WORLD SHOWCASE A.P.C.F: Fox Tchaikovsky

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    Fox (open)

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      Fox Tchaikovsky

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      Impersonal, if not this side of introverted, Fox remains a wholly reserved individual but not necessarily solitary. Thriving in social environment, Fox takes to listening rather than talking; reacting rather than acting; watching rather than participating. He likes people - appreciates his friends like any other; however, he tends not to veer on the outspoken side. A man of many subtleties, sometimes a knack for keeping his mouth shut wins over in favor of speaking out. Armed with a keen eye, Fox perceives the smaller details rather than the big picture and approaches all situations with as much caution as possible. He can be seen as a little bit particular, if not overly cautious (read: anxious and paranoid).

      A secretive demeanor keeps his perspective distrustful and while Fox garners many friends, not many get past the arm's length distance he keeps them at - most can hardly be called acquaintances. He tends to favor those that refuse to ask questions, where discussions don't veer from the trivial and people can perceive him as a shallow character, rather than the anxious, almost paranoid man that he is. Precautions often mean one expects things to go terribly wrong - well, Fox just thinks that's an inevitability. People who make friendly with Murphy's Law tend to live longer lives.

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