A Paled Rose

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  1. She had been a noble, a girl who had everything that she could want in the world. Then she found herself listening to the sound of a explosion coming by, and suddenly she was in a whole different area. Well, more of a different time. Her family had gone extinct by the time, and so she was left without any name to be known by. She barely survived for a year, and then she got into the hostess business, becoming a waitress at a popular bar. Moving her way up the line, she soon became a hostess, and the scandalous world of politics was opened up to her. She continues to work as a hostess, the top hostess of the club Malice.

    The idea around this character: Someone discovers her true identity, whether by looking into records or being a long-living supernatural. From there, it's a work-together-to-find-out-a-god-damned-plot.
  2. If you're still looking for somebody, feel free to PM me. I think we could come with something pretty awesome for this.