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  1. WIP

    Adolescent Power Stabilitising Project

    Hello. This is an RP idea I had, it centers on a group of teenagers (13-18) that are born or were given supernatural powers (flying, super strength, telekinsesis, etc.). These youth are often picked up by the government or join the project since alot more people with these powers are showing up, some using their powers for evil. It all started 50 years ago. A meteor storm hit the whole world, causing massive damage. Thus why Neo Haven was born. It ravaged every major city and strangely, never touched the ocean. In fear of it happening again many nations banded together to create Neo Haven to protect themselves. A month after the meteor attack someone came out and said they had powers and demonstrated it. Under governmental fear they captured him. Over the years, when more popped up they were soon put under testing in an effort to replicate those powers. Now there are more and more superpowered humans and now the governments stopped the kidnappings in fear of a rebellion. Rather they decided to help against the evil "adepts"(what is commonly used to describe people with powers) they made an acadamy to help young adepts control and use their powers. Called A.P.S.P (Adolescent Power Stabilitising Project).

    Neo Haven (open)

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  2. Would the power to control Probability be OP?

    If it is, I can use Technomancy.
  3. I'm not a gm or co-gm but yes. It would be. Let me give you a example;
    Someone shoots you in the head, the probability of a gun backfiring for no reason is lets say 40,000,000 to one, you change that to 1 to 1, wham, guys hand is now blown off.
    Or lets say, Your in a prison. The probability of you just 'teleporting' on to the other side of the bars as some freak accident is Near impossible, but you can make it 1:1.
    And don't get me even started on Infinite Improbability. You are everywhere all at once while nowhere, you know everything an nothing. yeah. thats some metaphysics stuff right there.

    On a totally different note; I'm interested. I call Mater-Energy conversion!
  4. I don't know. I could make it interesting where Probability can fight back, and it ends up the complete opposite of what you thought it would be, or you can't make things 1:1 or even 10:1 or 100:10
  5. As I said I'm not the GM or Co-Gm but just something; 10:1 and 100:10 are the same. Now I'm relatively new so I don't know if this site had a 'roll' function, but I have a few ideas; 1) Either there's a 50% chance that it fails horrificly and does the oposite of what you intended, (not sure how that would work on some things) or 2) you roll a 1000 sided dice and whatever you chose is 1:that number.
    I can see how it'd be fun and interesting, but I can also see how it'd be abusable and broken. Its up to the GM, I'm just putting my concerns out there.
  6. Hello. Shit. Iwaku nolonger auto-watches me to a thread I created.
  7. I've got the perfect Jack. He's been waiting for months for this! I'm in.
  8. Yeah. We'll need atleast 10 people interested here. I'm "making" a banner atm.
  9. I could be interested...
    And yeah, I noticed that Iwaku is doing that sometimes. Or it'll watch ones I didn't realize it was and so when I get hit HARD notifications I am a bit surprised.
    Did I mentioned that I'm game? *raises hand*
  10. Yes, you did. It'll be a pleasure to have you.
  11. Umm, this is a great day, in umm, uhh, Iwaku History. I umm, uhh, don't know why, but it, uhh, it is.
  12. Its alright.
  13. as in the energy-matter conversion or the way probability manipulation works?
  14. No messing with probability. But what is energy-matter conversion?
  15. The ability to convert energy to matter and vice versa, The downside of this is that going from Matter to energy produces massive amounts of energy,
    EG 1 kg of matter gives about 21 MEGATONS of TNT worth of power. and he has to find somewhere to put that, mind you he can use it to keep him self alive, but to much energy is just like eating way to many sweets, he'll get fat.
    And the other way round is just stupidly inefficient. so Lets say he wants to produce a 200g bar of chocolate, he has to find 4 megatons of TNT worth of energy.
    The most likely use of this will be converting 1 form of matter in to another, Say 1kg of plastic in to 1kg of soap.
    Note; it is not complexity, or chemical energy that must be maintained, but mass energy. So even though when exploding 60g of nitroglycerin produces lots of energy, it is still only 60 grams to him.

    Its hard to play due to the imbalances and constantly having to do maths on stuff. but fun as hell. also great for doing things like setting up 'your only meant to blow the bloody door of' situations.
  16. Ill think about it. But pyro/aquakinesis is mine.
  17. Um, I'm using the Jack Teso from Lusts of Immortality, whom uses fire he conjures from nothing, so I also have Pyrokinesis... Can I?
  18. Well bollocks you stole my second. now I REALLY have to think. Time Gate would be fun, but weird. Maybe the Drive System.....
  19. No Time Travel and to make things unique no same powers. Pyro and aquakinesis are taken. Im making a new character so think of something new.
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