A Normal Day

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  1. Name: Anna Grey

    Race/Class/Type: Human



    Normal Equipment: Backpack ( House keys, iPhone, $120, notebooks, pens )

    General Abilities: Drawing, Singing, Dancing

    Cute Animals, gets distracted a lot.​

    The once dark room filled with light as Anna opened her eyes. It was Saturday, thank god. She rubbed her irritated eyes as she slowly sat up. "Hmm, what time is it?" She said under her breath, looking at the clock. The clocks red glowing numbers read out ten am. "Why so early Anna...?" She asked herself. Once she woke up, she never went back to sleep. She would need to find something to do until at least twelve.

    After taking a long hot shower, doing her hair, putting on her makeup, and drawing it was one pm. She placed her tea onto the kitchen counter and looked down at the little kitten at her feet. She smiled warmly as he meowed at her, sitting. "Hi Cuddle Bear." She leaned down and patted the kittens head. She blinked and stood up straight once there was a knock at her door. She slowly made her way up to the door and opened it with a curious face. It was her roommate. "Hello, [ characters name ]. Come in."

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.