A Novice's Request

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  1. A Novice's Request

    I, like any other, really do like RPing. Recently, I was proud of the skill I had managed to accomplish. Once I could only string a few words together and my grammar wasn't really good. But I was determined to become better, to become one of the best. So I RPed a LOT and I did manage to become... respected for my RPing skills. I was proud of what I had accomplished.. but this was only among other beginners. I thought I was good. Then I joined here and I saw that I am but a novice compared to the great RPers here. So began the next part of my quest. I wanted become even better. I wanted become one of the best. But to do that I will need to RP. I want to RP. I enjoy a good RP. But remember, I am RPing partly because I wish to learn. I may not be as good as you. But I hope... I hope some here will still RP with me, despite my poor skills, and help me become better. For I need to be taught. I cannot do this alone.

    Let us... begin!
    Current RPing Wishlist
    – Stockholm Syndrome Idea:
    A girl or woman is captured, kidnapped or some other way, made a slave. She is not just any girl or woman. She is a wily and skilful person. Maybe a thief. Maybe not. Either way, she almost escapes a few times. She has the skills and the wits to escape, that is for sure. However luck or maybe the gods' interferences, causes her to be recaptured everytime. Now the one who later acquires her is not a lackwit either. He has the skills and the shrewdness to be able to prevent her from escaping. Magic to bind her, skilled guards to watch her, unbreakable cuffs or collars to hold her... she has met her match. And thus this tale begins. Taken

    The basic setting, I put down. Remember, we can change it and modify it to suit your needs. I just want an interesting RP.

    Now... when I RP, a lot of the times it's up to me to lead... I don't like that. I'm tired of mostly being the one who contributes. If I RP, I expect you to contribute. Even better. If you think you can be the aggressive one in this partnership then I'd happily let you take over. As I said... I'm so very tired of leading.

    Secondly, your expectation should be of an RPer of the Elementary skill level. I believe I am of the Intermediate skill level but I am not sure and I do not want you to be disappointed which is why I will stay safe rather than sorry. Expect an RPer of Elementary skill.
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  2. The Stockholm Syndrome idea sounds wonderful. Would you prefer discussing it here or on private messaging?
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  3. Thank you. I would prefer it through Private Messaging. *PMing now*
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