A OnexOne Virus Roleplay

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  1. Hello everyone! I have recently returned to write some, and would like to do a simple role play about a virus spread with another person. I do not prefer group role plays, which statistically favors these type of plots. I am completely fascinated with zombies, have been for years. I don't exactly want to call the infected in this role play zombies, for the term to me is dated and not exactly what I am going for. I also prefer a female companion, it could be along the lines of an older or younger sister, a friend, a loved one, or anything of that nature. Alrighy, well here is my plot. Please comment or message me if you would like to fill the role of my character's survival partner who I shall also list below the plot. Thank you and have a nice day! :)


    In 2013, on anexploration which stayed unpublished, a team discovered a new plant. It's beauty was so marvelous that it wasn't long before the entire world knew about it. People demanded it be made public for sell. Being as the plant was new to human eyes, health leaders were pushing to have it tested for any problems it may cause to the human body, or other organisms in which inhabit humans life. The request was granted, but by then it was far too late. The plant, now named Helios for it's golden appearance which resembled that of the sun, was at such a high demand that it was smuggled almost everywhere on the plant for high price.

    Eventually, after many tests, scientists in Arizona discovered the deadly truth behind Helios. Inside the plant contained a uncharacteristic spore which released every few days. While the aroma was quite pleasant, the effects of contact were horrible. They observed on monkeys that they would go into a twisted, chaotic rage that sent them killing anything around them. The first monkey infected murdered all the fellow primates around it. The team caught and sedated the monkey for further tests. As the cleanup began on the horrific scene of the murders, a new threat arose. The deceased monkeys, some of which had no limbs, began to breathe, and moreover attack the humans. There were no survivors for the room was sealed off. The news was sent to local authority immediately, and soon enough the National Guard was alerted. AS all had feared soon the humans began to rise once again, and were destroying the room which quarantined them. All around the globe, officials were alerted of the happenings and the plant was being swept from homes and shops. This lead to worldwide panic and it severed when the plant began to release spores in public. Towns and cities were swept away by mindless, raging infected. Armies and governments collapsed, but some remained. In North America, the government managed to save a few major cities and many towns. The population was vastly dropping and being replaced by infected humans and animals alike.

    My character:

    Name: Dylan Henry
    Age: 28
    Location: Ohio, Rescued Columbus
    Bio: Before the outbreak, Dylan was a truck driver who made deliveries across the country. His normal jobs usually spanned 2 states, but he had gone cross country a few times. He was on his way to Columbus for a job when the outbreak reached the city. He was forced to remain there, away from his New York home. He has no idea about the condition of his family. Dylan was also a hunter as a hobby.
  2. I haven't done this kind of roleplay before, but I'm up for it as long as you're okay with me being a newbie at this particular area, I guess.
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