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  1. Hello, thank you for accepting me as one of you... if you have questions, i'd do my best to answer. for now, "Would you like me to tell you your fortune today?"
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! c:

    And well, sure? I bet my fortune is pretty shit tho 8D
  3. If you try to find my fortune, how will I know if it is MY fortune and not the fortune of a different me?

    Silliness aside, welcome! What are your plans as a member here?
  4. I tried a single card reading on my Tarot Card, and you have Eight of Coins in an upright position, which symbolizes either meaningful work, precision, commitment, stocking up, or repetition. The focus is that you might be indulging yourself in satisfying work, or that you have learned a great deal from it.
    Sorry if this isn't what really happened. I'm still Novice, but it wouldn't hurt to reflect back and increase your awareness of your own self :D
  5. It depends on what facet you have at that time, but IMHO if what you meant is your RP Self, it would be your decision to shape and guide them. If what you meant is your other facet, then it might need your own consciousness to determine if that is true or not.
    In this line of activity, I don't mind being called a fraud, but I solely want people to better take caution of their own surroundings.
    I do not force people to believe in the result, just tell them to take note. I always hope for the best out of them. :D

    Since I'm still beginning writing my research paper, I guess for the time being I'll try to join in on some of the roleplays. I do have a story, but I still need to polish the whole chapter...
  6. Welcome!
  7. Oh! I didn't mean to sound like I was calling you a fraud or anything. I was just being silly, trying to make a reference to alternate timelines. What if fortune tellers are actually very accurate, but when they're 'wrong' they're only seeing into the timeline branched off from some different series of events?

    I actually know almost nothing of fortune telling other than Tarot, and that's only because Persona made the major arcana really iconic to me.I recently played through the entirety of the Zero Escape series, including 999.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.