A Nuclear Winter RP

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  1. Basic Info
    This would be an RP set in a post apocalyptic setting where a nuclear winter has frozen the land for months, and shows no signs of stopping. I'm imagining it roughly 200 years after the nuclear war.

    Basic Plot
    The area has been somewhat rebuilt by scavengers and survivors who managed to make it on the surface, meanwhile, an underground bunker-city is almost out of power, and the doors are opened in hopes of finding a power source. There start to be disagreements between the two factions, and war is becoming plausible.

    Players will be threatened by other players and mutants, as well as the frigid climate and scarce resources. The risk of character death will be discussed.

    Questions and suggestions for lore and plot are encouraged and appreciated.
  2. I'm VERY interested!
  3. This sounds like Fallout. Is it Fallout?
  4. Take the technology of Fallout, The gloom of Metro, and the desperation of The Last of Us. Mix em together and throw 'em in the freezer.

    Might sprinkle in some allusions to Norse Mythology.
  5. So lasers and plasma, Artyom's melancholy loading screen voice overs, depression and Ragnarok via nuclear fire...well i'm down.
  6. Greetings my friends I am the one those who travel the path of light call, The Travelor. I have journied long and far in search of a universe worth having life breathed into it. I beleave I have found that here and wish to join in the creation of this RP.

    (in case you can't tell that was my best attempt at a really cool introduction to the whole site.)

    In All seriousness though I would like to help get this off the ground and going so if I could reserve a spot and mabe even chip in a few Ideas I think this would be a really fun RP to be apart of. ^__^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.