A old dog seeking old tricks!

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  1. A Dark eve,

    My name is Amber Thompson, but for the past 20 years I have had many a title. From Dagina, my D&d ring (table top) Druidess. To Setsuna Meiou, one of my fav and best known Chat room personas (Sailor Pluto, or Trista to you know Otaku!), all the way to Demona-Dominique Destine, Rarity, Gorrz Taintedfang, and many others. But you all can just call me Mama :)

    As the odd nick name may suggest, I prefer on going, multi para style Roleplay. With a heavy, heavy feature being based on family/pack/clan interactions.

    But, it is 2014, and no longer am I sitting infront of my Mothers pc at age 15, roleplaying in aol chatrooms. No longer am i in college, spending entire nights into mornings, roleplaying over yahoo messanger. And while to this day, my D-ring still gets together at the local hobby store, and I make sure to go to every Chicago based Con, if its me strapping on my Unicorn horn and purple wig and posing for "Oh Darling" MLP photos, or screaming FOR THE HORDE! While dressed as Agra...something has been lost over the years...

    At age 30, I have become deeply in love with Roleplay, i consider it an artform. Much like any painter or song writer, it takes work, passion, and an imagination. I truely enjoy it...why it pains me to log into Yahoo Messenger and see my friends list empty..day, after day.

    So in short, and for those who TLDR..I am reaching out into the Darkness here. I will humble myself and speak the truth, i am in desperation here. Anyone, ANY ONE, young pup or old vet, i care not. Will ANYONE seeking a long storyline, drawn out for weeks if not months, to fuel there passion for a character...message me on Yahoo.

    Style and setting, are totally adjustable for me.

    Bring your OC.
    Play your fav anime/game/movie character.
    Know that things like Combat, adult-scenes and character death are WANTED and accepted with me.
    If your a Fetish Roleplayer, bring it! Your not alone, this ol Bitch has been around the block :p

    In short, I am seeking connection. I have spent far to many years roleplaying on MMOs now, watching it become boring and just another attempt for people to get more purple pixels. I miss the old artform, the desire to rush home from work, to log into your messanger, join that chatroom and see your online friends eager to pick up the scene where your last left off.

    Take a shot eh?


    I will leave the light on for you. :bows:
  2. Hi there Feral! :D Welcome to the community!