WORLD SHOWCASE A.P.C.F : Rolan Hartfield Character Profile

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    Full Name: Rolan Hartfield

    Age: Unknown, looks 18-22

    Species: Colonist, Inu no ko (dogborn child)

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    With a competitive nature he is a bit hot blooded and easy to rile up. But at the end of the day he hopes to see everyone improve and be better.

    (I'm gonna contrast this picture a lot lmao)standing at 5'9 with dirty blonde hair Rolan is a tall and somewhat muscular male. It's not infrequent you can find him with dirt splotched over his raggedy brown flannel shirt and simple black work pants. Peeking out from the top of his head are what looks like canine ears, and from his back a large puffy tail in the same color as his hair.(yep, he's a dogboy. Specifically golden retriever.)

    Extra Information: has the highest sex drive most likely.

    This will be filled out when all members have first met the Floranota Council.




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