A Note From Kaze

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  1. As a lot of you may know, Kaze is at Boot Camp for the Navy.
    I have been receiving letters from him, and will be writing him back this weekend.

    On the last letter I received, he had said that he wanted me to put his Boot Camp address on Iwaku. He wants more letters because mail is awesome, right?! :D And he misses everyone.

    So here's his address if anyone would like to send something to him. (He can only write back on Sundays, and he receives mail throughout the week)

    SR Cady, A.J.
    Ship 02 Division 950
    3600 Ohio Street
    Great Lakes, IL, 5008-7105
  2. AW HELL YEAH. >:D Gonna mail troll Kaze!
  3. I totally got a letter from him the other day too! XD
  4. Hmmm....
  5. Send Junk food, trust me people love that stuff in basic.
  6. Who the fuck is Kaze?
  7. American addresses are gay.
  8. Kaze has already told me that any food will be thrown out by the ass-kicking people. <_<