A One Piece roleplay. Why? BECAUSE PIRATES.

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  1. So, I've been cooking up a One Piece roleplay in my head for quite a while. The premise would basically be an alternate Universe roleplay where all devil fruit powers [well most] would be available to players. Most all the islands + The New World would be there. So, yeah. A pirate adventure, and we can even choose just how moral our pirates are, so that will be fun.
    [I will be expanding on this a TON so this isn't the whole idea, just for now this is what I'll write here.]
    So whaddya' say? Wanna join my pirate crew?

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  2. All the devil fruit powers up for grab? High adventure across the seas and dubious morality of said adventuring pirates? How could one say no? You have my interest, most certainly.
  3. Yay! Now, I can expand on the world. So if you have any questions, ask me.
  4. Well, first big question that comes to mind is concerning the Devil Fruit. Which ones, if any, are considered off limits for whatever reason that may be? I'll certainly keep asking questions as I think of them, but that would be the first that comes to mind at the moment.
  5. I'm only banning very specific ones.

    First, no Dark-Dark Fruit [Blackbeard] Cause' ain't nobody gets to be that overpowered. This rule is the same for Quake-Quake Fruit [Whitebeard].
    Finally [for now, off the top of my head] no Call-Call Fruit [Brook] Because it means the character CAN'T DIE.

    Otherwise most everything else is fair game.
  6. All reasonable stuff, sure as sure. I was thinking about the Plume-Plume Fruit [Smoker] as a personal pick, so that certainly does answer that. Thank ye kindly Zone-Tan.
  7. Sure thing, I'll be playing the captain if we get more people, and I'll be using Magellan's Venom-Venom Fruit.
  8. Should be an interesting combination so far, I'm hoping more people join, it'll be interesting seeing what devil fruit get brought along for the ride.
  9. Perhaps a RP Advert could be posted to see if we can't get more people?
  10. Perhaps... I'll see, maybe.. Though I may be able to recruit people from other rps I'm in.
  11. Cool, just a thought I had while looking around for other RP's to join in on.
  12. Speaking of people who are in your other rps, i am interested. I think i will make a character without devil fruit powers because being able to swim is nice.
  13. All right, that is fine by me. Your gonna want something though, like Haki or something.
  14. Yup, or maybe a seastone weapon of somekind.
  15. Ya know you could've at least linked our interest check to your inquiry about interest in ze other RP XD
  16. I was gonna @Furasian ..... BUT I'M LAZY AS SHIT
  17. @Zone-Tan
    If you haven't seen the anime but are interested in magic fruit can you join?
  18. I am thinking about this :D
  19. @HelloBeautifulChild Sure thing! I can explain how it all works.. [Episode 587 of the anime for me.... HALF WAY THERE YAY!]

    Anyone else is free to join, I will make an official page if we get one more person [an I'll see if I can make the tab thing work so I can list all the Devil Fruit powers]
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