I am searching for a few roleplays. My scheduled is slowing down. At least until volleyball starts up again.
    So just a few notes about me. Even though volleyball is over I'm still pretty busy. But if its a good roleplay I'll make time for it.
    I don't mind doing mature themes. But since I'm an adult you have to be as well to do that. Saying that I don't mind not having those in a roleplay so if your either under age or not interested in that then it doesn't need it.
    I don't really mind if your slow or fast to reply. As for me, it varies from day to day. So expect some days to get really slow because of how much I've got going on.
    I also don't mind doing MxF or FxF. But sadly I don't do MxM. I would prefer play a female role. Buuut if I either have more than one character or you would prefer the female then I will gladly play the male role.

    Okay for the fun part.
    Okay so one I have been dying to do is play a younger or older sister. Maybe a teen or in mid 20's, which ever seems to fit better. I will of course gladly add in another character to make things interesting.
    As for plot I was thinking maybe a post apocalyptic sort of thing. If you'd rather something else I'm open to whatever.

    So I am dying to do a witch roleplay. I would be playing a witch, most likely a bad one. It would be lots of fun playing from the bad side of things. Not entirely sure where the plot would go yet so that part is pretty open. This can be either a FxM or FxF roleplay.

    Another I want to do is a bad girl and good boy/girl sort of thing. This one can go in many directions. But the story is simply Character A has gotten involved with a lot of things. Gangs, drugs, drinking. It doesn't help that their home situation is terrible.
    The other role could either be a good girl/guy who is trying to get character A out of these terrible habits of life. Or they cloud also be a trouble make and maybe the two are trying to get through the hardships of life.
    Another direction this could take is the gangs are wolf packs. So if you are into those sort of things we can always do something like that.
    I also really want to play with the idea of gangs. So if you have other ideas with that let me know.
    Since this one can go so many directions I would gladly do it with a handful of people. And I don't mind doing this one either MxF or FxF

    Another idea I have wanted to try is a futuristic one. Animals have mutated and became huge and powerful. The weapons known to man could no longer protect them. Many were killed and the human race almost went extinct. But they built a few cities here and there and built huge walls to keep them out. As well as huge robots that is a two man machine. When the large animals try to get through the walls a specific group of people work together to use these robotic machines to fight them off.
    If you have further questions we can talk about it in pm and maybe I'll find some pics for kinda what I had in mind. Of course if you have ideas to add to it or what things look like. I'm open to anything.

    I would also love to do a steampunk one.
    Basically the queen and king were killed and an evil woman took over. There is now a rebel group who work to help the people and are trying to find a way to get the queen off the throne. So basically we could roleplay rebels. Or even do two sides and maybe roleplay the queen and a captain of the army or something.

    Another one is a lion king based roleplay. Bust instead of lions we play humans. The two young friends start with building a strong relationship until Character A runs off blaming them self for their fathers death. Then we would skip to when Character B finds Character A and we go from there. This one could be many different settings, so that would be something we would work through together.
    I would gladly take either role and would prefer to do this one MxF, but could be persuaded to do FxF.

    Now if these plots doesn't interest you I am open to doing just about anything else. I would gladly do another roleplay, just shoot me a pm. I am dying for some roleplay and will pretty much do anything.
    Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from a few of you.
    Have a good day all!! :)
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  2. I'd love to do the angel one, it sounds really fun! ^<>^

    Respond or send me a PM if you're interested too.
  3. Dying for some more partners!!!
  4. I would love to do the steampunk one with you! Would you like me to send you a pm? c:
  5. Added another plot and amstill searching.
  6. Hey I think I'd be pretty interested in the Angel rp, sounds pretty cool
  7. is the angel one still open I got a few wild ideas for it too!! :D
  8. Still searching
  9. Updated and still searching!!
  10. The steampunk one sounds fun.
  11. Still searching
  12. I be interested
  13. I'd do this one. I only do MxF though and what role do you want?
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