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  1. I was looking to start up an RP that I'd done on another forum that since shut down, and I haven't been able to contact the group I was doing it with.

    Basic idea would be that the paranormal world is real, of course. The world at large doesn't exactly know about it - and proof never surfaces, but nonetheless, it's real. Everyone who joins the roleplay plays a paranormal investigator or spiritualist of some kind (whether you initially believe in the paranormal or not is up to you. You can totally start as a skeptic).

    I myself wouldn't be joining as an investigator. Instead, I take the role of the NPCs and the haunting/history of the area. As a result, there's going to be quite a bit that will happen in PMs.

    Why? Because characters will have different specialties.

    Example; one guy might be good at doing research of an area or item. They find something, decide to research it that night, and PM me as such - I reveal to them the history they find.

    Someone else might have the ability to sense spirits. In this case - I let them know through PM when they sense a spirit in the area/etc.

    Maybe someone else is a tech guy - I can tell him when things show up on his camera (if he has cameras set up) or on his recorders/etc.

    There can be a whole lot of specialties from the normal investigative ones to the ability to combat spirits - it's really up to you guys, and I'll try and mold the RP around what people create (Though I'd rather nobody had the same talent as someone else for uniqueness).

    After that - it's totally up to the RPer if they share the information they find with other characters in the RP. It'd be really open-ended. Basically - you're there to solve the mystery of a haunting/curse/whatever the situation is and then purge it or set the spirit free if you can. After that - we can move the team to a new paranormal case if we want to - but it's up to you guys.

    I'd want this to be open ended, so each case would have a similar format:

    • Everyone gets an initial intro to the case (researchers get extra free research beforehand)
    • Everyone meets up at the area, be it a house, public building or even a village
    • I give you guys a map or layout of the area of some kind
    • Introduce your employer or the guy who owns/runs the place or any other extremely important npc.
    • You guys explore with free reign (basically, I don't decide where your characters go or who they talk to - you do).
    • You guys continue exploring till you have an idea of what is happening and how to fix it
    • You guys fix it and disband (or form teams, or maybe you start as a team, up to you)
    • Next case starts.

    Reserved Slots

    1.) oddsox
    2.) Shardbearer
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  2. Im interested.
  3. I joined one similar to this, a Lovecraftian adventure. Sadly, that adventure only lasted till the first sighting of Dagon. The RP died not long after that.

    That said, I am interested to join another one again, I just hope it lasts this time around.
  4. Sounds good, guys.

    I'd like a couple more people (we could probably start with 4-5) and I'd probably cap it if interest got too big (I don't want to be constantly PMing 15 seperate people all kinds of information). So I'd say I'll cap the RP at 9 people. I'll reserve slots for you, and if there's more interest, I'll make the OOC/signup soon.