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    name's Yuna. full time college student. been rping as far back as I remember.
    end intro. However, I'm fairly chatty, and I don't mind questions from the curious.
    postscript: I'm hyper towards people I like. otherwise it might be just the sugar...

    I am a super slow poster. Just to get that out there. Expect something once
    a week or (in most extreme cases) once every few months. I regretfully admit that
    I can't keep up with such a quick pace anymore. However, just because I'm not active
    doesn't mean I'm not dedicated. I will tell you if I lose interest or something similar.
    I feel bad when I leave people hanging. Please do tell me if you're losing interest though.

    I tend to mirror what is given to me. Give me a nice quality post with lots to respond
    to, and you'll more then likely receive one back. Hand me a fluffy post with not much
    to do, expect something short in reply. I'm craving a little more lit-break, because life
    is being life, but if I got something going, then I can keep typing on and on and on~

    I honestly congratulate you, if you read all of that. Here, have a cookie~ ( : : )

    On to the fun stuff.
    - my limits are generally your limits. if you're unsure, don't be afraid to ask
    - threads or private messages, I don't really care which one
    - I like shipping. and romance. and both. I squee at adorkable fictional couples.
    - mxf is my comfort zone, but fxf or mxm is equally fine with me.
    - I have a serious thing for reserve traps. most females I play will be traps.
    - I play males and females. I also double/triple/quadruple/etc.
    (as a note to the above, I really like playing multiple characters, even if they're just minor roles)
    - please do not run in here exclaiming you only play one role, one gender.
    - anime or real, I don't care. if it's real, expect asian faceclaims. OTL
    - I don't play canon characters. there are exceptions, but persuade me otherwise.
    - I come from a musical family. chances are, my characters will be musical too.
    - pm me or post in here, whichever makes you feel more comfortable
    - can't think of anything else. I'll add more if there are.


    * club quintessence !!
    An academy is built on a magically historical ground. Years later, monsters begin
    to spawn on campus at night. To fight against this, a group of academy students
    are soon founded to fight against these monsters before they escape the academy
    and run rampant in the city. for more details please pm me.

    * dragon x hacker !!
    X is a dragon, Z is a hacker. X's on the run from a underground group who wants X
    to further their own goals. Z turned into a hacker in attempt to find the whereabouts
    of their sibling, who mysteriously disappeared some years ago. In a strange twist of
    fate, the two meet somehow, and X lives in hiding with Z. (mxf, fxf, or mxm)

    * ghost x human !!
    X has just recently died, but instead of directly going up or down stairs, X is stuck in
    "limbo". In order to proceed upstairs, X is required to help Z, who is still alive, achieve
    a wish or a dream. Failure means X will be sent downstairs. plotting needed.

    * high school spy !!
    A global spy agency's identity is compromised by a CEO, with the exception of
    (number here). At least two of them are as old as high school students and are
    transferred to a school. Their mission is to befriend a company president's child(ren)
    and try to get close to the president to assassinate him. Failure means death for
    them and the entire agency.

    * pomp and circumstance !!
    X is the firstborn of a wealthy merchant and politician who holds tremendous influence
    within the city. As such, X is next in line to inherit it all and has been groomed and
    trained to as far back as X could remember. Z is from a high ranking mafia family
    who controls most of the shady underworld. Z's family is also responsible for the
    darker side of X's family dealings, and in turn, X's family uses its abilities to keep
    Z's family safe. After several years of this continuous symbiotic arrangement, both
    families decide to solidify things even further, and arrange for X and Z to get married.
    However, both X and Z had been raised in vastly different environments. While
    they know this is more out of necessity, it does not mean that everything will be
    all smiles and sunshine. (mxf, fxf, or mxm. I'd prefer to play as Z.)
  2. wow you have some good ideas and i would really like to rp with you i have an idea.... well of sorts with one of your ideas shes really cool though... but any who massige me back if you like... i knowi sound silly but hows colage going i am wondering becouse i will be going soon this spring....
  3. Hello! I'm Elemental*Stars, but people usually call me Element or ES.

    In any case, I noticed that you needed a few one on one partners, and there are are a few of your ideas that I'm interested in playing! Specifically, pomp and circumstance, dragon x hacker, and ghost x human, in that order. Please reply if you're interested! I'm pretty new to this site, so...
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