WORLD SHOWCASE A.P.C.F: Anataha Westlan Character Profile

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    Full Name: Anataha Oney Westlan (Annette, Ana, Anata)
    Nickname: Whisper
    Age: 22
    Species: Human (Korean & French background)
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Height - 5' 8.5" Weight - 142 lbs
    Personality: Overly emotional, can be a bit vicious, but is really a little kitten when you get past the mask of insecurity. Very intelligent, book smart but slightly naive and lacks street smarts; that mostly describe Anataha. She's extremely curious, which can be seriously too strong for her own good. Whenever she takes an interest in any subject, she'll tirelessly research it until she is an expert. But, if the subject is on the top of her list, she won't stop there - which is where her troubles begin. Her hardheadedness and determination to learn can become a danger, throwing her into horrible situations. She's smart enough to get herself back out of these troubles, but sometimes that's not enough.

    Extra Information: Her insecurities come from being slightly deaf - which is slowly getting worse. Anataha can sign in both English, Japanese, and French. But, of course, it's not as necessary with English as a universal language. Is a Tinker - will sit silent for hours toying with a device or machine, or anthing that she gets her hands on; breaking them down to understand how they work. Then, faster than fast, she rebuilds it - sometimes in better condition than it was before.

    Learn mechanics from her father and painting from her mother. Has a very steady hand for both, so she took up tattooing and pinstripping for extra money while attending school and working at her father's garage. Wanted to become an Aerospace Engineer, but settled for Airport Mechanic... When things turned sour in her life, she decided her best bet was trying out for the new world; winning a new start for herself.


    These things will be added after the IC is started:
    Class: Constructorne
    Occupation Title: Terra Metal Worker
    Currency Amount:
    Inventory Slots: