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  1. Alrighty~

    I'm new to this site and eager to jump in so
    Quickly I'll lay out a few of my preferences for this role play before divulging into the vague plot.

    • For starters I am imagining this as a male x male
    • Post size does not concern me, I understand its not always easy to write paragraphs when two sentences are all that is really needed. I just request quality posts. Give me something to post back to and I will certainly do the same.
    • Please please please do not make me do all the work. A role play is only fun when everybody gets thrown a curve ball! I expect participation in plot development.
    • I do not expect daily posts. I myself have a full time job and will do my best to post as often as possible. As long as you can provide a couple on a weekly basis, we should be okie dokie!

    So! If those all sound like something you can do please read into my badly explained plot idea OTL ...

    My plot idea is pretty basic which should help to leave a lot of room for twists and turns. Pretty much I am imagining a love story between a boy and a ghost. I am hoping to play the part of the ghost since I have been very fixated on having a ghost character. I imagine as an introduction, that the human boy and his friends are playing with a Ouija board. Things happen, no one believes its real....until the human suddenly has doors opening and closing and other creepy ghostly stuff. Eventually, the ghost would present himself to the human. Where things go from there is all up in the air of course~

    I do want this to be a love story/romance, but that doesn't mean there wont be plenty of room for all kinds of other things! =O

    If interested feel free to reply or pm me. =]
  2. This plot looks pretty interesting! I'll play, if you'll have me. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.