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  1. Main concept:

    This is the OOC thread for a JumpIn based around the concept of a group of young (late teens to young adult, although other ages are fine) sorcerers fleeing the magical society they belonged to in the pursuit of a normal, non-magical, non-imminently-dangerous-all-of-the-time life. Of course, magic tends to catch up with people, so their attempts will most likely end in failure. Don't hesitate to join in! Anything you can think of that fits with the story is great, although the goal is to go for a sort of "dark magic" feel.

    Start of the story:

    Lucas and Sarah are twins, both particularly proficient in witchcraft. They've also decided that no matter how much they have a natural talent for it, they're not particularly comfortable with curses and summoning demonic entities. They decide to leave the rural town they grew up in, with its undercurrents of sinister magic, and rent an apartment in the heart of a bustling city, where the rumble of mundane life could drown out the echoes of their past. It seems particularly persistent, however, because their past is catching up with them... and most of the time, it comes with leathery hide and sharp horns.


    Character wise, the choice is all yours! The magic the twins practice is based on demonic entities and invocations, so playing a demon-themed character is fine. The easiest way to join is probably to have your character be one of the friends renting the apartment, but an external one is fine too. Anything fantasy and realistic, but the key element is they're trying to pursue a normal life, and escape from the things that go bump in the night.

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  2. Question, should the characters be strictly sorcerers, or could other paranormal characters (werewolves, vampires, maybe even a stray demon, and the like) be alright?
  3. Nope, not strictly sorcerers! Paranormal anything is just fine, although you would have to specify if your character knew the twins.

    The goal is to keep it a bit on the dark side, though, and play out the ambiguity of good and evil. So if it's a non-sorcery character, try and make it a non-sorcery dark and creepy one (not necessarily a rule set in stone, but it helps).

    Think occidental mythology and biblical angels/demons if possible.
  4. I'll probably wind up making a sorcerer, but I wanted to be sure of the options. Do you want a bio , an image, or anything? Or just go ahead and actually jump in?
  5. Jump in! And add any details the twins should know here if you don't end up covering them in the RP post. Have fun!
  6. Ooh this looks interesting. Usually i'd be a character who embraced magic but this should be a fun challenge. Mind if my char is someone who slides in and out of reality?
  7. By all means, that's a really cool idea! :D
  8. yaay!
  9. Ah! This seems cool! Like, the opposite of a lot of things I've seen. All for jumping in then?
  10. All for jumpin in! Jump in with poise and enthusiasm! *^*
  11. Hmm...can my character be a demon who is just simply bored and just happens to meet the twins. cliche at its best. :D
  12. Sure! It's the twins and Ash, now, too.
  13. This looks cool, I think I'll join, just one question, would a golem be ok?
  14. Golems are great! :D
  15. Uh, Curious&inSANITY?

    When you talked about the house with the girl eating, you didn't mean the apartment our characters all are, did you? No one is eating yet, and there are loads more people.
  16. Nope. I'll explain it in the next post.
  17. Cool, okay! Sorry, just checking.
  18. Sorry,can i post it later? im on my phone right now. and im in a rush.
  19. No rush! Post when you have time, no worries.
  20. Hey, I'm going to be scarce. Finals are next week. I have cram AND normal school work. My apologies if I'm not on as much as I ought to be.
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