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When the Forever Sleep ends...
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This is a 1x1 roleplay search.

I'm open to group RP's but I am currently searching for a 1x1 partner. If you want to invite me to a different RP including more than us two, please message me privately. Not here...

I'm searching for a partner (either male or female) who can claim moderate to experienced skill in writing and roleplaying. I'm an experienced writer and I'm very comfortable with writing in any genre we choose.

I post twice a day and I need a partner that can match my quota. If you can't, that's fine, but you may be better off finding a partner that can match your own speed. (I'm high maintenance)

I have a few ideas of roleplays I'd be interested in starting, but I'd rather not post my ideas here. If you want to express your interest, please do. If you want to share ideas, please PM me...

While I'm busiest during the week days, on weekends I'm free all day. If you want to join me on Discord and chat there we can, but remember I do have a life. I don't mind sharing my weekend with you, but not all of it ^.^

Thanks! =]
I'd be interested in seeing what you have.
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You look like a great partner- I'd certainly be happy to discuss something!
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I remember writing with you in the past sometime... Not sure where but I definitely remember you.

PM me if you like! I'll be around all weekend, all the time! =]
I'm putting a hold on this for now...

I have far too many offers to keep up with for now.

I'll update this when I have enough time, or not enough partners! =]
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