A not-so-deserted Island

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    The island had no name, it wasn't on any maps, no one really knew about it. That's what Mira liked about it. She had the island all to herself, well besides the animals that lived around her. She enjoyed them though, to strangers they might be seen as dangerous but to Mira they were just the opposite. They were like her pets. How does she live on the inland? Well, every couple of weeks a supply ship shows up that gives her the things she needs. It's her uncle who does this, he always wants to make sure she is okay. Mira is happy being on her island, she never really thought of herself as lonely but there are times when she wonders what it would be like to have someone on the island with her. Though, that has never happened yet. It's not like people are just willing to give up their lives and live on some island in the middle of nowhere. She never expected anyone but her uncle to show up either....
  2. Jason awoke feeling sand on his back, legs, and neck. He coughed a little before sitting up only to feel the sand stick to his skin. His eyes widened as he looked around only to see that he was on an island. An island that didn't seem to be inhabited by anyone. Jason's jaw dropped once he realized and remembered what happened. He was on a cruise with his mother and father. It was his birthday present. He hopped up as fast as he could and looked off into the horizon to see if he could find his parents. He then looked up and down the beach. He saw nothing but sand. "You gotta be freaking kidding me," he said to himself before remembering how he got here. He had a quick flashback of the ship sinking in front of him, he remembered holding onto a single drift bored for hours before passing out. "I must've watched up here..."

    Jason whipped around toward the jungle. He knew he had to get water as soon as possible so he ran toward the forest only to be stopped a bushel of thorns he jumped through. He had no shirt on. He only had tattered cargo shorts with Nike slippers. He now had scratches all over his muscular figure. His chest and abs were bleeding out. He cringed as he took a knee before continuing, but being more cautious as he made his way through the dense jungle
  3. Mira jumped down off the latter. Her home, was like a giant tree house. It had multiple parts that went from one tree to another. It was build very well, though. It lasted no matter the weather there. She had systems to give her water and all the essentials she needed. Who made all of this, well that would be her uncle and her. They created everything that could be seen on the island. A parrot flew over her head. "What is it Bibi?" She said with a smile. "Did you eat something funny again, you know I told you before to be careful." She giggled a bit.

    "You gotta be freaking kidding me?" Bibi said.

    "Huh, where did you get that? I don't remember saying that?" Mira replied, he had to hear it from somewhere.
  4. Jason walked along what seemed to be a dirt path. The island seemed deserted, but if there was a dirt path, then they're had to be...some sort of civilization. Abandoned or not he still had to find food and water so he walked a little faster down the path keeping his hand pressed on one of the bigger wounds he'd received from his encounter with the thorn bush not too long ago.
  5. Mira smiled. "What a beautiful day Bibi, let's go to the beach today." She said to the bird. She began to walk towards the beach, walking leisurely through the trees. It was pretty simple once you knew what you were doing and how to navigate. Bibi followed but he still seemed to be interested in something.

    "I don't get what is wrong with you today, Bibi." Continuing with her one-sided conversation. "Did you run into a tree while flying around?"